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The Choice Is Yours

Let’s start with a portrait of God or, to set this chronicle in its proper frame, the mind, body and spirit of my younger self when I first entered the Sistine Chapel and cast my eyes upon the frescos that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling that includes a universally known image of the Great Architect of the Universe descending from the firmament and extending his index finger to touch his much younger self on the other side of the looking glass. If you have a mind and love of art, religion or history you know this painting because its facsimile has been reproduced so many times that key elements have, unfortunately, become gaudy kitsch in the globalist cultural landfill. A chief sinner in this cheapening of sacred art and the legacy of a creative genius with few equals (if any) who created it happens to be the Vatican itself and the greedy absolute monarchy that runs the place. Read on and I will explain why this desecration of astonishing truth by the very hand that held the purse of patronage and fought with the artist at the time of creation is so typical of soulless organization men who run the world.

 Hare Kitschna - VatCon-21

The first thing - the most amazing thing about the whole Michelangelo/Sistine Chapel/Pope battle is the fact that Michelangelo didn't consider painting to be a worthy form of expression. He focused his energies on the higher, more difficult disciplines of architecture, sculpture and poetry which is were, to his mind, his true talents lived and shined. It has been said by those who know a thing or two about literature that were Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni to have never designed  Saint Peter’s Basilica or sculpted the Statue of David or painted the Sistine Chapel that he would be remembered today as one of the great Italian Renaissance poets. Read one of his poems and think about it.

by: Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564)
Choice soul, in whom, as in a glass, we see, 
Mirrored in thy pure form and delicate, 
What beauties heaven and nature can create, 
The paragon of all their works to be! 
Fair soul, in whom love, pity, piety, 
Have found a home, as from thy outward state 
We clearly read, and are so rare and great 
That they adorn none other like to thee! 
Love takes me captive; beauty binds my soul; 
Pity and mercy with their gentle eyes 
Wake in my heart a hope that cannot cheat. 
What law, what destiny, what fell control, 
What cruelty, or late or soon, denies 
That death should spare perfection so complete? 

But Michelangelo did design, sculpt and paint all those things and so much more that his poetry is ignored and I’d be willing to bet that most people, including art lovers, don’t even know he was a writer. The point is that he had no interest in painting the Sistine Chapel and looked on the project as a distraction which he completed in intermittent sessions spread over several years while focusing on more important work. Ya got that? The Sistine Chapel ceiling was a side hustle and painting was the weakest of Michelangelo’s skill sets but it still supernovas the greatest painters of the age. And he had to fight like hell with Pope Julius II and other Vatican minions to paint the vision that Michelangelo had in his mind, body and soul instead of some stupid church approved cartoon. Additionally it must be pointed out that we’re talking about a fresco made with wet plaster that needs to be applied quickly and can’t be “painted over” if the artist makes a mistake. All the more impressive when you consider the scale of the canvass (the entire ceiling of the chapel) and the logistical issues involved in doing the work in a physically awkward position 40 feet above the floor. As a pure act of political, physical and emotional will power these scenes from the Book of Genesis are astonishing works of technical prowess but that’s just the backstory for the REAL subject of this KOTCB blog post which is choice.

As any loyal KOTCB reader knows, I have my issues with the Holy See as a political institution and, especially, with the current Vicar of Christ and his Jesuit hokum polluting the foundational rock of western civilization. An unhappy example of this ecumenical desecration occurred last weekend when the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture partnered with the CURA Foundation to put on a Vatican conference on the topic of mind, body and soul with the purpose of “uniting” to prevent and cure disease - especially the Wuhan Chinavirus otherwise know as COVID-19. True to form, the bitter and talentless priests mocked Michelangelo’s masterpiece by creating a promotional graphic mimicking the connection between God and man depicted in The Creation of Adam with two mixed race, latex gloved hands almost “touching” index fingers. This is as wrong as wrong can get because the artists in 16th Century Italy were rigorously trained philosophers and theologians who were tasked with translating wisdom and truth into a visual form that could be comprehended by a largely illiterate population and that is exactly what Michelangelo did in his iconic painting. Indeed, when asked the question “what does God look like?” the image of this guy is what immediately flashes in civilized peoples minds.

