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Number Two


January 20, 2021 is a day that will live in a cesspool of fetid shame for as long as American history is studied and though I didn't participate in Jo(((k)))e Brandon's inauguration in any way I was aware that it happened and the putrid stench of that unholy event still infects our national psyche - As I say, it always will. Forever. The fact that this legendary moron was installed as POTUS at the direction of both major political parties, or as some like to call it - the Uniparty, was not just an act of national suicide but also a flat out declaration that representative democracy was dead and buried deep, deep, deep in the swamp. It's repetitive to go over all of it again and the whole fiasco has been well documented on the KOTCB blog so I'm not going to beat a dead horse but in light of the 1/19/22 FJB press conference from a few days back and the one year anniversary of what will be remembered as a dark day in American history I wanted to chronicle one bit of humorous speculation that sprang from a conversation I had with a concerned friend.

Now I have to be somewhat serious for a moment and say - I'm not even kidding a little bit on this - that the Joe Biden press conference, especially the Q&A with reporters, was absolutely terrifying and I say that having listened to it on a podcast the following day (so I can't imagine how bad it was to watch it). He's never been good at this kind of thing but he's downright awful now and dispiriting and weak so listening to him mumble out incoherent answers to soft questions made me feel physically ill. Also, I need to say, I have not watched any television since November 4, 2020 which means I haven't seen this guy stumbling around except through internet memes and occasional clips on social media. Listening to the extended shitshow was amazing and, I say this with love and forgiveness, I simply can't understand how anyone in America can be comfortable with this old, incontinent octogenarian at the helm of our ship of state.


So my buddy calls me after the presser and is like, "man, I think Biden is moving us closer to nuclear war. I don't understand how he can be so nonchelant about threatening Russia, and... I mean, WTF?" My friend was referring to a particular point in the press conference when Jo(((k)))e was asked about Putin's possible invasion of Ukraine and to get a taste of the crisis I'll paste the President's answer(?) below:

THE PRESIDENT:  The last part — to the last question, yes.  When we talked about whether or not we’d (inaudible) the three meetings we talked about.  And we talked about: We would go from there, if there was reason to, to go to a summit.  We talked about a summit as being before the Ukraine item came up in terms of strategic doctrine and what the strategic relationship would be.  So, I still think that is a possibility, number one.

Number two, I am very concerned.  I’m very concerned that this could end up being — look, the only war that’s worse than one that’s intended is one that’s unintended.  And what I’m concerned about is this could get out of hand — very easily get out of hand because of what you said: the borders of the — of Ukraine and what Russia may or may not do. 

I am hoping that Vladimir Putin understands that he is — short of a full-blown nuclear war, he’s not in a very good position to dominate the world.  And so, I don’t think he thinks that, but it is a concern.  And that’s why we have to be very careful about how we move forward and make it clear to him that there are prices to pay that could, in fact, cost his country an awful lot. 

But I — of course, you have to be concerned when you have, you know, a nuclear power invade — this has — if he invades — it hasn’t happened since World War Two.  This will be the most consequential thing that’s happened in the world, in terms of war and peace, since World War Two.

As you can see, it really doesn't matter what the question was because the answer is an incoherent mess (and that's after the White House stenographer cleaned up all the umms and errs). The first part (number one) of the answer refers to a proposed summit where Biden and Putin could get together and work out "what the strategic relationship would be" which, if it ever happened, conjures in the mind a hilarious geopolitical theater. But number two (💩) is where this dithering nincompoop starts daydreaming about "unintended" nuclear Armageddon and the high price Putin would have to pay for trying to "dominate the world." Then Biden closes with his concern over tth prospect of Russia invading Ukraine because, hey man, that hasn't happened since World War Number Two.

Except that it did happen. It happened in 2014 when this stupid motherfucker was Vice President of the USA - Russia invaded Ukraine then and annexed 1/3rd of the country (for very good reason) and nobody did anything to stop it. Someone should hand Lunch Bucket Joe a list of all the countries that have been invaded and territories that have been annexed by bigger powers since 1945. The USA has outright invaded Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanastan and Libya in that time and if you think that sounds like world domination consider all the CIA and DOD clandestine wars that have been run in almost every nation on the planet - including Ukraine.

I guess none of that is really very funny when you think about it but here's the LOL scenario that bubbled up in my brain while discussing The Great Game with my worried comrade - what if, after rigging the fraudulent 2020 election (both the D primaries and general election on 11/3) to get Jo(((k)))e Brandon installed as POTUS and forcing the American public to swallow the lies about November 3rd, the 1/6 "insurrection" and all the planned failure of the current Uniparty regime it turns out that this Clown World President "accidentally" sets off World War 3 and ALL the politicians and oligarchs who put him in office get incinerated in a nuclear conflagration. In other words, what if Joseph R. Biden is remembered for all time as the man that destroyed the world through sheer Irish-American pig-headed stupidity. You have to admit that at a cosmic level, detached from your worldly passions, that wouldn't that be a funny turn of events?



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