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The lunatic is on the grassy knoll

The backend fortnight of November is a nostalgic time when celebrations of Thanksgiving, remembrance of the JFK assassination and addressing the annual Xmas card revive memories of what has been lost. This year was the 60th recurrence of the magic-bullet psyop inflicted on America so there was an avalanche of Oliver Stone, Roger Stone and every stone cold IC disinformation operator in the media-sphere telling stories about the shooting in Dallas and who was behind it. Whoever the killer(s) was picked the most sentimental national tradition to bloody forever by blowing the president's head off a few days before the harvest feast and blessing. Thanks a lot dude(s) - I've had to live with the psychic effluvium of Jack's smiling wraith for my entire life and I do resent it.

My uncle John loved to tell stories about his childhood and most of them revolved around experiences he had with his dad, my grandfather, which are unconventional or, in some cases, incomprehensible to a 21st century hollow men.
  • Example A: As the youngest of six children John would have to lie atop the rear deck of his dad's sedan for long family road trips because all the other seating was occupied by his brothers and sisters - no seatbelts in a free country. 
  • Example B: Every autumn my grandfather would butcher a pig in his barn with John's help and the descriptions of this slaughter were astonishingly violent and surprisingly based knowing that the killer was a prosperous Ivy League educated gentleman farmer.
  • Example C: For Holiday season my grandparents would keep an subdued house until bedtime on Dec. 24th and then put up der tennenbaum, string the lights, trim the tree, set up the nativity creche, hang the stockings by the chimney with care and create a magical wonderland to surprise their slumbering children when they woke on Christmas morning - amazing and beautiful.
John was a 13 year old boy when Kennedy was shot and he remembered the days events in vivid detail. He was shocked and worried so he searched out his old man who was tying off a boat to the farm's river dock and asked, "Dad, they've just shot the president so what's going to happen?" My grandfather, who was only a few years older than JFK, looked up from his work long enough to say, "don't worry son, they'll have another one to take his place before tomorrow." Not the kind of story you'll hear on a PBS hagiography about "the bloodstained Camelot dynasty" or something Doris Kearns Goodwin would slip into "An Unfinished Love Story: A Personal History of the 1960s" but it is what happened on the banks of the Potomac river on November 22, 1963.

For people like my grandfather the shooting in Dallas, Texas was not the end of American innocence or the birth of conspiracy theory culture because he knew how the world works. I have been told that the best film version of the planning and execution of the Dealey Plaza event is Executive Action (1973) which tells a tale of angry John Birchers and oil men contracting wet works spooks to do the dirty deed. Hollywood Commie Dalton Trumbo wrote the script so the culprits are predictable straw men but the logistics and tactical implementation of the hit is detailed and accurate. The best book on the subject, hands down, is James Ellory's masterpiece, American Tabloid, which tells a fictional account so full of wonder that it opens the mind to the proposition than none of the popular conspiracy boogiemen are the real villains. There is a foreboding in the knowledge that everyone in authority knows that the "official story" is bullshit but they are sticking to it regardless of any and all contradictory evidence or legitimate speculation (which they term conspiracy theory).

Did JFK actually win the 1960 election? Probably not. 
Was JFK high on speed and pain pills every day? Yes. 
Did JFK have an insatiable desire for poontang? Yep?
Why did JFK betray the Cuban patriots at the Bay of Pigs? Because... er, because he hated Allen Dulles?
Did JFK get his ass handed to him by Khrushchev in Vienna? Yes and everyone on both sides knew it.
Did JFK come within a hair of starting a nuclear war over Russians in Cuba? Yes, I think he did.
Did JFK advance the left wing agenda on civil rights? Hahaha.
Did JFK use the DOJ to settle scores in familial mob disputes? It would seem to be the case.
Was JFK having a successful presidency? No.
Was JFK going to win reelection in 1964? I doubt it.

The answer to that last question is the very reason Jack & Jackie were joy riding around Dallas in mid-November because they needed to start campaigning in Texas ASAP or lose the state in 12 months time. Some ruthless people killed John F Kennedy but I suspect the cabal that pulled it off sat on the brides side of the isle.

Perhaps a contemporary allegory will make my perceptions based on recollections of the past more au courant. I sometimes listen to The Dark Horse Podcast hosted by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying because this husband and wife team have an interesting history, seem like very nice people and have been getting Red Pilled for many years in a most excruciating (but satisfying) way. Standing, as I do, on the right side of the looking glass and watching these wholehearted liberal scientist grapple with the Techno-Fascist Imperium that was revealed when The Putt Pirate pulled back the Clown World curtain in 2015/16 is poignant beyond description. You can experience it yourself on the DHP #196 War on Our Minds where the PhDs discuss the annular eclipse of mid-October and the reassuring regularity of cosmic events when compared to worldly chaos like, for example, rainbows or the Hamas terror attacks in southern Israel. At about the 50 minute mark Bret starts discussing his reaction to an open letter read by troubadour Roger Waters in response Israel's counter offensive on Gaza inhabitants and things get pretty interesting.

Now I hate to do this (I really, really do) because as has already been noted on the KOTCB blog (In the Flesh?) Roger Waters is the most insufferable political rock star on planet earth. But you must watch the video to get the moral of this story.

Hey, back at ya motherfucker. To whom it may concern: Please stop. Stop with your 5 point peace plan. Stop with your "universal human rights." Stop with your dead father's dream. Stop with all your ++good INGSOC moralizing to justify your hatred of Emmanuel Goldstein. That's my reaction to this octogenarian fool who's been Syd Barrett's medium for the past 60 years but that's not how Brett Weinstein reacted. 

His first mistake, which is a common mistake, is to declare that there are two Pink Floyd's - 1. the Syd Barrett lead Pink Floyd which was experimental and influential and 2. the Roger Waters lead Pink Floyd which was commercially successful and also influential. For the record, there is one Pink Floyd and it is Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd in which his beneficent spirit lead the band to The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) and beyond. Roger Waters would be nothing if not for the influence and creative genius of Syd Barrett who's art somehow got neuralinked to the bands collective brain - "There's someone in my head, but it's not me."

Putting that error behind us. it is touching to hear Brett sing The Gunner's Dream, which is a song about the afore mentioned father Waters and his dream, and get all choked up over this pop music pabulum. I feel for him - there is a war on his mind and his hero (someone who should be on his side) is obliterating the psychological fortifications of scientific reason like an IDF tank tearing down the Gaza Wall. Heather isn't taking it well either because she knows that Roger Waters is emblematic of the kind of moralizing chap who would send her husband to the gas chamber in pursuit of world peace. I know this sounds crazy, because Roger Waters is a well known hater of Nazis, but Roger Waters is basically a Nazi. It's weird, right?

It's the Dark Side of the Rainbow where events synchronize in comic destiny like a lunar eclipse or a magic bullet can pierce the veil of profane reality. When Dark Side of the Moon gets paired with The Wizard of Oz there appears to be a correlation between the two creative entities. There is a pattern established by the observer that is created by the mind - a conspiracy theory if you will - that has no relation with what is actually happening in the film or music. JFK was sacrificed by people who knew how to use psychological trauma and information warfare to advance policy objectives over the objections of obstinate citizens. These are the people, people like Roger Waters, who rule the mindspace of the modern world.

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