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Blue Devils and Yellow Cowards

A few weeks ago Duke lost Coach K’s last game at Camron Indoor Stadium to the schools hated rival, North Carolina University, in an epic grudge match. It was an “unacceptable” finale for the maniacal ferret-faced competitor who created the 40 year dynastic Duke hoops program with 1,000+ wins and fists full of ACC and NCAA championships but for Tar Heels everywhere it was a day of retribution. Michael William Krzyzewski, is a red-blooded All-American college basketball coach of Polish and Ukrainian descent who grew up in Chicago’s famous Ukrainian Village which is (or at least was) culturally very reminiscent of the Rus borderlands. That is to say that young Sh-shef-ski grew up as far away (psychology) from Dixie as is possible while still living within the borders of the USA. That makes him the perfect choice to represent Duke University and the Yankee overachievers who emigrate to Durham for 4 years of education and networking before moving back to non-Southern civilization. The academic institution represents the New-New South of technocratic carpetbaggers from the Blue Confederacy infiltrating and transforming the Old South in places like North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. During the US Civil War the Confederates called Union soldiers “Blue Devils” and this pejorative was playfully adopted by Duke students as a mascot for the schools athletic teams in the 1920’s. The hatred of Puke U. has deep roots and Coach K took ahold of that hate and motivated generations of great ball teams and ardent fans by imploring them to rub a gigantic Blue poop pie in the face of every ACC team and their hayseed supporters. Payback, for a long abused nemesis like UNC, is cruel and sweet (and kinda funny).

Tar Heels Rejoice!

Before I go any further in what will be a disjointed and strange blog post (even by KOTCB standards) I will say unreservedly that I respect Mike Krzyzewski a lot and think of him as a great American. His dedication to faith, family and country is unquestioned and the record of achievement stands at the pinnacle of his profession. His athletic career at West Point, subsequent military service and return as a young coach of the Black Knights before jumping to Duke U. is a wonderfully patriotic story. The power of the Duke basketball program and the obvious dedication his former players have for the man is a testament to his influence and mentorship that can't be dismissed and this "brotherhood", as they call it, is heartwarming even to the cold-hearted haters. He obviously loves the United States of America and has won numerous Gold Medals as the coach of the US Olympic team in addition to all his many other championships. A man of prodigious energy, he has also established several charitable organizations and lends his support to the foundations and causes of his associates and competitors. Coach K is, by any reasonable standard, a man worthy of respect and appreciation and yet, irregardless of all his good works, he is hated - hated as a Yankee arriviste with ambitions which are rewarded, in the mind of the couch potatoes throughout the land, by victory upon victory on the court.

One might assume, as I do assume, that the great coach uses this hatred to his competitive advantage and motivates his team (and himself) by drenching the entire Duke basketball program with buckets of bile and vitriol. Something like this - "You know guys, every other team we play hates our guts and so do their fans. They hate you. They hate were you came from. They hate were you're going. They hate your dedication to excellence and your greatness." It wouldn't work if this perceived hatred was a figment of Mike Krzyzewski's imagination but IT IS REAL and he learned to harnessed that fire and live in it like a Blue Satan. Now he's about to leave the parquet floor for good and there's going to be nobody stalking the sidelines to collect the hatred and vitriol and channel it to beneficent purpose. All that resentment is still going to be hanging around long after Coach K has left the field of battle without any focused enemy. Can you see where I'm going with this?

TDS is real and its effects are long lasting

The Beginning Was the End 

Now, I would like to transition (as they say these days) to the New-Age Pop group DEVO and though I recognize the abruptness of this change will be uncomfortable I hope you, dear reader, will keep an open mind and practice tolerant acceptance for my Freedom of Choice. Specifically, I'm going to reference Jerry Casale who, along with Bob Lewis and Mark Mothersbaugh, founded DEVO and launched this Euro-American inspired "art movement" as he explained in 2018 - "Gerald Casale Takes Devo Very Seriously – And So Should You" - when he described his first person account of the Kent State shootings in the spring of 1970.

