Friday, February 12, 2021

The Robinhood of GameStop

Born to Rumson

I got my first PlayStation at the turn of the century and I cut my gaming teeth on Metal Gear and GTA - hell. I've got a copy of Red Dead (pre-redemption) - so I've not only got game but I’ve had game for a long time. I've also got three boys ages 25, 16 and 10 so our steadfast support of the Sony Corporation and their gaming console has been going strong for 20+ years and in that time we've played some of the great video games released in into the marketplace. In no particular order I'd like to call out a few favorites:

  • Assassin’s Creed Black Flag - A pirate theme and that goes a long way in my book
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Very funny with a huge cast of characters
  • Call of Duty: World at War (Nazi Zombie module) - high horror with great weapons and death

Oh, I know, I know, there's a lot more. Endless entertainment and great story lines. 1000 times better than the best movie and all controlled by "you" - the guy holding the thing-a-muh-bob in your hand. My boys don't even watch TV shows or movies because... why should they? These theatrical films are not anywhere near as fun to watch as a well crafted video game and contemporary stars are mediocre mutts of ambiguous sexuality and the movie endings usually suck. 

Over the past two decades I've made many an epic quest to the local GameStop store to pick up new video games and other knick-knacks popular among playas like myself and me boys. A PS2, two PS3’s, a PS4 and soon a PS5 + a bunch of Nintendo DS’s and a Switch with games and controllers and headphones and guitars for Guitar Hero and Legos for my LegoWorld portal and toys, books, magazines, etc. all adds up to a lot of GameStop time. It’s been fun - I’ve met some interesting characters (humans) working in these stores and I’m hoping that some of these nerds are stockholders in the company and will profit from the insane speculative bubble that inflated each shares value in late January.

It makes me wonder why no one had ever thought of tracking hedge fund shorts and crowd sourcing a squeeze on these motherfuckers before 2021? I was running a chat room for small cap traders in 1997 and I know these types well so I’m amazed it took these big brains 25 years to figure out how these oligarchs short more shares than actually exist in the”real world” and all ya need to do is buy, buy, buy and hold on tight with your diamond hands to make the fat cats spit up  hair balls. It’s fun and makes great FakeNews copy to distract people from the diaper wearing dementia patient in the White House but I don’t believe the narrative. I want to believe it (I really, really do) but I’ve lost my faith in any and all news so I won’t believe in the “GameStop Revolution” even though I do love the memes it has created.

I’ve noticed that this crisis in the financial system has already slipped off the front page and will soon join the Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the Area 51 Raid as another whimsical diversion tossed down the media memory hole. Like almost everything these days this flash mob of day traders sticking it to The Man and forcing hedge fund managers to sell their 2nd and 3rd home is revenge fantasy. The reaction to this squeeze play by the financial press, retail trading web sites and government regulators confirmed what a rigged game the Wall Street Bets suckers play, but didn’t we already know that? Do we need any MORE proof of systemic Liberal Supremacy after the 2008 financial meltdown and the US governments response to a fiasco of its own making? I don’t, but when stonk gaming app Robinhood halted all buys of GME shares in an effort to burst the bubble and drive down the share price then even I, jaded and cynical old me, was flabbergasted and sickened by the institutional corruption. I mean, THAT is what you call “in yo face” taunting with real money on the line and shameless “whatchyagonadoaboutit” invincibility to any repercussions. Lump it plebe. Be thankful we even give you the false hope of possibly winning - whatever that means - while we take your money.

With the “election” of Jo(((k)))e Biden the 🤡🌎 that inspired the creation of the KOTCB blog effectively “jumped the shark” (to use the parlance of our troubled times) and made laughing about social, political and cultural disintegration almost (almost) impossible. After November 3rd it’s just not funny anymore because We the People have stumbled into the blood and death period of national decline even though DJT did all he could to avoid it. But this GameStop story... just the names alone - GameStop, Robinhood, Melvin Capital and Citadel, WallStreetBets, Cohen (Ryan & Steve), J. Rogozinski, Vlad Tenev, Musk, Cuban, Yellen, Chamath Palihapitiya - who’s writing this script? Ring Loud, Ring Often and this trading war between the little guys and the masters of the universe who lied and cheated and broke with every concept of “fair play” to save THEIR money from the on-line mob is a tale perfectly suited for the 🤡🛎. But where’s the hook, that symbolic moment to bring all these disparate forces together and reveal the truth to the sugar-water drinking folks kick’n back with some wings and fully loaded potato skins?

