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Hitlery gets a spray tan

It's been in the works for a while but on Monday  Lotus Flower announced her candidacy for 2ndFWPOTUS and The Grey Lady creamed her pantsuite : WASHINGTON — Senator Kamala Harris, the California Democrat and barrier-breaking prosecutor who became the second black woman to serve in the United States Senate, declared her candidacy for president on Monday, joining an increasingly crowded and diverse field in what promises to be a wide-open nomination process. Reading between the lines what the NYTimes is saying here is that "what promises to be a wide-open nomination process" is just another broken promise because we've already decided who the nominee is going to be and her name is Kamala Harris. The Atlantic gave Kamala the green light in October of 2018 and The Jacobin called it in August of 2017 (!!!) and on MLK Day 2019 it became official thus ending the primary battles and the entire 2020 election (if you live in the UK) . There is no doubt, even among her

Great American Food

Nothing says true masculinity like a table full of Fast Food, candelabrum, DJT w/red tie and a bearded wrestler and world-class trash talker hanging on the wall. A triggered  Philip Bump (toxic asexuality) wrote a deep dive investigation on the meal for WaPo which exposed the true cost of the meal, calorie count and map of where exactly the different burger brands were positioned on the banquet table. The Elvis from Queens calls it "great American food" and it really is when you consider that McDonald's has sold over 300+ billion burgers which, using Phil Bump's accounting, is $1.5 trillion worth of quarter pounders and selling just a billion of anything is almost impossible except in America where even a  Utopian Socialist like King Gillette can sell billions of disposable razor blades. Before Mr. Gillette started mass producing flimsy toss-away razor blades he was an author and proposed in his book " The Human Drift " the formation of a united corpo

Double Doink

Double Doink In the life imitating art category America got a winner on Sunday night (twice) and it throws into sharp relief the difference between the two. Art, which is created by the human mind and hand, presents a simulated illusion of Life, which is created by God, and is mystically authentic (i.e. Real). A simple example that most people can relate to is the 9/11 World Trade Center attack and collapse which had been portrayed 100+ times in movies using proxy buildings destroyed by every form of enemy including space aliens, German bank robbers, foreign advisaries and Nature but none of those demolitions came close to capturing the real thing pulled off by some Islamic nut jobs on commercial airplanes. Unfortunately, we live in a country (a world) that is absolutely saturated with artifice designed to displace or tamper living experience and when reality strikes a blow it really floors people. To understand the reactions of these Chicago Bears fans it is helpful to watch

Dark Horse

I generally like services like Spotify, Netflix and YouTube because of the amazing variety of content available and the ease of accessing the music and videos I like but one of the things I don't like about "social media" and the networked world is how these corporations can track and collect my interests or click-throughs and, I presume, sell it to whoever they want (including the CIA). To sweep my tracks I share most of my online services with my 7 year old son who listens and watches an entirely different type of programming than I do and our combined interests effectively creates the user profile of an insane person who is curious and erudite with serious authority issues and an unhealthy obsession with Roblox. I pity the Deep State agent charged with making sense of my aggregated user profiles who probably has tagged me as potentially dangerous but hopelessly ineffectual at doing anything but building Minecraft mansions. As an example I'll share a selection fro