“Before that time,” says Casale, “I was a more simplistic, laissez-faire peace-and-love type hippie. I wasn’t a stupid hippy, but I believed there was a basic reality you could count on that our American government system was basically good, but with some bad apples. I assumed there were shared humanistic values. But I started realizing there was this giant illusion that all of us who had grown up in American middle-class bourgeois society believed in.”

Casale’s response was to start an art movement, modeled on European movements like Dada, which blended art, politics, social activism, humor and absurdity. Casale and Lewis wanted to use film, visual art, advertising, music, even clothing to underline the idea that the societal forward progress that seemingly went hand in hand with technological innovation was beginning to go backward. Yes, we could fly to the moon, talk wirelessly through the ether, and microwave our meals; but your government was still capable of lying about Cambodia and then shooting the unarmed teenagers who were protesting the lie.

Interesting, right? Two of his college friends get gunned down by the National Guard and Casale's answer wasn't to take up arms against the government, build a bomb and terrorize the establishment, join the student council or some radical Weather Underground type revolutionary group - his act of rebellion was to from a band of artists to promote Americanized-Dada straight out of Akron. As Jerry explains, "we were angry because we were smart. On a daily basis, we were insulted by it all. Every day was a slap in the face to any person of intelligence, or any rational person or any humanistic person..." and so, as it happens, DEVO was formed upon the de-evolutionary theories of Oscar Kiss Maerth espoused in his book "The Beginning Was the End" and a post-war 1950's kitsch aesthetic of J.R. "BOB" DOBBS AND THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS.
We're Smart Patrol, nowhere to go
Suburban robots that monitor reality
Common stock, we work around the clock
We shove the poles in the hole
Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA" by Mark Mothersbaugh
Are we not men? We are DEVO - all of us (but some spuds are "smarter" than others):

The video clip (above) of DEVO live on Don Kirschner's Rock Concert (1979) was created at the zenith of the peculiar art movement's creative period - just after the release of their most de-evolved record "Duty Now for the Future" and right before the election of Ronald Reagan. Most critics will cite the Brian Eno produced debut album "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DEVO!" as the band's best effort but it's too ENO to be DEVO. "Duty Now" gives the listener a taste of what authentic Ohio based avant-garde artists are capable of - a Buckeye Situationist International if you will - and it makes me want to clear my throat. Starting with the "Devo Corporate Anthem" the mood of the record is set and perfectly realized in tunes like "S.I.B. - Swelling Itching Brain" and the previously referenced "Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA" as a proselytization of of Kiss Maerth de-evolutionary theory. 

The problem that Oscar Kiss Maerth highlighted and exploited to comic effect is found in the many "discrepancies" resulting from inexplainable anomalies that are embedded in evolutionary theory. Some are high level, like, just for arguments sake, what happened to the wonderful coat of fur that should be covering our bodies (wolf like) on cold winter nights or the extremely useful (and competitively advantageous) tail sprouting from the tail-bone we all still possess? Pesky, non-scientific questions from a stupid skeptic and God fearing bumpkin requiring answers so complicated that it's hardly worth the effort to review the intricacies of natural selection and the seemingly impossible scientific explanation for man's hairless/tailless ape status. But there is another deviation in evolutionary theory that approaches a Dark Matter in modern physics level of wish fulfillment and that is the IMPOSSIBLE (by evolutionary theory standards) growth of the Homo Erectus brain and skull starting 2 million years ago. Can you say Hokey Shtick? This graph of human head evolution is stranger than Virginia's voting patterns of the past 20 years and that means it's totally fake and gay. The Homo Sapien head CAN NOT be scientifically explained so OKM speculated that the change in brain size (and corresponding intelligence) occurred as a result of head-hunting and cannibalism by his monkey ancestors. Eating brains made Great Grandpa to the nth power smart, horny and crazy and, unfortunately, disconnected humans from divinity and an innate interdependence with the natural world thus expelling us from Eden and down the dirty back road of de-evolution.

