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So... how are you planning to kill me?

After the lunar eclipse

Those of us living on planet earth experienced a powerful and transformative lunar eclipse on November 18/19 the likes of which hasn't happened for almost 600 years and the effects of this cosmic revelation will be felt by all over the coming months and years. Hard headed (and hard hearted) pragmatists scoff at astrology as nothing more than spiritualist hokum to occupy the minds of flakes and line the pockets of flim-flam artists but not me - I take the music of the spheres very, very seriously. Astrology was first practiced  in Mesopotamian antiquity and then refined in Egypt & Greece by Hermes Trismegistus in which form it has been consulted and practiced by, what I consider to be, the most intelligent people to have ever lived. So when the Sun, Earth and Moon align and glorious light is blotted out causing massive shadows to be cast upon the silver disc in the sky I wake up and take notice. 

"The good thing about eclipses is that generally you can trust the direction they are guiding you in. Eclipses bring about events that are part of the cosmic plan. These are important times for reflection upon your life, whom you need to forgive, or what you need to let go of and move on from."

And sure enough, the lunar eclipse brought a conclusion to an obviously fabricated psyop fake legal proceeding blabbered about by the customary Sharks and Clowns and Nerds. Thank you Khonsu for delivering your cosmic justice on the sleepy American city of Kenosha.
That's right shit-for-brains, Kyle Rittenhouse is a "free" mannish boy who took down three of yours with reluctant dread and now has to live with the trauma inflicted upon him by a sickeningly corrupt "justice" system and the prospect of being tracked down and set upon by packs of sub-human hyenas for the rest of his natural life. The best thing to come out of this sordid travesty of cultural and ethical decline was the flood of memes that swamped the internet in righteous indignation and mischievous glee - I haven't laughed like this since RGB died. The good guys continue to win the meme war in decisive fashion but as to the real war (the spiritual war) the trial of the Kenosha Kid clearly defines the intentions of humanities enemy and our "need to let go of" any effort to reconcile with this evil ideology.

It will be no surprise to KOTCB blog readers that this semi-secret society holds the dramatist David Mamet in high regard and count him among a handful of contemporary playwrights worthy of study and veneration. In the late 1990's he wrote a screenplay titled "The Edge" which was dismissed by establishment critics as "Jaws with a bear" but was, in fact, a philosophical meditation on betrayal, natural manslaughter, pre-meditated murder and forgiveness as a weapon of psychological destruction. The plot line follows the relationship of two men - representing Kierkegaard's archetypal division of humanity into the aesthete and the ethicist - who, having suffered an unexpected accident that sets them beyond rescue, must struggle to survive in the Alaskan wilderness while being stalked by a ferocious bear. The two principle characters are as follows: 
  • Charles (Anthony Hopkins) - the ethicist is a billionaire industrialist philosopher who is married to a very fetching trophy bride (Elle Macpherson) who, inexplicably, continues her modeling career and drags Charles along on a photo shoot at a rustic hunting lodge in Alaska.
  • Bob (Alec Baldwin) - the aesthete is a fashion photographer playboy communist who is shamelessly flirtatious with the model (Elle Macpherson) and invites the cuckold (Anthony Hopkins) to join him on a impromptu search. by sea plane, for an Indian trapper who's ethnic features will lend authenticity to his already ludicrous photo layouts.
Note: spoilers follow but they will enhance, rather than detract, from your enjoyment of the film if you've not already seen it so read on.

Riding in the plane on the 50 mile journey to the Indian's camp deep in the northern interior the aesthete and ethicist have the following conversation:

Bob: Tough row to hoe, you think
about it.
Charles: What would that be?
Bob: Oh, all that money.
Charles: Ah...
Bob: A lot of responsibility. Never knowing who your friends
are... never knowing what people value
you, for.
Charles: Yeah.
Bob: Must be tough.
Charles: Never feel sorry for a man who
owns a plane. So... what do you value me
for, Bob?
Bob: Well, I tell you what... I like
your style... and I think your wife's pretty
cute, too.
Charles: Yes. So... how are you planning to
kill me?

At the moment Charles poses this question the single engine puddle jumper is hit by a rouge flock of birds which kill the pilot and force the plane to crash land in an Alaskan lake - here is the scene from the movie:

Now I'm not going to go through every shot (though I could) and meditate upon the deeper significance of each either/or decision point in the story but in broad strokes here's what happens - They survive the crash along with a black guy named Steve (Harold Perrineau), they light a fire and dry off, they are hungry, they run into a Kodiak bear who tries to kill them, they escape, the bear stalks them, the bear eats Steve, they run and run and run until they can't run anymore, they decide to kill the bear, they carve long spears, they fight and kill the bear, they eat bear meat, they finally find an abandoned hunting cabin with a canoe that will allow them to paddle down the river to safety and civilization. The entire time all this action is happening Bob propounds upon the aforementioned accusatory question imploring Charles to "get real", reject paranoia, relax and understand the insanity of any suspicion the old billionaire might have that his young wife's jigalow is planning to murder him. Bob scolds Charles for being jealous and then mocks him for his greed and bigotry and finally shames him for his stupidity in trusting the empty promises of a licentious evil villain like the guy who's fucking his wife and is now walking him outside at the point of a loaded rifle. Charles was correct in his perception from the start and Bob was denying, obfuscating and lying about his intentions the whole time. Bob was always planning to kill Charles - he didn't know how because he's a stupid aesthete and couldn't formulate a plan so he just waited for the right opportunity which eventually presented itself.

