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The Hart of the Matter

It's only after we lost everything that we're free to do anything

Long time readers of this blog might remember that for a few years there was an annual Academy Awards dump just around Oscar time giving thumbnail reviews of the nominees and, at times a critique of the awards ceremony. Check it out at KOTCB Academy Awards Dump (2014) - (2015) - (2016) - (2017) but in 2018 I took the advise of Will Smith and boycotted mostly because I was board with it but also because the Academy will never top its 2017 fiasco. Based on todays news I'll be boycotting again this year because the Hollywood scum demanded that a comedian named Kevin Hart, who had been hired to host the awards, apologize for some twitter jokes he made about homosexuals. So he quit, then apologized, then tweeted out some MLK for good measure.
I don't know anything about Kevin Hart. I don't follow comedians and don't watch comedy acts because I'm pretty funny myself (IMHO) and don't need any help in finding humor in my daily life so I'm not a natural defender of Mr. Hart or anyone else who makes their living telling jokes because it's no skin off my back weather they live or die. Still, someone does have to MC these awards shows and if Kevin Hart will step up and do it then good for him because I just can't take another Billy Crystal schmaltzfest or watch Ellen Degenerate ham it up with social media selfies. So I'm going to defend him now because the principle of asking this man (or any man) to apologize for twitter jokes about ring stingers and rug munchers is simply unacceptable. Have any of these Hollywood people ever read Black Twitter? Kevin Hart is a pussycat where the topic of homosexuality is concerned compared to a huge segment of his audience who still, even in 2018, think fags are really, really funny. If you're a Neanderthal homophobe - even a white supremacist - and want to have some laughs then drive on down to the hood, walk into the nearest barber shop and ask the patrons what's up with Don Lemmon? Trust me, it's funnier than a Kevin Hart movie and only costs the price of a hair cut. I don't mean to be all black and white about it because I believe that homosexuality is a grey area with a lot of recursive psychological (and physical) inputs which I'm not going to describe here but I will make the point that if, as an institution, the Motion Picture Association of Arts and Sciences is going to embrace multicultural diversity then they better be prepared to accept ALL that multiculturalism has to offer. For some cultures that includes a heaping portion of homophobia at its moralizing worst or just the pedestrian observation that imagining a guy stick his dick in another guys ass is pretty damn funny all by itself - you don't even need a set up for the joke. Are our Brave New World jesters to now ignore this ancient and eternal vein of comic gold and publicly renounce it?
Sounds fun, right? I'd actually be in favor of this format as long as there was a PSA at the start that explained the following 35 minutes of drudgery as collective punishment for your repugnant morality brought to you by the Progressive Liberals in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately for America a lot of our fellow citizens don't have a sense of humor and I cite WaPo opinion writer Alyssa Rosenberg as example A. based on her latest threat titled "Kevin Hart’s homophobia caught up with him. Is losing the Oscars enough?" It's the perfect distillation of the SJW mindset and confronts the dispassionate reader, lazy and disengaged in the struggle, with an open and universally accusatory question. Enough for what??? What the hell is this woman talking about? Enough for me? Yes, walking away from hosting the Oscars with a world wide audience of 1 Billion people which an entertainer like Kevin Hart has probably dreamed of performing in front of for decades is enough to receive absolution for some homo jokes. But that's not the question and after a lot of throat clearing Alyssa gets around to asking it straight up:

"What constitutes a proper apology and restitution for hurtful words? And who gets to rule on whether those gestures of contrition are sincere and commensurate to the offense?

Black Pilled

She's Good
So there you have the heart of the matter - who gets to rule? - and the answer (I hope this doesn't surprise you) is that in her opinion Alyssa Rosenberg does. This goofy looking, 4 eyed, cum laude from Yale, WaPo hack thinks knows that she's entitled to rule over Kevin Hart and #YouToo. If she just wanted to rule over her leafy DC neighborhood and "account for the wounded feelings of an entire community" I'd be fine with it. I wouldn't live there, but I'm okay with like minded people freely associating and enforcing draconian codes of behavior (or thought) that account for the fact that "ideas that are widespread in one decade might seem repugnant in the next" and that kind of Change We Can Believe In has a home. But she doesn't want to limit her dominion to her neighborhood or even her festering, dysfunctional city - she wants to rule cost to cost over the land of the formally free and turn it into a place where what you thought was true or virtuous or just funny 10 years ago is now "repugnant." Repugnant = abhorrent, disgusting, hideous, loathsome, sickening, ugly. If you're the kind of person who can swim this rushing river of fire and navigate the rapids while  avoiding the whirlpools along the way then doing a full reversal on your moral or civic beliefs probably doesn't bother you. The more ridged and reactionary person who can't, for whatever reason, simply stop seeing the world in more or less the same framework they did in 2008 has little hope of redemption without more (much more) punishment. There is a deleterious effect on the body politic from Alyssa Rosenberg's rule:

What are we saving? Is it worth saving? Can it even be saved?

