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A Apolitical Blues

Well my telephone was ringing, and they told me it was chairman Mao.

You got to tell him anything 'cause I just don't want to talk to him now.

According to the brilliant troubadour Lowell George the Apolitical Blues are "the meanest blues of all" and who am I to disagree with this soul man now after all these years of living by his maxim.  I first heard the song bursting from the 1972 vinyl of Little Feat's Alt-Rock-Country masterpiece "Sailin' Shoes" in the second story bedroom of my friend John's older brother Edie who, being about 3 years our senior, was instructing us on the importance of good music. This was circa 1975 and a formative time for my musical taste and overall aesthetic which, for better or worse, infuses every aspect of my existence including the KOTCB blog so a debt is owed this unforgettable "older brother" now that he has shuffled off this mortal coil and left us with smoky memories.

A born rebel with the heart of a lion that pumped sanctified Irish Catholic blood through his very American circulatory system this man (and he was above all a man) had a congenital inclination to question authority. When I say "question authority" I don't mean the bumper sticker snark of an ACLU/coexists shitlib waiting in the Starbucks drive-through lane but  rather the kind of guy who will carve out a place in "the system" and from that perch throw rock after rock at the walled fortress from the inside with an unrestrained and infectious glee. A quick witted intelligence supported by relentless study and learning allowed this devilishly handsome tormentor to mock and ridicule authorities with devastating effectiveness while maintaining personal integrity and professional credibility. As a friend he loved to jab, tease and, when necessary, expatiate on important concepts or principles that were not sufficiently understood by ignorant apprentices like, say, me at a certain age and place many years ago.

I met him in grade school, followed him to boarding school, fraternized with his university buddies and roamed the DC Swamp with him in the 1980's before he went on to law school and notoriety as the defender of jihadi terrorists who despise the United States of America and all that the nation represents which, in Ed's own words, is as follows: "They believe our country is a dictatorship, and that we act solely to protect our military without any regard to the consent of the people." On balance, with 2020 hindsight, I have to admit that Zacarias Moussaoui's appraisal of the USA contains a bracing bucket full of cold reality but my old friend objected to the terrorist's characterization of Mr. Jefferson's democratic republic. To be fair, these particular remarks (link to above and here) were delivered at a Miller Center lecture on the UVA grounds in 2009 shortly after Barack Obama was inaugurated president so a lawyer, trained as they are to preserve the system, can be expected to believe that Hope and Change is real, the DOJ will prosecute terrorists, GITMO will get shut down, the war on terror will end and so forth. Alas, the war expanded, GITMO stayed open for business but instead of capturing terrorists for indefinite incarceration without military show trials the new American dictator just droned these evil-doers like a CIA lackey protecting the military without any regard for the consent of the people. 12 years later this unapologetic defender of the US law was a guest speaker at a Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) 20th anniversary of September 11 where he recounted his "role in the prosecution of Zacarias Moussaoui, the only individual to date to have ever been convicted in a U.S. court in connection with the 9/11 attacks."

Well, I knew him before his legal career, before law school and its Marxist indoctrination, before UVA and Easter's weekend on Rugby Road, before The High School, before this world got ahold of him and pumped its cancer into his noble frame and he was a true prince in those halcyon days. In my minds eye I can picture him unruly, happy and free from the burdens he shouldered as a direct result of the schooling that brought him disillusionment and death.

The current Maoist cultural revolution which the smart set calls "woke" is completing a 50 year old slow roll through every American institution and since 2015 its been convulsing in a death rattle  every day. I've lived in a "woke" society  for my entire life and witnessed the deleterious effects of the Marxist mind virus on my loved ones. It divides societies and pollutes culture, breaks up families and absolutely ruins people by feeding every mortal sin and starving virtue. In a private country day school I was taught the 1975 version of the 1619 Project by an eternally adolescent communist from New England. Life at EHS was, in those days, an anachronistic Neverland located somewhere between 1839 and 1957 but existence in this time warp only served to throw the blood and waist of post-60's afterbirth into sharp relief. Political and cultural touchstones like the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Jonestown Massacre  and Disco could only be seen through a telescope pointed at far away planet earth for those of us anchored on the Holy Hill. College years were spent in Boulder, Charlottesville and Boston where I was fully immersed in the Tom Waits - Charles Bukowski - Jim Jarmusch nexus and learned all about Political Correctness (as they called "woke" then) and did my best to keep up with ideas that, upon reflection, proved to be a bunch of navel gazing bullshit.  After college I settled in Washington DC for a few squandered years as a dilettante clubman and foxhunter which I have chronicled on the KOTCB in many blog posts like this one: (D)irty Old Men. So from 1975 to 1990, swirling in the currents of America's cultural revolution, I was befriended (and looked after from time to time) by this dude of whom I've been writing because, by chance or by fate, we followed a similar path but regaling you, dear reader, with the legendary exploits of Edie MacMahon is not the purpose of my memorial (besides, even a gifted mythomaniac could not surpass his own unique joy and energy in telling stories about himself).

