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Hell Upside Down

Years ago (20 years ago) I happened to be surfing cable television using my magic wand and landed upon the MTV music awards in time for the finale which the brass at Viacom decided to turn over to Marilyn Manson who sang one of his/her/its ditties to thrill the youngsters. The performance was so vulgar, seditious and evil (also not very good) that the awards show host, Chris Rock, admonished everyone watching to immediately go to church or risk eternal damnation just for witnessing what they had just seen (and what the multinational Fortune 500 media conglomerate had just broadcast to a world wide audience). This was 1997 dear reader or 5 years into the Clinton presidency and I challenge you to find an example of cultural rot over the past two decades that could equal the filth of this carny act. Say what you will about violent, misogynist, homophobic rappers or tattooed MS-13 street gangs or skin-head white supremacists but their antics, loathsome as they are, can't even touch the psychic and emotional depravity exhibited by the pale miscreant Brian Warner (AKA Marilyn Manson). At this point I'm tempted to invoke the shopworn phrase "white privilege" because it is the only rational explanation for how someone like Mr. Warner could even formulate the alternative persona he paints on to do his thing. Is there some Black, Hispanic or Asian guy out there in the mediasphere that would even attempt to present himself in this manner and say the unpatriotic, heretical and evil things emitted from MM's red pie hole? No, there is not and for good reason - they couldn't get away with it even if they wanted to and empirical evidence suggests THEY WOULDN'T WANT TO. Living in a multicultural society, as I do, has afforded me the opportunity to rub elbows with people of every race but the only race capable of producing a mess like Marilyn Manson, as far as I can tell, is the white race. I will say here what I have told friends and family over the years (and this is not an explicit death threat so don't get all hot and bothered) which is that if I were driving down the highway a 60MPH and saw Marylin Manson thumbing a ride near the off ramp I would happily swerve my car, ever so gently, to the right and run him over at full speed without giving it a second thought - I'd sleep like a baby that night with a totally clear conscience. Thankfully, I have never found myself in that circumstance, nor do I cruise the LA highways looking for my opportunity because I believe God has plans of his own and it's not my place to step in and mess them up.  So you can imagine my glee when I heard that God crushed this pasty white turd in front of his fans using a most innovative method.

The incident occurred about an hour into the concert, during Manson's cover of Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)." Manson had gone to the back of the stage, when a prop featuring two giant pistols suddenly fell onto him.

Fear The Lord!!!

This all went down at the Hammerstein Ballroom and for those who know the venues rich history, especially my Brothers in Manhattan, it couldn't have happened at a better place. Talk about a "Stonehenge" moment - crushed by 2 gigantic 9's which probably were installed to represent some violent repressive aspect of American culture or some shit like that. Hilarious.

The following day, at a different concert in Paradise, NV, a high roller (or whatever it is you call people who play computer poker) named Stephen Paddock pulled off a mass murder/suicide in the physical (real) world that rivals anything Marylin Manson has done in the sonic (imaginary) world of his masturbation membrane. It is reported (sort of) that Mr. Paddock felt the same way about people, generally speaking, that Jesus and I do about Marylin Manson which is to say that he simply wanted to kill them for reasons of his own.

"Close to two weeks after 64-year-old Stephen Paddock rained down bullets on attendees of a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing 58 and injuring nearly 500 others, investigators are no closer to understanding the gunman’s motives."

