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In the Flesh?

State of Emergency

Recent events have forced a question to the front of my mind.

Q. How is it that I'm labeled a racist for wearing a red MAGA hat but two guys who wear blackface are my Governor and Attorney General? [Remember those guys? Governor Ralph Northam and AG Mark Herring were in big trouble 2 weeks ago but now it's all forgotten... move along... and don't even look at our rapist Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax.]

Well, I think I found the answer and it's not some MAGA hat wearing “kid smiling at a man” but turns out to be a black gay thespian named Jessie Smollett and some Nigerian friends he hired to Make America Great Again by assaulting him, putting a rope around his neck and dousing him in bleach (Smollett follows the brothers’ bodybuilding page on Instagram). I'm not saying it's fair but I think I understand it a little better - The "MAGA Country" is so hateful and horrible to these sensitive Left winger types that they simply must have their script play out even if they have to produce the picture themselves and hire the talent, rehearse the lines, buy the props and go on a post production PR campaign to excite the public's imagination. It's a vanity project with a powerful message for us all and that is this: At one level - the level of fevered imagination most people call reality - the Jessie Smollett story is TRUE and the fact that it was fabricated by the victim and promoted by #FakeNews and evil politicians is beside the point. Sad.

In solidarity with Mr. Smollett our thoughtful President Trump posted a tweet last Friday with the R.E.M. song "Everybody Hurts" playing over select scenes from his State of the Union address. The band members objected to any empathy for Smollett or any other Commies which, being hard core Lefties, included themselves and sicked their lawyars on Jack Dorsey and demanded that Twitter remove the POTUS tweet. Carpe Donktum is a meme artist of considerable talent and his choice to use Michael Stipe's sappy "don't kill yourself" lullaby as the soundtrack for the offending video was... how shall I put it?... pure genius because few bands are more consistently obnoxious in their politics than the boys (particularly Mills and Stipe) from Athens, GA - and that is saying something*. Everybody hurts... sometimes and for the past week that "everybody" includes EVERYBODY who thinks of themselves as a Socialist or a Progressive or a Democrat or a Progressive Democratic Socialist. I'll explain why but to get to the answer we'll need to start in Athens.

Don't rock n' roll, no no no no no

The real 1980's Athens band was Pylon. Sure, there was the B-52's and Love Tractor and R.E.M but I was there (or thereabouts) and Pylon was the Prometheus that set that college town's music scene aflame. They were awesome and real and captured, for a few fleeting years, what rock & roll is all about and when they stopped having fun they quit. That last bit is the best part of the story - they burned bright as the sun but when it was over they just moved on to other things while those they touched and ignited, like R.E.M., smoldered on for decades as a business. Searching Youtube I came across this clip of the band which should give you an idea of what I mean.

And when the Pylon clip ended the Youtube algorithm fed my browser this bit of MTV #FakeNews: The B-52's give a tour of Athens, GA 1989. So this is almost 10 years AFTER Pylon's apex and the band has long been disbanded so this tour is sifting through the bones of what's long gone - sort of long gone...

Because as I'm watching this nostalgic video, which was nostalgic at the time it was made so it is now uber nostalgic, and right in the middle of the clip the MTV editor throws in a cut away of the town theater and I see this:

At the end of the Reagan Interruption
Now remember, this is still an explanation of why "everybody hurts... sometimes" so stay with me but we're gonna have to jump further down the rabbit hole and explore Pink Floyd.

Which One's Pink?

Most people who know anything about rock music history or Pink Floyd specifically will claim that there are, in essence, two Pink Floyd's - 1. the Syd Barrett Pink Floyd which created two of the most original and influential records in pop music history and 2. the Non-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd which sold more record albums worldwide than any band ever has or ever will. I dissent from this popular opinion and claim that there is only one Pink Floyd and it is Syd Barrett's band from start to finish which he formed with his friends in the mid '60's but walked away from before the end of that decade. "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" was all Syd and the follow up "A Saucerful of Secrets" was also all Syd but channeled through the remaining bandmates. You probably want proof of that last assertion so here you go - "Corporal Clegg" is credited to Roger Waters on the album and he might have been the writer of this tune but the AUTHOR of the song was Syd Barrett who's genius was still fresh in Waters mind. Every record after was about Syd including "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here" with it's signature lament "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" directed at the bands former leader.

