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The Trojan Equus Africanus Asinus Piñata

I want candy On Friday March 22nd at 5pm ET Robert Mueller handed his Special Councel report on the "Russia Probe" to AG Barr and a gigantic pinata that had been crammed with goodies since late July 2016 is about to get ripped open scattering sweets and sours all over Washington DC. Everyone is still wide eyed at the spectacle of the moment after so many months years of anticipation and frozen with shock and awe that a document costing approx. $35k per page is going fall to the ground in a thousand pieces to be picked over by political operatives and journalists for the next 18 months. This thing is only 2/3rds over folks and we've got a lot more "Mueller Time" and "Russia Probe" in our future so it's time to get serious because now is when the fighting really starts. Vox did a nice job of explaining what the Left expected from the report but didn't get (yet). Over at the Conservative Treehouse sundance lays it all out w/timeline and ma

Bayh Bayh inter alia

Last Thursday  the Senate voted 59-41 to overturn the President's national emergency border declaration  and the names of the GOP turncoats are Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Marco Rubio of Florida, Rob Portman of Ohio, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Mitt Romney of Utah, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Jerry Moran of Kansas and Mike Lee of Utah. Senator Portman fears that "a future President may well say that climate change is a national emergency and use emergency authorities to implement the Green New Deal." It's a constitutional issue ya see: "Declaring a national emergency to access different funds sets a dangerous  new  precedent," GOP Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio warned in remarks on the Senate floor ahead of the vote. "It opens the door for future presidents to  implement just about any policy they want ." This is very, very funny or sick or insane or

The Helpless Dancer

Media Matters has gone to war with Tucker Carlson and is actively attempting to get the opinion maven pushed off of Fox News and out of the mediasphere forever - Vox explains . Tucker is fighting back and, for whatever reason, slamming Media Matters and the cable news outlets that recite David Brock's talking points - Mediaite explains . The journalist wants to save his career, preserve the First Amendment, keep jokes alive or whatever - I support his efforts to "stand up" to the #FakeNews media scum for whatever it's worth. Tucker claims to be the "sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink" which would imply that he stands in steadfast opposition to the KOTCB blog which values lying in the most pompous and smug way to my group of like minded thinkers ( numbering aprox. 30 people ) all of whom "get it" and read between the lines to receive the higher truth hidden behind the  Muro del vudú . So be it - I will still defend Tucker a

Escaping Negativeland

Man and Mowen Last Sunday I got the following text message from my brother - "Watching 'Leaving Neverland.' Holy Shit!!! MJ was so fucked up. If anything this guy is saying is even 1/100th true. This is so fucked up!" to which I replied "Moonwalk." There is nothing that anyone could possibly tell me about Michael Jackson that I do not already know in my bones having grown up with the Jackson 5 and watched the King of Pop transform from a high energy Motown lad into a goddamn fascist freak. Back in Feb. 2005 this blog spent some time on this unpleasant squirming pedophile  KOTCB Wacko Jacko Back On Top  because I simply couldn't understand why, of all the people on earth, this pasty faced androgynous man-child could grab headlines and fascinate the public? There is no answer and it was not the first time I'd posed the question - Here's an entry from my journal in 1993: 1993 or 8 years before 9/11 And that was 6 years after the definitiv

The Koch-wash ray-beam (AKA the Kochtopus)

Release the Kraken Most days I've gotta put a lot of time and effort into creating content for this blog but sometimes it just falls in my lap like an exotic dancer at the local strip club. So it happened last night when I received the missive below from a free-thinking friend attempting to make sense of our current day politics as reflected in the fast vanishing mirror of 2012. If you'll remember that far back America's #1 enemies were two Libertarian philanthropist industrialists named Charles & David Koch who, according to Mother Jones Magazine, were spending money in a mysterious way . "Charles and David Koch arguably have been liberals’ biggest bogeymen of the 2012 election. Just as conservatives have come to see George Soros as the mastermind of a shadowy leftist network, the billionaire brothers have become synonymous with the dark-money machine working to defeat Barack Obama. By their own admission, the Kochs have been raising millions to sway voters.

Shtik drek

So help me God Michael Cohen gave testimony on the subject of Donald J Trump to the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday and the #FakeNews scum have flipped their collective lids by writing some of the dumbest articles and "thought" pieces on what the former lawyer and "fixer" (as they like to call him) said under oath. Here's one of my favorite from The Hill:  Cohen lawyer slams Trump over 'perjury' tweetstorm: ‘POTUS has yet lied again’ because when Lanny Davis finally figures out how Cohen and Trump have stung the Deep State villains and their sanctimonious Democrat handmaidens he will see that the lies are beyond measure - beyond his comprehension. “Sometime in early 2018, Mr. Cohen was offered a substantial advance for a proposal regarding a book on understanding Donald Trump. Mr. Cohen ultimately elected not to proceed. In other words, POTUS has yet lied again...but what’s the difference between 9000 or 9001 lies?” Davis said in a statemen