Dimebag is dead. God bless America

"Witnesses said the guitarist continued playing right up to the moment he was shot."

Reading the excellent article by Todd Venezia on the mass murder that took place in Ohio last week at a Heavy Metal concert I though to myself - you couldn't make this stuff up.

"This is the worst day in metal history," Damageplan said on its Web site. Really? How about when Def Leopard's Drummer Rick Allen lost his arm or the establishment of Motley Crue?

Even the names of the characters in this saga are incredible.
"Dimebag" Darrell Abbott - Guitarist extrodinar who suffered a heavy metal Jihad for the causing the break up of Pentara
Nathan Gale - Semi Pro football player and headbanger who killed Dimebag for his transgressions.
Officer James Niggemeyer - the policeman who killed Gale.
Sgt. Brent Mull - Niggemeyer's superior who a saluted his decisive action.

What a strange nation we live in. I can't wait for the movie.


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