Meeting in the middle

I found that (Sandy) Hook during the final quarter of Super Bowl LV while I was digesting my second chili-dog (yes, they are that good smart-ass) and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, drove onto my TV screen in a Jeep built by multinational auto giant FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and started preaching about moderation and compromise. I’m not going to bitch about the Sony Records chart topping 71 year old Rock ‘N Roll troubadour and the disastrous impact his bandmate/wife Patti Scialfa had on Springsteen’s artistic spirit - talk about killing the muse, this shrew makes Linda McCartney look good - and besides, I’ve already done that (see KOTCB I fought the bathroom law and the law won). I’ll brush off the visuals of Bruce’s cowboy boots and hat, rubbing Kansas dirt on his hands, lighting a candle and so forth like he’s some modern day Woody Guthrie riding out a pixie dust bowl in his e-jalopy - the optics were contrived and expensive. All his bullshit about “meeting in the middle” and finding “common ground” sounded very coercive coming from a guy who was promising to leave the USA if Orange Man won the election. It was all, more or less, the usual insufferable Madison Avenue manipulation and lies that Americans have learned to live with as the price of “free” admission to a televised sporting event but then, at the very end of this 2 minute Public Service Announcement FCA hit We the People with a Left hook right to the kisser.


Welcome to the ReUnited States of America, rubes, and if you thought you ever had a chance of taking your country back, which means away from FCA or any other multinational corporation operating anywhere in the world, then forget about it. You lost and we’re back in charge which means we’re ALL back on the “right side of history” together and it’s time to get your mind right and REEEEEEE-Unite. FCA CMO Olivier François (French) hired Bruce Springsteen, American icon (Born In The USA), to deliver this Globalist edict to NFL fans everywhere and implore everyone to just ignore the past 5 years of vitriol and hate unleashed by the Antifa, FakeNews, China, NeverTrump, BLM, Late Night Comedians, The FBI, The (Deep) State Department and movie/music stars like, and including, Bruce Springsteen. Straight out a Rumson, NJ comes the authentic voice of hedge fund managers and white shoe law firms speaking power to truth using a septuagenarian multimillionaire minstrel LARPing as a salt of the earth Deplorable to deliver the message. What a sell-out, but as bad as it was on Super Bowl Sunday it got even worse...

30 minutes drive to everything

After the Jeep commercial/propaganda was broadcast to hundreds of millions of people and then streamed over the internet using every FakeNews and Social Network to distribute the corporate globalist call to atonement news broke that Springsteen had been charged with a DWI and reckless driving back in November - 4 months ago! Do you have any idea, dear reader, how shit-faced Bruce Springsteen needs to be before a New Jersey cop will arrest him for Driving While Intoxicated? That cop has to live in Jersey and answer to his superior officers and public officials and explain what the hell was going on at the Sandy Hook National Park that justified arresting the states favorite son and cultural treasure. They kept it under wraps - just black holed the arrest of New Jersey’s most famous citizen (how do they do that?) and then FCA hired the accused drunk driver to STAR IN A CAR COMMERCIAL. Jeep asked this dude to drive around Lebanon, Kansas for a day, lecture his countrymen about the sanctity of freedom and the cancer of fear, pray in an all night chapel and the whole time they knew the DWI news would drop 3 days after the biggest TV broadcast of the year - all of it shamelessly premeditated and confrontational.

A “reunited” country implies that the Democrats and NeverTrump Lincoln Project fags informally seceded from the USA over the past 4 years because they just flat out refuse to Make America Great Again.  The guys that own Georgian- style mansions in Rumson and 400 acre horse farms in Colts Neck have no intention of changing a damn thing about the system that got them there (and keeps them there). There WAS a Cold Civil War going on the whole time Donald J Trump was in office and when the Deep State got the opportunity to cheat in their rigged election system that’s exactly what they did. The politicians cheated just like the hedge funds cheated just like the multinational corporation cheated and We the People will not reunite with cheaters. Cheaters live large and ask everyone they cheated to compromise and find common ground in The Middle with their mediocre leaders who lie to them about everything. #NoHandshake Bruce Springsteen - write a letter from prison when you serve your time for drunk driving and maybe I’ll read it* - otherwise, go fuck yourself.


*That’s a joke. We all know that Bruce Springsteen will pay no penalty for driving while intoxicated. 

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