I moved to NYC and let this friendship slip away in pursuit of a family and my fortune which is a sad but all too common occurrence in the modern world. My integration into Manhattan took several years and filled my heart with dreadful hatred for what I perceived as the synthetic existence of mega-city life and the insane (anti)morality of Blue Team "liberalism." Enrolled in graduate school in the early 1990's my professor, who is a visionary digital publisher and technologist, proudly told me that he was an avowed "Maoist" and his professional life was dedicated to this ideology. I laughed - not merely a dissident Trotskyite, no, no... a Maoist (so au courant), and then I remember thinking to myself quite clearly "what the fuck am I doing here?" That question has no answer but, be that as it may, my Big Apple political fights in search of the answer have been well documented on the KOTCB - example: the politics of personal destruction or Look up in the sky or the gimme zone - and prove to my satisfaction that by the time the twin towers were toppled the world was already irreversibly woke.
If America was already "woke" in the 1990's  then who is responsible for rousing this wicked world from its slumber? For that answer I'm going to quote my old friend Edie who was given the unenviable assignment of defending the "20th high-jacker" Zacarias Moussaoui in federal court. In making that defense he singlehandedly prevented any other terrorists from ever getting a US civilian trial because  his cross examination in 2006 showed 1. the FBI knew generally about the terrorist threat and their methods - the Bojinka plot, KSM and al-Qaeda planed to use domestic aircraft as bombs  2. the G-men could have stopped the 9/11 terror attacks if they had pressed Maussaoui when they first learned about him - but they didn't. Disconcerting revelations for We the People and embarrassing admissions for the premier federal law enforcement agency in the United States but there was more...  

Almost a decade after 9/11 the editorial board of the Journal of the National Security Forum spoke with Mr. MacMahon on April 1, 2011, about his experiences representing Moussaoui. I will extract one Q&A from the interview that is of special interest and relevance to my question.

Q: Did this experience strengthen or weaken your confidence in the federal criminal justice system? Can al Qaeda defendants be tried in federal district court?

A: Most certainly they can be tried in federal district court. They have been tried here for years. I don't know anybody that's been involved in these processes that doesn't think they can't have these trials so long as there's the political will to hold them. My belief in the legal system is strengthened in that regard. We had tremendous problems getting evidence out of the CIA. The CIA committed perjury in the Moussaoui case, so in that regard it did not enhance my view of the criminal justice system when it bangs up against the intelligence community.

It is this point of friction where a trained attorney's "sincere hope the rest of these cases—wherever and however they are tried—will demonstrate to citizens and detractors alike the quality and fairness of our judicial system" gets ground to dust. In this woke world there is no significant criminal justice case that does not "bang up against the intelligence community" so regardless of anyone's "political will" there is no way to "believe" in the federal court system. It's a completely compromised legal environment where the most significant participant (the IC) lies with impunity and hides any and all evidence behind the veil of National Security. Of course these high profile cases can be tried in the domestic courts with all the legal protections afforded citizens (and Illegals) in America but that will require the FBI and CIA to perjure themselves which they will do as the Maussaoui case proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Not surprisingly, this diminished view of the criminal justice system is just as relevant for domestic terrorists as it is for the terror "masterminds" from the Middle East.