Is Kyle Rittenhouse the kind of shallow man opportunist who rationalizes his wicked motives which bring him into the middle of a BLM riot carrying an assault rifle and ready to kill or maim the human garbage rampaging in the streets? The Wisconsin AG, Joshua Lautenschlager Kaul, and the justice system of that state which he oversees claim that they believe that's exactly the type of person Mr. Rittenhouse is and they were joined in that assessment by SJW activists, FakeNews reporters and politicians (including the Jo(((k)))e POTUS). These despicable people inflicted a psychological torture on this young man AND every righteously sane citizen of this country who were forced to watch the travesty of justice unfold before them until the verdict of the jury was read out on Friday afternoon. Do you want to see the effects of needlessly destroying a young man's psychological foundations through false accusations, threat of incarceration and violent retribution? Here it is:

How do I know the Rittenhouse trial was/is a psyop run from the top designed to disrupt civil society and cause violent polarization among the people at the expense of a young man's sanity? As fate would have it, at the same time the Rittenhouse drama was reaching its crescendo the actor Alec Baldwin (yes, the same guy) shot and killed a very attractive Ukrainian female Director of Photography named Halyna Hutchins on a movie set. Halyna was married to a guy named Matthew Hutchins who works at the globalist law firm of Latham & Watkins which is representing HRC's bagman Michael Sussmann who was recently indicted by Bulldog Durham in his Special Council Russia Collision probe.  When this shooting happened on October 21st I knew it was a case of first-degree murder when I read the Santa Fe New Mexican headline "Sheriff's office: Alec Baldwin discharged prop gun that killed crew member, wounded director." Discharged? A prop gun that kills? What kind of Sheriffs do they have in New Mexico anyway?

It was FakeNews from the start with lawyers, public relations hacks, image consultants and a coordinated army of paid internet influencers making up stories or excuses as to how such an "accident" could have happened. Let me tell you something that every movie person, from the A list actors all the way down to the Best Boy lugging around lighting equipment, knows about this shooting - it didn't happen by mistake. Alec Baldwin started acting in 1980 which lead to award winning performances on screen (big and little) and stage where he has taken on many roles that require gunplay that includes mandatory safety training by armaments specialists for every production. These movies and TV shows are, at the end of the day, business ventures which require bonded insurance and are liable for preventable accidents like, for example, the killing of a crew member so the producers take safety precautions very seriously. This means that Alec Baldwin has been professionally trained on the appropriate use of firearms hundreds of times over the past 40 years and he knows what NOT to do when handling a weapon on the set - don't fuck around because there's a good chance you'll find out. A month after the "accident" this "tragedy" is still defined as a criminal investigation by the Santa Fe Sheriffs and on the day before the Rittenhouse verdict this nugget of information dropped from the script supervisor of the production.

"A crew member working on the Western movie "Rust" said in a lawsuit on Wednesday that the script never called for a gun to be fired during a scene that Alec Baldwin was rehearsing when he killed a cinematographer last month."

It took almost a month for someone to step up and admit that Alec Baldwin wasn't following the script when a "prop" inexplicably "discharged" and "killed a crew member" and that news leaks on the day when everyone in America is transfixed on Kenosha, Wisconsin.

America will never learn what happened on the New Mexico set of "Rust" - there's not going to be a second by second freeze frame deconstruction of Alec Baldwin's motivations and methods because he's a cobalt blue Dem with connections up to the tippy top of the deep state overlords. Hey, his life is already getting back to normal after a month long vacation in Vermont - he's tweeting again! - and I'm fine with that because I like Alec Baldwin personally, respect his talents and, for all I know, the bitch deserved it. But I don't think a 17 year old juvenile in a riot who whacks a few Antifa commies (including a convicted pedophile) should get any worse treatment than a 67 year old thespian who has gone through a thousand hours of one-on-one firearms safety training over 4 decades of pretend gunfights. The sardonic timeline of Kyle Rittenhouse's night in Kenosha has been well documented but there is one misstep that every based American should take notice of and avoid at all costs as we fight our way through this violent lunar cycle - don't turn yourself into the police. If you'r a MAGA patriot and you find yourself in a life or death confrontation with any SJW/BLM protesters and a gun discharges resulting in their death it is best to just walk away and keep it to yourself. Take a few weeks off and go relax in the woods where you can think about what happened and get your mind right. There's no need to subject yourself to psychological torture or participate in a miscarriage of justice just to give politicians, scribblers and lawyers a wedge issue to divide people along racial or class lines. Always remember that you're opponent is Alec Baldwin so be smart and act accordingly. 


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