Not everyone understood DEVO's art movement and Springsteen loving philistines like, say, rock critic Dave Marsh absolutely hated it*:
Because they aren’t that smart. Like wiseass rockers from the Mothers to Sparks, Devo picks easy targets (“Blockhead”), regurgitates slogans and clichés (“Triumph of the Will,” for a really choice — or rank — example) without thinking much about their meaning, and generally shows contempt and disdain for anyone not as glib as the group is. To say that this critic despises Devo does not go nearly far enough. When I finish typing this, I’m taking a hammer to Duty Now for the Future, lest it corrupt anyone dumb or innocent enough to take it seriously. Shards sent on request.

Casale claimed that DEVO is "smart" but Marsh protested that DEVO "aren't that smart" and because we're living in a Wiggly World each man was right and wrong for exactly the opposite reasons they argued.  Kiss Maerth's book was published by CIA controlled Praeger Press and the fact that these young O-hi-O nerds landed major label record contracts with A list producers and prime time television slots means that shadowy power players wanted the "truth" about de-evolution to be shouted across the land. By conflating de-evolution and a religion (Church of the SubGenius) the boys from Akron preached a techno-nerd evangelical as "art" which was, knowingly or ignorantly, the fruit grown from a Deep State demon seed.

We were basically refuting the idea of linear progress. By tracking the erosion of human analytical skills, erosion of personal freedom, number of physical diseases, and food and water supply contamination commensurate with geometric population growth and reliance on technology and weapons of mass destruction, we concluded that the quality of life for the mass wad is indeed devolving.

But who planted the seed?

Now it can be told (the truth about Akron)

The "Rubber Capital of the World" is home to the Goodyear blimp, the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous and germinator for the DEVO "art movement" promoted by America's entertainment industry. Akron, OH is also the location of The Center for Intelligence and Security Studies at The University of Akron which seems odd until you realize that two CIA big shots are native son's of the region. Bill Fairweather who became the head of special investigations for the internal security arm of the CIA grew up 10 miles away from Mark Mothersbaugh and they graduated rival high schools in the same year of 1968. Mike Morrell (yes, that Mike Morrell) who as CIA Deputy Director oversaw the entire day-to-day business and operations of the agency is also a favorite son of Cuyohoga Falls (North Akron). Born 10 years after Jerry Casale and attending the University of Akron in the late '70s it is inconceivable that Morrell was not, at the very least, tangentially aware of DEVO's art movement and its shadowy patrons. The web of intrigue is so circumstantial and tangential that formulating my speculation into a proof that Akron is a hub of U.S. spy craft and DEVO is a well orchestrated psyop designed to normalize a transhuman model for the future of our devolving species is impossible to accomplish without relentless research. However, it is undeniable that DEVO and the leadership of the CIA both grew from the same technocrat tilled soil of Northeast Ohio and that fact, in and of itself, is a problem. 

An example of this proposition can be found in Mike Morrell's CBS produced podcast titled "Intelligence Matters" where he discusses events of the day with other big brain Intelligence Community colleagues. The KOTCB blog has cited this smarmy Mockingbird propaganda before in a post titled "They are the eggmen" but that was a look back at 9/11 and we've entered the era of World War 3 so recent podcasts have focused on the Ukraine (yes, I refer to it as "the Ukraine" because that's what it is) and Russia's "invasion" of its own borderlands. A recent episodes with analyst Chris Johnson (China expert) is educational if you can read between the lines and decipher what these spooks are actually saying. In an effort to be helpful I've annotated the final segment of their conversation but if you really want to digitally waterboard yourself then listen to the whole thing.