So ya
Thought ya
Might like to go to the show
To feel the warm thrill of confusion
That space cadet glow
Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine?
Is this not what you expected to see?
If you want to find out what's behind these cold eyes
You'll just have to claw your way through this disguise

I could go on and on and on but I'll get to the point - by the late 1970's the band had been robbed of all their wealth by a dirty investment manager and they needed to come up with some cold hard cash to pay a gigantic tax bill. Each member moved out of England for a year while they tried to figure out how to save their fortunes and Waters wrote an concept album about... guess who?... yep, Syd Barrett (kind of a combo of Barrett and Waters actually but that's only another proof point of what I was saying above). "The Wall" is about a rock star named Pink who having lived a tough childhood became super rich and, as a result, isolates himself from the world buy building a wall - not a real wall, but a psychological wall - around his existence. Behind that wall he becomes a fascist and misanthrope who stews in his hate and remorse - "Goodbye Cruel World" - drug addled and faithless he descends into a morose nihilism with only two possible outcomes 1. destruction and insanity or 2. tear down The Wall. Sounds a lot like the predicament the New Left has worked their way into over the past 40 years but if they are ever to choose option #2 they require a trial and a judge to deliver a verdict. This Judge needs to come from the inside - must be one of them so to speak - for only one of their own will have the power to destroy The Wall of their own construction.

The Judge
This judgement is a State of Emergency. It did not happen all at once and it's not what the Socialists want to hear - especially from a true Blue NYC resident who has lived his life on their turf, attending their parties, befriending their leaders, winning praise and adulation for decades from them - but that's what they're getting. It has reached a State of Emergency because they will not (or can not) see The Wall (virtual) they have built around themselves since 1980. They simultaneously say that there is no emergency on the US Southern border and that the real emergency is the horrible presidency of Donald Trump without admitting that the only reason DJT is POTUS is because enough people considered the situation on the Southern border such an emergency that they elected Trump to be President for Christ's sake. The proof that there is a State of Emergency is staring them right in the face and they bitch about it every day, all day. They're beating themselves up and blaming the State of Emergency for their injuries and when they get caught lying and fabricating crimes they still blame Trump.
So last week President Trump made it official and declared a State of Emergency just like he'd been telling everyone he was going to do for many months. Congress has been goofing around, putting it off, obfuscating, lying, ignoring the issue and doing everything they can to prevent Trump from getting funds (we're talking a lousy $5 Billion here) to construct a fence in the middle of the desert. Why? The answer is simple: The Pinks in this country are having a existential nervous breakdown and the members of Congress are, by and large, THEIR Representatives charged with protecting these Godless, pampered, drugged-out, licentious "rock stars" who fund political careers to maintain Their Wall. Trump's Wall - the Big Beautiful Wall Fence stretching across the US Southern border - is a physical manifestation of the full scale assault he's inflicting on Their Wall and that Wall is crumbling undering a relentless barage of tweets, trade deals, executive actions, targeted appropriations and regulatory reform (i.e. revocation). The response to this State of Emergency is a farce.

ConSoc 2019
NYTimes "16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall" like that's going to do a damn thing to stop it. Xavier Becerra can file whatever lawsuit he wants but as this blog pointed out on Inauguration Day 2017 the Pinks did it to themselves (KOTCB Red Hats, White Pussy and Bluestockings) and just like Trump v. Hawaii the Constitution, law and existing statutes support the President's actions (KOTCB Muro del vudú).

"Joining California and New York are Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Virginia. All have Democratic governors but one — Maryland, whose attorney general is a Democrat — and most have legislatures controlled by Democrats."

I think of it as the New Confederacy - 16 States declaring war against the rest of the country because they can't live their decadent, corrupt lives if some force of nature tears down Their Fucking Wall. Virginia is one of the Confederates that joined the lawsuit and Mark Herring - that's right, the same Mark Herring who was wearing blackface at a frat party in 1980 - is her Attorney General which, come to think of it, is very fitting. May these New Confederates suffer the same fate as their forebears and the Union prevail - as it stands right now the good guys are winning.
 * It must be noted here that Roger Waters is the most insufferable political rock star on planet earth.


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