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Ye loves everybody (including Hitler)

The persona of Kanye West is no stranger to the ringing of the Clown Bell and has been cited by this blog on 3 previous occasions:

  1. A meditation on human consciousness and creation titled West World considered the beneficent influence (if not design and manufacture) of Mr. West by forces much greater and more mysterious than himself.
  2. A review of Rap Music in general, through the KOTCB lens, titled where the fuck is Kanye when you need him? highlights the simpatico mindset that forms the Trump/West bonds of friendship and loyalty.
  3. In October of 2018 America's First Woman President (FWPOTUS) entertained Kanye in the Oval Office and this meeting afforded Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. the opportunity to ruminate on the recurring theme of (S)He Broke Me - The Überfrau vs. The NPC's which explains Trump's otherworldly power in defeating the White Suburban Women (WiSubWo) and their selected "Representatives."

What more is there to say? A talented guy is elevated to billionaire status through hard work, lucky breaks and IC mind control manipulation to become a curiosity at jet-set parties and degenerate encampments in remote corners of the world. He foolishly ventures into the Kardashian Project and, like so many other men before him, his life begins to unravel in a monotonously predictable way. Only Jesus can save him but, unfortunately, Jesus has left the building... so he turns to Trump.

That's how Ye found himself roaming America's flaccid penis with a crew of compromised haters like Milo Yiannopoulos, Nick Fuentes and Ali Alexander + other assorted high IQ verbally dexterous wits who fall in the ostracized bucket of contemporary American society. Somehow the rapper thought it a good idea to bring his new friends to Mar-A-Lago for a Thanksgiving dinner with former President Trump and see how the #FakeNews scum would report on the event. Not good, as the Elvis from Queens would (and probably did) say, because simply taring {can I even say that} the MAGA movement with the based Kanye West accompanied by Alt-Right provocateurs is enough to resurrect the Third Reich in the minds of our bed-wetting "journalist." And that reanimating fear is not tempered in the slightest when, just a few days after visiting Trump, West goes to Austin, TX with the same entourage and declares his "love" for Adolf Hitler on the universally banned Alex Jones program.

“I love Jewish people, but I also love Nazis.”

Look, I don't know all the timelines in detail or what was said by who to who in any kind of formal sense because I don't watch television or listen to radio or read popular (normie) publications/web sites/pod casts. All my "news" (if you can call it that) gets filtered to me through alternative sources of 4chan washed content, chats with based patriots at Tractor Supply and a few Telegram channels filled with frog memes. But let me bang out a timeline so that I might make a simple point about the Yedolf controversy and how things are not always as they seem based on the prevailing narrative.

  • Early October - Ye and Candice Owens wear "White Lives Matter" tee-shirts to the Paris fashion show.
  • Mid-October - Ye tweeted he was going “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”
  • Early November - America suffers through another fake election with outrageous fraud and sickening gaslighting by the political establishment and FakeNews scum.
  • Mid-November - Trump formally announces his 2024 presidential campaign.
  • Thanksgiving - Ye2024 and "consultants" drop by Trump's Palm Beach club/residence for some food and a meet 'n greet.
  • December - Kanye West starts making the rounds on "conservative" media platforms, dressed like a clown, acting erratically and praising Hitler.

Is that an accurate recounting of current events? I know, I know, there have been multiple mass shootings, a crypto-exchange meltdown, the escalation of World War 3 in Ukraine, College Football/World Cup Soccer and Twitter behavioral modification programming too but putting those news items aside the above chronology is how I remember the Yepocalypse . And that, dear reader, is the timeline of an IC PsyOp designed to discredit Donald J Trump and pollute the entire MAGA movement with raw NAZI sewage. What else would you expect from this duplicitous and corrupt political/cultural establishment? Kanye West is friendly with Trump so get IC operators (Owens, Yiannopoulos, Fuentes, et al) to fill the dudes head with Jew hate and conspiracy fact, arrange a face-to-face meeting with Orange Man then wind Kanye up and let 'er rip.

Not that Kanye is completely unhinged and making arguments entirely devoid of real world examples or "proof" as the professional skeptics are constantly demanding for every claim that runs contrary to the bullshit narrative concocted on Madison Ave. and Hollywood. West isn't lying when he goes on Lex Fridman's podcast and says, “Fifty percent of Black deaths a year is actually abortion. It’s not the cop with the knee, it’s not Black-on-Black violence and gang violence, not heart attacks, it’s actually abortion. The most dangerous place for a Black person in America is in their mother’s stomach.” I agree but placing the blame for this genocide on “Jewish media” focuses attention away from the true culprits and, as usual, scapegoats a relatively small community of Machiavellian kikes who take on the truly horrible job of running Show Business, accounting for money in a den of thieves, managing erratic thespians and basically giving a damn about some lousy play, stupid sitcom, moralizing movie or frivolous magazine - to say nothing of Rap Music. Its a dirty job - not as dirty as war, aborting babies or slaughtering pigs at some processing facility in Iowa - and somebody has to do it so (((they))) do. I can't  help but notice that all of these media platforms are allowing Kanye airtime to mouth off and then echoing his antisemitism on every network, social media site and print publication controlled by this shadowy cabal.