That relevance is Big Time for the Great MAGA Terrorist Leader who threatens the security of "our democracy" and the safety of "We, the people" by his very existence and the cult like enthusiasm he elicits from his 75 million supporters. That's right, the artists known as Donald J Trump - The Elvis from QueensThe ÜberfrauThe Putt Pirate - who, in retirement, ran for President of the United States in 2016 and won(!) is about to show the world why our federal criminal justice system can't handle the truth. No, I'm not referring to the bogus charges leveled against Trump by NY County DA "Fat" Alvin Bragg which are a side show photo op for the GEPOTUS and news cycle distraction for the illegal regime (Trump won in 2020 too) that is engaged in 5G warfare against everyone, including the American people. Michael Cohen's treatment of Stormy "Horseface" Daniels has triggered the first-ever indictment of a former president and, should this case actually go to trial, the spectacle will be KOTCB gold. Unlike the many hand-wringing scolds - be they "constitutional conservatives" or "traditional liberals" both of whom revere "the law" and venerate our legal system - I consider the justice system a malicious and corrupt racket designed to torment anyone unlucky enough to get near it. Being far away from the action and watching the proceedings safely behind a screen I plan on enjoying myself and rooting for my team with gusto.
The Manhattan DA is a joke and so is the commie judge overseeing the show trial so this “first ever” legal maneuver of charging a former POTUS/current candidate with a crime doesn't even raise a farrowed eyebrow on my skeptical face. I lived through the Nixon coup d'état, the war on drugs, the AIDS plague, the Rodney King riots, WTC attack #1, the Waco massacre, the OJ Simpson trial and Monica’s blue dress over the formative years discussed above and none of that "friction" strengthened my belief in the legal system. And all of that lawfare happened BEFORE 9/11 when the War on Terror - foreign and domestic - started and the American republic, in essence, signed an NDA with the NSA and agreed to keep quiet in exchange for money and a place to live. How could I be more upset about this embarrassing NYC indictment spectacle than the masked inauguration of an illegally selected diaper wearing dementia patient in front of nobody but armed military guards and row after row of American flags on the National Mall. The current POTUS is illegitimate and, it follows, so is every person he appointed to high office including the Attorney General and, unfortunately, so are all the congressmen and judges who allowed the crime of November 3, 2020 to happen. Wake up to the "Wokeness" and stop pretending like "this time they've crossed the Rubicon" when they've been veritably sacking the city for the past 2 years.

The indictment to focus on - the one that WILL send DJT to GITMO - is the one that was initiated last summer with the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago and the retrieval of classified documents that where probably put there by some nefarious three letter agency in a long planned active measure psyop. To support my thesis I will link to a recent NYCLA's Amicus Curiae Podcast which focuses on the who, what, when, where and how of classified documents like those recovered from Trump's mansion/club. 

Former acting U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Seth D. DuCharme, explains that it's the Intelligence Agencies who assign classification status, the DOJ and IC are "aligned" in the overall mission to "protect the American people" and while it's understandable that elected representatives, who do "have a role," will want to see the classified documents in question... they can't. Mr. DuCharme, a registered Republican, was appointed by Trump to lead the Eastern District of NY after making a name for himself prosecuting domestic terrorists (MS-13) and he has completely bought into this National Security State mindset. He's the kind of RINO that will #NeverTrump the former POTUS into federal prison with a tired yawn and shuffle back to his corner office to mark up some paper and bill a few hours. The DOJ lawyers take their orders from Langley and Fort Mead just like Congress, FakeNews and The Science does so don't expect a DuCharme type to stand firm for the rule of law in response to IC criminality which is, to his way of thinking, necessary for the protection of you and me. 
Last week Breon Peace, appointed by POTUS Jo(((k)))e Brandon, as the new US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York argued and won the conviction of Douglass Mackey (aka “Ricky Vaughn”) for the crime of election interference by sending out memes to his Twitter followers. When sentenced, Mackey faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. The memes asked stupid Donkeys to text message their 2016 votes for Her to 59925 and "avoid the line" which, in light of our fraudulent elections, is hilarious. Of course, this subterfuge is a threat to Our (stupid) Democracy where even idiots who want to "vote by text" must enjoy the right to express their will on the body politic so threats like Mr. Mackey must be put on trial and convicted. Punished for crimethink in the blackwhite world of NewIngSoc woke politics that started in 1948 after WW2 and was explained by George Orwell.

Just like Zacarias Moussaoui, Douglass Mackey and countless others Donald J Trump is going to get convicted on fabricated crimes and imprisoned as an example to We the People. It might be for campaign finance violations or vote tampering in Georgia or planning the 1/6 insurrection or hiding the nuclear codes at Mar-A-Lago but for those reasons or some other excuse yet to be created the Department of (In)Justice is going to arrest, convict and jail the 45th POTUS. Some will argue that these prosecutions are hypocritical nothingburgers when set against the real crimes of Trump's political opponents, but that mind-numbing derangement is the objective. They want to show everyone who is truly in control of Our Democracy - namely those government employees with a national security clearance and their army of lawyers and judges controlled by the DOJ and the State bar association. It's the reason no terrorist will ever get a fair trial or have their constitutional rights protected in the US criminal justice system.


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