Perhaps it was his work experience - postal worker, tax auditor, real estate developer, gambler - that soured him on humanity but if that's the cause then we've got a lot of sleeper psychos walking around America who might "just snap" at any moment. I'm not going to spend time linking to all the conspiracy theories floating around this shooting because nothing about it makes any sense to me and all the stories pushed by "the authorities" and conspiracy nuts sound ridiculous. You don't have to be Alex Jones to know that something is very, very wrong with the Paddock story - for one thing he just doesn't fit the profile of a mass killer. The timeline keeps shifting, and now the FBI is putting up Billboards asking citizens for info on the killer. The whole reason for the FBI's existence is to stop people like Stephen Paddock from killing and maiming hundreds of innocent people on a Sunday night and not only can they NOT do that but they can't get to be the bottom of the case once the massacre is over. Is there any way to get a new FBI? No...I didn't think so. But the real tip off that there is something more - something much bigger and more disturbing - to this Paddock situation came less than 48 hours after the bullets rained down on country music fans when the NYTimes ran a front page story (a story they had been spiking since 2004) on movie mogul and Democrat playa Harvey Weinstein accusing him of sexually harassing lots of women. Got that? I'm going to say it again slowly so it can really sink in and I want you to think, and I mean really think, about what I'm saying. The Holy Fucking New York Times (paper of record - "all the news that's fit to print") decided to publish, at long last, an article on Tuesday morning (Oct. 5th) that was sure to consume and destroy one of the most prominent and powerful Democrats in the country - a Democrat with deep ties to both the Obama's and Clinton's and every other Democrat in power. And then again on Oct. 6th and Oct. 7th and Oct. 8th ad infinitum... and that, dear reader, just doesn't happen by mistake.

Now there is a certain kind of "liberal" (they're called journalists) for whom the NYTimes is the oracle of truth and wisdom to the extent that if it doesn't appear in the Grey Lady it simply isn't true. Rumors surrounding H. Weinstein might be well known in the media world with first hand accounts delivered over coffee or at a gala event but unless it's in the Times it just didn't happen. Conversely, if the Times ran an article titled "Scientist baffled by new data showing the moon is made of cheese" then you can bet the lead story on every TV news show would be in depth analysis of moon cheese - its volume, taste, market potential, etc. That's just they way they operate in the NYC media world and to say, as I will, that the NYTimes has an influence footprint the size of America is no overstatement at all - especially when they decide to self-immolate by confirming the dirt on someone like Harvey Weinstein. What's next? Bill Clinton likes kiddie porn? Michelle Obama is a man? I mean, it's on that level of Democrat Party (self) destruction and since the Times is Pravda for the Democrat Party you just know that whatever happened in Las Vegas on Dec. 3rd is SO BAD that political suicide is actually better than keeping the Paddock story on page one.


"Please don't sexually harass me."

A hilarious aspect of the whole Weinstein thing is that it's turned a starlet named Rose McGowan into the new face of feminism and workplace sexual harassment. Out with Gretchen Carlson and In with this crazy broad who's burning down Hollywood faster than the Napa Valley fires are torching wine country.

In 1997, Mr. Weinstein reached a previously undisclosed settlement with Rose McGowan, then a 23-year-old-actress, after an episode in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival. The $100,000 settlement was “not to be construed as an admission” by Mr. Weinstein, but intended to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” according to the legal document, which was reviewed by The Times. Ms. McGowan had just appeared in the slasher film “Scream” and would later star in the television show “Charmed.” She declined to comment.

Scream charmed if you want to but a year after cashing a $100k check for "whatever" this Rose arrived at the 1998 MTV Music Awards with her date Marylin Manson in the demure outfit pictured above. I'm not going to defend Harvey Weinstein and I feel very sorry for the 30+ women who had to watch him come out of the bathroom in nothing but a bathrobe (or nothing at all) and had to turn down his request for a back rub. I feel very, very sorry for anyone who had to watch him masturbate in front of them (gag) and very, very, very sorry for the women he raped (or forced himself upon, as they say). But I want to read an interview with the personal assistant who lined up these meetings, met the girls in the lobby of The Peninsula Hotel, escorted them up to Harvey's room, sat down for the meeting and then, 10 minutes in, stood up and walked out the door leaving the poor starlet alone with this pig. What was going through the mind of that PA (all of whom were women themselves) when she heard that hotel room door click shut? How many times did it happen? You know this pimp kept detailed records of every appointment her boss asked her to set up. If there are 30 women brave enough to say #MeToo then I'd bet there are somewhere between 300 and 3,000 other victims who are not saying a thing. Some of them probably just don't want the aggravation, publicity and scrutiny that comes along with publicly accusing someone of a crime. But the others actually fucked this guy.


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