Taking an element of this painting and altering it, as the Vatican has done, is like spitting on the Bible or committing some other act of heresy which can’t be overlooked or forgiven. No way. Th Sistine Chapel frescos aren’t some Warholish campy lithograph or CIA funded modernist wet dream designed to subvert the taste and visual memory of We the People. These Michelangelo painting speak to the mind, body and soul telling a thousand stories through one inspired (and learned) picture that should never be soiled by wrapping the hands in a prophylactic to #UniteToPrevent whatever. Sick, sick people... sickened with the virus of Marxism mutated into the lethal Vatican Strain with no herd immunity. Luckily, you have stumbled upon the vaccine for VatCon-21 and you are, at this very moment, reading it so let it sink into your mind slowly, slowly and feel the cleansing truth wash over and thru your mind, body and soul. Feeling better? Good, let’s get on with it.

I knew this VatCon-21 was the Mother Of All Viral Loads (MOAVL) when I read through the guest speakers list and saw all the usual suspects gathered together - Tony Fauci (I think he was the kickoff speaker) + all the Big Pharma CEO’s and ominous academics like Father CRISPR George Church and various technocrats from foundations, institutes and corporations with strange names, spiritualist quacks and entertainers and  a few nepotism plays (Chelsea Clampett) + a dude named Warren J. von Eschenbach, Ph.D. All prime candidates for asymptomatic spread but when I saw the name Deepak Chopra I realized this MOAVL was more than just an affront to artistic heritage but a super-spreader event with diabolical goals. To understand my alarm we will need to take a slight diversion down the memory hole to a time and place far away from our present day but I think, after reading my story, you’ll understand.

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza

May Deepak burn in hell like one of my Pizza Pies

As with most new age shamanistic thought leaders Deepak Chopra hangs his shingle on a very well swept street in one of the wealthiest zip codes in the world - in his case La Jolla, California. It is from The Jewel of America that this film-flam man runs his world wide grift of lectures, workshops, retreats and book huckstering to millions of spiritually dead globalists who will pretty much believe ANYTHING. This town is one of the great secluded pockets of perfection isolated from the third world shithole it’s residence have allowed the nearby SoCal neighborhoods to become. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years and one particular night I was having dinner with my cousin (a permanent resident) at a favorite local restaurant called Sammy’s where they make a damn good woodfired pizza. We’re kick’n back and looking out on the clean, beautiful La Jolla street though the gigantic plate glass window in our dining booth when who should walk by but, you guessed it, Deepak Fucking Chopra. The swami is chowing down on a slice of zaaa and bustling down the sidewalk but he’s got a napkin under his food and it’s getting in the way of him taking a bite of the delectable pie*. So what does this Guru to the Oprah set do with the paper napkin blocking his bite? He throws it to the ground like some Indian untouchable on the Calcutta sidewalk and keeps on walking without skipping a beat. My cousin and I exchanged a glance of shocked amazement and then right back to Deepak Chopra disappearing into the pacific darkness. What a fake, phony, fraud this guy was and is - it was an experience (not the last) that showed me what a gigantic lie so much of what’s presented as good and true “spirituality” really is and how disingenuous the congenitally wicked prophets of these New Religions really are.

It is in that spirit that I compose these words of vaccination because We the People need some way of coping with the communist plague and mitigating the negative symptoms of this mind virus and it’s many mutations. VatCon-21 is bad but think of those people infected with straight up CCP-49 or CCP-89 or BLM-15 or ANTIFA-16. The world needs a VAX and the Mr. White Chocolate Chas T is here to deliver so relax and consider yourself vaccinated - if you need a booster at any time in the future then visit the 🤡🌎🔮 (Clown World Portal) and click on any link to build your antibodies.  As Deepak Chopra says, “One thing we can do is make the choice to view the world in a healthy way. We can choose to see the world as safe with only moments of danger rather than seeing the world as dangerous with only moments of safety.” It works, it really does and now there's even a "rule" requiring it.

I'm not entirely sure what POTUS Jo(((k)))e Biden is talking about in the first part of this tweet. I don't know who makes up the rules and none of them seem very simple to me but that's okay because I really haven't paid attention to anything this guy has said for the past 40 years. And someone needs to tell him that, like over half the country, I haven't been wearing a mask since Easter of 2020 so, like, a over a year and, er... but thankfully I have read this blog post and am now officially vaccinated and so are you. 


*As an aside I do want to note that Sammy’s makes a great pizza - especially by California standards which aren’t very high.

Download and print the official KOTCB vaccine card and distribute it “liberally” to everyone to let them know you’ve been vaccinated.


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