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Escaping Negativeland

Man and Mowen
Last Sunday I got the following text message from my brother - "Watching 'Leaving Neverland.' Holy Shit!!! MJ was so fucked up. If anything this guy is saying is even 1/100th true. This is so fucked up!" to which I replied "Moonwalk." There is nothing that anyone could possibly tell me about Michael Jackson that I do not already know in my bones having grown up with the Jackson 5 and watched the King of Pop transform from a high energy Motown lad into a goddamn fascist freak. Back in Feb. 2005 this blog spent some time on this unpleasant squirming pedophile KOTCB Wacko Jacko Back On Top because I simply couldn't understand why, of all the people on earth, this pasty faced androgynous man-child could grab headlines and fascinate the public? There is no answer and it was not the first time I'd posed the question - Here's an entry from my journal in 1993:

1993 or 8 years before 9/11

And that was 6 years after the definitive judgement was delivered by the band Negativeland in their 1987 album "Escape from Noise" with a song titled "Michael Jackson" - See KOTCB Rock N' Roll needs to be destroyed (there is no alternative) - which starts with some audio from the young MJ and ends with these words:


Jeff Koons knew the truth
That's right. Burn in the sacred fire you degenerate sex fiend with your fucking white glove, monkey and personal amusement park. That's Negativeland calling you out in 1987 but that was 5 years after the "Thriller" album and Wacko's famous "moonwalk" on National TV which proved to be such an inspiration to Gov. Ralph Northam and countless other victims - including the main protagonists in the "Leaving Neverland" documentary - who fell under his spell. And before that there was the 1979 album titled "Off the Wall" and that, dear reader, was 40 years ago which is to say that We the People have been sold a pathetic, insane and obvious lie for that past 4 decades. This dude was off the wall in the 1970's and everybody knew it - you think Quincy Jones or Diana Ross didn't know this guy was a pedo-porn-predator?
If a person listens to this crap - the lies and excuses promoted by the #FakeNews media "you start to believe that your parents are bad and Michael is good" and the truth about MJ hits you hard. You'd think Wesley Morris who's a cultural critic for the NYTimes would have figured it out long before watching this documentary but as Michael Barbaro learned on his The Daily podcast “Reckoning With the Real Michael Jackson” it was not until the wedding rings scene that the spell finally broke. It was hard to watch the grown man put a child's ring on his middle finger and recount what it was like to suck Michael Jackson's dick as a 7 year old boy but how are we to know he wasn't just making it up? These "victims" are thespians after all and there's no telling what they might imagine or just make up to get their name back in the limelight so I need proof - real hard core proof - and boy did I get it:

This man is telling the truth. Years of Jheri curl and an ocean of hair softener had left the King of Pop with a Brillo Pad on the top of his head. A fortune spent on plastic surgery, skin bleaching and drugs turned a young man from Gary, Indiana into a monster who should have NEVER been allowed anywhere near children. It was obvious people! It was right in front of your face! It was clear to anyone with a brain that Michael Jackson was a pedophile who despised himself and the world.

There's something beautiful about telling the truth this late in the game and how impossible it is for many people to accept. Dan Reed, the director or Leaving Neverland wrote an article for the Guardian titled "I’m shocked by those who still won’t accept Michael Jackson as abuser" but I'm not. People will not (can not) accept the truth because they are "true believers" in something bigger - Something much, much bigger. It's NOT, as Reed proposes, fame or wealth or ignorance that keeps the illusion alive but an innate evil and required moral compromise that fires the imagination and gives people hope. The evils of yesteryear are being exposed 10 years after Michael Jackson's death and the evils of today will be exposed in the years ahead.

The Negativeland album "Escape from Noise" is a real mind bender and the title track slips in right after "Michael Jackson" asking the pertinent question "IS THERE ANY ESCAPE FROM NOISE?


ng said…
sometimes i can't believe how well your posts track with my life.
i went to a negativland concert in, 89? true story: at boarding school in MA, saw they were playing at a school (RPI?) not too far away, managed to convince the 23 year art teacher to take us to the concert on a weeknight! for a HS student thats a huge win.
worked for jeff koons in 95, was a go-fer and studio assistant to the assistant at his HUUUUGE studio in soho, SE corner of houston and broadway.. whole floor, literally dozens of art school grads running around. they were making foam type models for his huge sculptures. make it in foam, cover in bondo, pour a mold around it, send mold to foundry, which uses it to make a metal sculpture.
EXCEPT....IT DIDNT WORK. The molds were too big or too complicated or too something for the foundry, which kept using them without producing an actual, you know, sculpture!! so they kept redoing them, OVER AND OVER.
it was hilarious, and i got to play with artist's clay and watch art school grads work with car repair bondo whilst wearing hazmat suits and breathing masks.
good times, good times!!!
Negativeland (and Bongwater) had a significant impact on my musical thought in the late 80's and I saw the band live about the same time you did (1990) at the Great American Music Hall in SF, CA. Great story about Koons - he deserves a full review at some point but it's difficult for me to get all worked up over most modern artists - and whatever else he did or does in his life it must be said that "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" is a masterpiece and will be viewed with shock and awe for thousands of years. I dare say that when future generations choose a definitive work that encapsulates the ethos of the age at The End of the Millennium it will be this sickening sculpture which they study. Write up something about your experiences at the Koons factory and send them to me at - I'm working up a post on Cicciolina as a '90's Italian version of AOC and 1995 was right after her marriage to Koons blew up. The parallels are tenuous, so far, but I can see it coming together.

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