Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Rosie is a Rosie is a Whoopi

Sad news from NatInq that Rosie P. has "HAD IT" with the squabbling between her co-hostesses Rosie O'D and (the magnificent) Whoopi Goldberg and reports indicate the hatred is real. It is a shame, but not surprising now that the Queen Bee has left the hive the girls must fight it out.

For 18 years this "chattiest" has been giving us the female take on news, events, entertainment and so much more - and now its about to be canceled because of a catfight. My heart is with Whoopi, but the smart money is on Rosie. Oh, who will win out? How can they be so selfish and put the show's very existence in danger? I just don't understand...

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