Once homosexuality is a fully accepted and normalized lifestyle complete with "gay kids and gay families firmly in the mainstream of popular culture" and "marriage licenses to same-sex couples" a Constitutional right the search for the next oppressed minority is on. Bestiality and paedophilia are a hard sell and polygamy has internal conflicts with the NOW/PP/EMILY's List crowd so our rulers have settled on Transgender people as the new N-word of the world. This pet project of our transgressive Left wing overlords is about as trans as is possible to get and it's seen everywhere - from the pages of the New York Times "My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy" to rural colonial Virginia towns "Teacher fired for refusing to use trans student's pronouns" norms are changing. To quote Rosenberg: "And the truth is, we change our behavior when norms change" so the goal of punishing Kevin Hart is to change everyones behavior - it has little to do with tolerance or acceptance of our differences.

It's not suggested that the 47-year-old West Point High School French teacher deliberately referred to the student using female pronouns in the student's presence, but in conversations with others.

For those who do not know, West Point, Virginia is one of the oldest towns in the Commonwealth and was established 100 years before the U.S.A.'s founding. It's named after John West who was the Governor of the Virginia colony and progeny of the powerhouse Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr who's seed found fertile soil in The New World. It is one of those small towns being assaulted by changing norms that Blondie is talking about in her Black Pill rumination on the ruination of America. The people who live there, by and large, have no interest in being ruled by Fräulein Rosenberg but it only takes one disgruntled parent with a confused teenager to enforce her pogrom. There is no place to retreat to - as a beloved (by some) Nationalist POTUS once said, "There are no Blue States, there are no Red States, there is only The United States" and it's lost. Long gone. Not much left to "conserve" and no one is interested in conserving what's left.

Suicide of the West

When a Sylvia doppelgänger named Andrea Long Chu (I am NOT making that name up) can cut shis dick off and replace it with a vagina which, by shis own admission, will not make shim happy and she's afforded lots of ink in the NYTimes to explain sher "thinking" the self-negating impotence of Trans-America is exposed.

"Nothing, not even surgery, will grant me the mute simplicity of having always been a woman. I will live with this, or I won’t. That’s fine. The negative passions — grief, self-loathing, shame, regret — are as much a human right as universal health care, or food. There are no good outcomes in transition. There are only people, begging to be taken seriously."

Murder, which is what suicide is, has it's roots in the human desire to be taken seriously and Transitioning is a form of living suicide which is why a school teacher can loose his job for "dead naming" a student. This long chewing Suicide of the West is not a new development in our tumultuous civilization and thoughtful historians have identified it's pernicious and persistent impact on our culture as a feature rather than a bug. Societies form and gain stability around a set of broadly accepted concepts including heredity, religion, homophilous oaths of solidarity and a geographically defined "home" which, in modern times, evolved into the concept of a Nation. This abstract entity is by its very nature removed from the people who adhere to the social compact the Nation State defines and violent force (police) or non-violent force (taxes), more often than not, is employed to keep the "little people" in line. The conceit of the US Constitution is that a Nation can be formed and preserved where We the People decide how the Nation State will function, enforce it's laws and secure our future. In a perfect world it's a great idea, but it's not a perfect world and people get upset when they realize it doesn't work and like Blondie give up or like Ms. Chu cut their dick off or if they're a #NeverTrump "conservative" they write a book about it.

If you buy "Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy" by Jonah Goldberg at Jeff Bezos will bundle it with "Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism" by James Burnham which was written in 1964 and that was 54 years ago!!! I don't mean to sound closed minded or irrational but for the love of God - Times Up. The West - from the west bank of the Tiber River to Westminster to West Point, VA is gone and that's a great thing because now we get to decide who rules the new order. Are we going to submit to the rule of Alyssa Rosenberg, Andrea Long Chu, Jonah Goldberg and the legion of like minded scolds demanding our allegiance to their conception of rights and duties? Or are we going to build a society (the "MAKE" in MAGA) that conforms with Natures Laws and Natures God and destroys the Marxist Machine Religion that chewed up and spat out the old civilization? There is no giving up in this battle because there is no safe haven to retreat to - that territory is lost - so EVERYONE is going to have to pick a side and fight.

I really don't care about the odds of success or the wealth and power of the forces arrayed against me. Their goals and methods are foul and though they win many battles they cannot win the war. They don't have the balls (post-op) to take a Christmas Eve midnight paddle across the Delaware River (named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr) to ambush and kill a band of foreign mercenaries but my side does have the stones and the guns. The truth will win out in the end and some day the exploits of our modern day patriots will hang in gold leaf as inspiration for generations to come who, in due time, will have to battle and sacrifice and create a new world all over again. Call it the eternal return or the infinite 8 of a snake eating its tail but history does not travel in a straight line. The oppression of man is the eternal project of other men and they will use any tool to keep those unfortunate people begging to be taken seriously - murdering their brothers and themselves until their suicide is complete and there's no one and nothing left to kill. Then, and only then, will they start to build again and proclaim their rule.

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