It's not nice. It's not ethical (whatever that means). It's not even very funny because the transparent politics of personal destruction orchestrated from on high with a flagrant disregard for Ye, everyone associated with the rapper and all parties foolish enough to interview the celebrity or attempt a defense/explanation of his comments will cause pain and suffering. As Dave Chappell pointed out in a very funny Saturday Night Live Into nothing good ever happens after putting the words "the" and "Jews" together in a declarative statement. Too late, much too late to be giving that advise to Kanye but surly the stand-up comic is not the only person with Kanye's ear and wise council on what must never be said out loud. Isn't there someone who could, you know, war game a few scenarios and "play it out" as the professional like to say with if:then's and Zero-sum gobbledygook? Yes, yes there is - 100% there is - and those people set Kanye West aflame to smoke out Trump and humiliate the 45th President of the United States. Sad.

Crawling out into the blackness of Ye

Note: KOTCB "No Cave" reviews Plato's Republic, our Guardians and the Allegory of the Cave.

There are many compromised "Deep State" assets who talk based MAGA bromides to the hoi polloi, target hapless (D)onkeys for ridicule but clandestinely do what their funders and IC managers command. These doubled agents are the talking heads permitted a public persona and access to mass media - for example, if they are allowed on a TV show like 60 Minutes or Fox News then it's a certainty the Alt-Right spokesperson is IC "approved" and playing an assigned role. Getting kicked off Twitter or "canceled" by some public/private institution is not a sure sign of left-wing tyranny because these right-wing thought criminals use the establishment's censure as a cloak of authenticity and shield to scrutiny. If you ignore their plight and look beyond the veil all of these tolerated dissidents have shady funding, a history of opportunistic lucky breaks and, in most cases, live in a neighborhood crawling with secret agents. These are the people who have been second guessing Trump for the last 7 years (especially the last 2), reject or ignore his objection to 2020 election fraud and place the disastrous GOP results in the 2022 mid-terms squarely on the former presidents shoulders even though he's been playing golf in Palm Beach for the past 688 days.

These are not bad people - everybody needs to make a living somehow - and many of these turncoats, quislings and Judas's were caught flat-footed in 2016 when Trump miraculously won his epic contest with Hitlery. For a year and a half these America First gadflies had been leading their followers down a road to perdition and a planned November 8 slaughter only to see the trap collapse at the 11th hour allowing the orange showboat to slip the noose. Worse than escaping, this boisterous billionaire snatched the ring of power and then trapped the Leviathan in an espionage sting that threatened the entire Republic. Some of these spies were discovered right away and turned on Trump soon after Inauguration Day (Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, et al) but others were stuck in the uncomfortable circumstance of keeping their influencer gig by championing America First while nitpicking the boss over every decision and setback. These guys and gals are still at it - promoting Ron DeSantis as an alternative MAGA standard-bearer, bitching about Trump's endorsements of Oz or Herschel for Senate, hand-slapping the king for inappropriate meetings (like the one they set up with Ye a few weeks ago) and on and on... It will never stop because, let's face it, Trump was never supposed to win in 2016 and, with the hindsight of the 2020/2022 elections, its obvious that some skullduggery was at work to pierce the Blue Wall and thwart HRC's coronation.

Top Kek!

Most people can't see the programming that frames their perception of reality because they are programmed - taught, conditioned and rewarded - to NOT see it. Hitler understood that feature/bug in human psychology and exploited it to extraordinary effect - so did Stalin and so did FDR. The cognitive dissonance that Kanye West creates in the body politic when praising Hitler is debilitating for NPC's because it triggers alarm bells that can't be un-rung. Loving Nazis does not feel right in the hearts and minds of Americans for a thousand different reasons that most people can't identify or explain but just, sort of, know in their bones. But these same people will lock themselves in their apartments, wear a mask on their face and inject an experimental genetically engineered serum in their body at the governments whim. They will send hundreds of billions of dollars to actual Nazis who are fighting a proxy war on behalf of the US military/industrial complex over the same territory Hitler fought to control. They will attend fundraising galas for the local Children's Hospital that mutilates adolescents with elective gender metamorphosis surgery. They will yawn (or worse, celebrate) when fellow citizens are deplatformed, demonetized, debunked and, in many cases, locked up for petty crimes and misdemeanors as punishment for holding heterodox political views. Maybe Kanye's love for Hitler and his peculiar form of fascism is nothing more than a clear eyed testimony of patriotism for Jo(((k)))e Brandon's America.


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