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What's is all about, Ali?

Though the KOTCB Blog has many readers in America and around the world for which I am humbly surprised every time I check out my analytics reporting (and I'm happy that so many people around the world take time to check in on my postings) it is, from it's inception, a project with a target audience of 3 people + my children who are all school age and need the deprograming the KOTCB provides. Here's a sampling of txt msg banter from over the weekend by this blogs primary audience:

Friday 6:51 PM EST
Earlyman - I am voting for Donald Trump no matter what! Deport deport deport! Are you guys aware of the serious terrorist attacks all over Paris tonight!? Horrible!!!
Lemonjello - France is always the first to fall. Deport!
Mr. White Chocolate Chas T - It's horrible and France will take action
Earlyman - Finally they must!!
Lemonjello - This is the prize for being tolerant and accepting of those kind of folks
Earlyman - Liberals.
Lemonjello - I'd been hearing that France was already overrun with them
Earlyman - Round'em up!! By skin color and where they kneel five times a day. Simple.
Lemonjello - Commentator just said, "They stay off their phones-- they learned from Snowden." We should put out a hit on that motherfucker!
MC Merdouche - Western Europeans/US have not the stomach for real war. Real war is unspeakable, civilized society turns a blind eye. Tragic what happened in Paris
Earlyman - its coming....
Lemonjello - These jihadis are a nation of Dylan Kleibolds who know they will never get laid or have good lives so they want to destroy the things they'll never have. What they don't realize is the beer commercial life doesn't exist. They can sweep floors in the Paris suburbs or be a big shot with an AK47 in the back of a pick up truck
Earlyman - It's a new world. Time to stamp'em out!!
Lemonjello - Deport. 19 of 19 9/11 hijackers were in US illegally. If you travel to YEmen, Syria, Iraq, Iran or Egypt you get detained at border with full cavity and background search. Add Saudi Arabia to that list. They are the real enemy
MC Merduoche - Exactly
Mr. White Chocolate Chas T - Wait a second, the beer commercial life doesn't exist? Then...then... What's it all about, Ali?
Lemonjello - Football

Go back, go back, go back into the woods.
Yes Football, and not the human pachinko beautiful game for wimps Futball, but red-blooded American Football. The ultimate sublimation of war and thereby a promoter of peace and harmony among peoples, townships, cities and regions across the fruited plane. In America we haven't shed each others blood in organized war since 1865 and a big reason for the relative tranquility is Football. As it happens, the day after the Terror Attacks in Paris I spent my afternoon at The Game, by which I mean the longest consecutive high school rivalry in the South between EHS and WFS and after 115 years these guy understand football. It was a great game with tremendous performances by both teams and their passionate fan base - this is hard hitting historic football at it's best with all the mistakes, crazy plays and reversal of fortune that makes high school football so much fun to watch. The game ended in a 14-14 draw which I thought was fantastic (I despise overtime in Football) because, in truth, both team had played their heart out with no definitive winner. It was the 9th tie game in the long and storied history of the rivalry.

Unfortunately for all of us, meaning Tigers and Maroon and all other peace loving humans on the planet, there is no such thing as a tie in Geopolitical Terror War. And it's only unfortunate because the leader of the free world has a "strategy" of playing for a tie regardless of what happens to us or our friends.
"This guy is out of his depth. He doesn’t know what to do because to do anything would require him to act against his two core beliefs: an intense dislike of the United States and admiration for all enemies of the United States. Now, finally, he has been revealed to the world as a poseur, something most of us have known since 2007. It is just a shame 500 people had to be killed or wounded in Paris to make the point clear."
 It will take someone with courage and vision to bring American Football to the Middle East but some day we'll see it - the Bagdad Cobras vs the Tehran Magic Genies in Trump Stadium.


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