MICHAEL MORELL: Chris, last question, which takes us away from Russia Ukraine, the US now has an Indo-Pacific strategy. Secretary Blinken put it out, quite frankly, without any fanfare at all {because it's not important}, got virtually no attention from the media {#FakeNews}. We still have not seen a China strategy {WTF?}, at least not a public one. I don't know if there's a classified one or not {the words of a dirty, lying MerFer}. What do you make, first of all of the Indo-Pacific strategy and the lack of a public China strategy? {aside from the obvious fact that you can't have one without the other}

CHRIS JOHNSON: Yeah, I think you're right. And to be fair to the administration {excuse}, I think one of the challenges is that it sort of got lost {WTF?} almost in the backwash of concern about Ukraine. And then obviously what subsequently has happened with the invasion. So that's not entirely their fault {no, it is, in fact, entirely their fault}. I think one reason why the media didn't perhaps give it a whole lot of attention, as you say, there wasn't the same kind of buildup {why not?} that you might typically see before the launch of a strategic report like that. So say an article by a senior official in Foreign Affairs {see: Council on Foreign Relations} to tee up where we're going or something like that that would generate some of that interest. {but no one is interested Chris}

I think also a lot of it is the content {it's bullshit}. It's really mostly things that the administration has said before, such as, the Indo-Pacific strategy is not the China strategy {it's fantasy}. They say at that document, but at the same time it is very focused on China's {it's dishonest}- I think the phrase they use was much more assertive and aggressive behavior {it's cowardly}. From my perspective, the interesting piece as well was this notion of shaping the strategic environment {retreat} in which China operates, rather than trying to change Chinese views {we can't even try to do that}. I think that's actually a very solid way to frame the situation {as solid as a raging river}. I think the challenge with it is that it's another sign that the administration, now a year plus into its tenure {429 excruciating days}, still hasn't really moved off what we might call a surrogate China strategy {sounds horrible}, which they seem to have been following from the beginning of the administration.

MICHAEL MORELL: What do you mean by that? {here we go folks, buckle up}

CHRIS JOHNSON: What I mean by that is that there's two pillars {Boaz and Jachin} to it in my mind. The first is domestic strengthening {Boaz}. So build back better and the COMPETES act and building chips and all of that stuff, make ourselves more ready for the competition. And the second piece is coordinating and collaborating with our allies and partners {Jachin}. But what's missing in the equation is you keep China at arm's length like they'll do anything to avoid directly engaging with China {cowardice}. And the problem is that China is such a big country, so influential and economically powerful and so on. You just can't do that. {What do you mean by that?}

I personally thought we were beginning to see a shift in that at the time of the video chat between President Xi and President Biden at the end of last year. In that there was a notion of establishing these four new dialogues {See: Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or "Quad" = USA, Japan, Australia & India} to discuss the important issues. But since then, we've seen all of that fall off the table. To be fair {excuse}, largely through Chinese intransigence {would that be rivaling or competitive intransigence?}, but the result is the same {oh yeah, it doesn't matter}. And then I think the other challenge for the Indo-Pacific strategy, of course, is there's not really an economic strategy in there.{What? No economic component?} There is the Indo-Pacific economic framework. And my understanding is USTR Ambassador Katherine Tai {Ambassador Tai is basically a CCP spy} is about to go out to the region again to talk that up and have some discussions. {worse than useless - counter productive} But there's nothing in there {because???} about market access issues traditional free trade issues. Obviously {what's obvious about it?}, we're not going back to CPTPP {because...}. The framework that succeeded the Trans-Pacific Partnership when President Trump took us out of the TPP {thereby fulfilling a campaign promise that was a big reason for his 2016 victory}. And in the region, economics is security {this is true for every region for all time}. So without that piece, they're going to struggle. {I ask you, dear reader, honestly, isn't this the stupidest "analysis" of geo-politics you've ever read? Is it possible that these are the people formulating American foreign policy and military preparedness? But wait, it get's worse...}

MICHAEL MORELL: The other thing that's missing is objectives, right? {WTF? I mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?} What we actually want this relationship {are we dating?} to look like over the long term? And what are we willing to allow them to do? {infiltrate every American institution and bribe business/political influencers} And what are we willing not to allow them to do? {control the oil reserves under the South China Sea} It seems like we've never made that clear. {it's clear as mud - how can you leverage your uncertainty against an opponent if they know your intentions?}

CHRIS JOHNSON: I think that's absolutely true. {translation: none of that is true} And to be fair to this administration {excuse}, I think it's been a challenge that's been unevenly met {some administrations have met the challenge while others have not}, I guess is a fair way to say it {excuse & a lie}, by each of the recent U.S. administrations, probably going back to the Bush 43 presidency, but certainly in the Obama administration and Trump and so on {???}, which is taking the first step, which is every administration must do {but they don't}, which is as we {that is the Royal We to all plebeians reading this} would say in government, do a rack and stack {prioritize} of China's global ambitions. {top of the list is to NOT let Mike Morrell or Chris Johnson have any say in China's national destiny}

{it's almost over, I promise}

Where they tend to fall down is taking the next step, which is to be fair {excuse}, much more difficult because it involves risk, which is to say 'OK of those ambitions that we believe China to have which of them, to your point, might we be able to accommodate or live with, especially in a in an era where accommodation has become a dirty word.' {in other words, how can we surrender our sovereignty and competitive advantage when the American people clearly don't want to do that anymore and are demanding accountability from institutions like the CIA} But I think it's important in that the risk you run if you don't do that second half of the exercise {the prioritization part} is you end up being so busy- the Trump administration would say rivaling {true}, the Biden administration says competing {false} with China across all domains that you lose focus {zzzzzzzzz, uh, oh, what?}. Whereas I think if you do that, here's what we can live with, here's what we can't cannot. It allows you to draw much clearer red lines {as opposed to the murky red lines we prefer to draw} for the Chinese and to focus on the things that really are the building blocks of U.S. power and influence. {these "blocks" are institutional integrity, military/industrial might, moral purpose and charity} One of them being the dollar's role in the global financial system. {oh yeah, and the Almighty dollar} And when you do things like partially {partially?} unplug Russia's central bank from SWIFT and the banking system {you undercut the legitimacy of all the "building blocks of U.S. power and influence}, you send real signals {understatement} alerting people {yep, you guys have got everyone's attention} to the dangerous side of that role of the dollar in global finance. {Hey, not to put too fine a point on it but... de-monitizing people or countries in the digital age is an act of aggression - it's throwing a punch - and it's insulting to describe it in passive-aggressive swamp speak}

MICHAEL MORELL: Chris Johnson, thank you so much for joining us. It's always a treat to talk to you. {no, it is not}


After reading this you might be wondering how that "Quad" strategy is playing out in response to Russian aggression in the Ukraine and Putin's war crimes? Bloomberg News gives a crisp answer: China Is Quietly Taking Cheap Russian Crude as India Buys More. Complete failure unless this heartless act of NATO/EU cowardice orchestrated jointly by the US and China is designed to kill as many Ukrainian Nazis as possible while blaming Putin for having the Russia's military do the dirty work. Leverage the suffering of innocent Ukrainian people to justify economic, cyber and psychological warfare on Russia and demand a change at the top of the Kremlin's regime. The "act of aggression" (otherwise known as war) has been slowly rolling along for over a month now and, unless someone launches nuclear weapons, it's starting to look like the regime change will be taking place in Washington DC - not Moscow. Readers of this blog know that I hold Jo(((k)))e Brandon in utter contempt but I'm not going to rehash Nov. 3rd, Jan. 6th or election fraud in America to make the uncontroversial statement that our current POTUS is an mindless, diaper wearing nincompoop who takes his marching orders from the National Security State and the Intelligence Community that runs it. When Biden loses Mike Morrell it means the end is neigh:

Questions: Has anyone ever seen Mark Mothersbaugh and Mike Morrell in the same room together? Is the CIA cloning these bifocal wearing specimens in Akron laboratories? Is there something in the air and water south of Cleveland? Whatever the cause, the resulting humanoid is catastrophic to our once great nation. It's an artistic, cultural and political disaster that's been going on for 50 years - 50 years of failure - and it's brought us to the edge of the abyss. These clandestine operatives have been running a seemingly endless barrage of psychological attacks on the good citizens of America and, in addition to making them insane, used the conflicts resulting from their "art movements" and idiotic social engineering initiatives to divide family, friends and communities and crush the soul of this republic.

Here are my basketball, DEVO, CIA and Russian/Ukrainian bona fides by which you should evaluate my conjecture. I was raised in Virginia and I know ACC basketball. I've got lots of friends who attended Duke and UNC and I know how they feel about their respective teams and each other. I've seen DEVO live in concert on their 1982 tour and worked with them on a project about 8 years after that - I've had several conversations with Jerry Casale about DEVO's origins and the symbology of McDonald's Golden Arches. I know my share of CIA operatives (both white hats and black hats) and I think I know how they think about politicians and geopolitics. I speak Russian, have studied Russian history and literature, have been to Russia and Kiev so I know what I'm talking about on that subject too - at least, I know more than 99% of the people who claim to know ALL ABOUT IT. 

tetrahedron of terror
The NCAA Basketball tournament is reaching a March Madness climactic weekend and the Blue Devils will get a rematch with the Tar Heels in the Final Four contest on Saturday April 2nd (if the planet survives that long). Coach K is the type of man who would have had a leadership role in government or industry in a bygone America but instead, during the past 50 years of national decline, he's been teaching young men to play a game. A strategic genius and first class motivator has been spinning his wheels in the North Carolina backwater - literally on the side line - while the country he loves gets sold out by cynical techno-sophisticates and pretender artists peddling psyop poison. It's a sickening disgrace to see how post WW2 administrators of the Nanny State pushed men of strength and integrity like Krzyzewski out of power and installed corrupt "yes men" like Joe Biden into government with an understanding that these new-politicians will follow CIA orders and take bribes from corrupt oligarchs. There is no happy solution to this level of imported degeneracy - unfortunately the only way forward is through a killing field of violence and horror that hasn't been seen on American soil in over 150 years.

*Note: Dave Marsh is responsible for the creation of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. DEVO has been nominated to the Cleveland hell hole this year and the "art movement" born in Akron is imploring their fans (who they call Devotees) to petition the R&R Hall of Fame to install DEVO as class of 2022 winners. This makes a farce of DEVO's 50 year masquerade as avant-garde truth tellers - it was all a Clown World joke foisted upon those dumb or innocent enough to take it seriously.


Best story before I read in a long time. I want to read it twice to get complete impact Thank you
MRC said…
I’ll try to keep this brief and not launch into geo- political topics. The Blue Devil mascot has nothing to do with yankee soldiers. The mascot was one of several suggestions listed in The Chronicle prefaced with “blue” as itt was already the school color. “Blue Devils” — “les disables bleu” — refers to a group of French soldiers w/ alpine training that fought at Vosges in 1915. They were known for their courage and sported blue capes and berets. As with your views on Bruce Springsteen, you speak with great certainty on topics you clearly don’t understand. I don’t expect to change your mind, but I can at least correct your facts.
That's hilarious, so the Blue Devils mascot is actually a reference to French soldiers fighting in the Alps. That's more detached and un-American than my origin story for the mascot. I thank to for the correction and will cast my mind to les disables bleu in place of Blue-Bellied Yankees from now on. However, in the context of this blog post I would say that most UNC Tar Heel fans think of the Blue Devils as a reference to Union soldiers from the Civil War. I'm not sure those Carolina rubes could find Vosges on a map and I know they don't associate Coach K with the war to end all wars.
As for Springsteen - I stand by every world I've ever written about the man. An amazing talent when he was young and free whose muse was killed by a jealous harpy named Patti Scialfa - not since Yoko Ono has one woman does more psychological damage to a musical genius - and has preformed as proxy of his former self for the past 40 years. It's a shame, but that is the truth.

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