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An Indictment Sans An Arraignment

For the first time in 2 years, 7 months and 10 days I tuned into cable news and watched Donald J Trump critique his indictment, arraignment, prosecutors and the IC psyop that has been relentlessly deployed against the American people for the past 8 years. Trump's indictment and arrest were no surprise to me - I predicted it from the day the FBI raided the Mar-a-Lago Club "searching" for classified documents placed in boxes by nefarious actors in the White House during the packing up process - so, while I was disappointed to see the US Justice system devolve to a Third World, Banana Republic standard of malversation, I wasn't angry.

The anger, what anger there was, disintegrated long ago in the 2015/2016 GOP primary contest when all the politicians and thought leaders warned that Donald Trump Poses an Unprecedented Threat to American Democracy and because he's the banana republic candidate he may be a threat to global democracy (experts warn). Present tense, not past tense, because despite all the forewarning Trump Has Officially Broken the Republican Party and American Democracy Is Still in Danger from DJT. Seven years ago I would read this drivel or suck down vid-pabulum from the boob tube and think to myself, "Trump? Are these guys talking about some OTHER guy named Donald J Trump? No. No?" And I would suffer that distinct quality of anger one feels when they are being lied to rising in my body and inching it's way toward my mind.

I knew of Donald Trump, as anyone might who lived along the I-95 Power Corridor between DC - NYC -Boston, to be a brash self-promoter and real estate developer. Since he was not of my class or heritage, he having figuratively "just gotten off the boat" with his immigrant wife and their garish new money lifestyle, I never payed much attention to the man. I simply ignored any news about him in the papers - still have never seen an episode of The Apprentice - and, being confidently rude and dismissive, considered him something of a attention hungry buffoon. His glide down the golden escalator on June, 16 2015 to announce his candidacy for POTUS went completely unnoticed by me as I figured he'd stay in it long enough to bitch about China and sell some books before retreating back to his mid-town Tower.

Eight years ago I was contemptuous of Donald Trump and secure in my pompous conceit that being a rational actor in command of my political and social allegiances who, presented with competing choices, was free to make whatever decision I judged most appropriate to the days circumstance or best for myself, family and country. Today, many years on, when speaking with GOP NeverTrump toffs or Shitlib TDS victims I communicate with the sympathy of someone who understands how discombobulating, dare I say destructive, the very idea of (to say nothing of the eventual reality) a Trump presidency is to their programmed worldview. But for the grace of God I would be suffering the same dissociated angst and targeted loathing as, say, Jake Tapper because my prejudice, and that is the only word that accurately conveys my former mindset, kept me arrogantly oblivious to Trump's formidable talents.

What changed in me and why? How did I become a person who would crawl across broken glass to vote for Donald J Trump even after witnessing him shoot someone in cold blood on 5th Avenue? Well, slowly at first, over the summer of 2015 current events and news stories like Dirty Sanchez presented Mr. Trump the opportunity to voice his opinion on matters foreign and domestic and these public musings gave politicians the vapors, drove the media crazy and delighted voters. One month after announcing his campaign Trump took the lead position in the GOP horserace (and never looked back) but NONE of his rivals would steal his popular policy positions which, at the time, I thought to be political malpractice by seasoned vote getters - I couldn't understand why JEB! or Scott Walker didn't want to win. Build a wall, dig a moat... whatever, back out of the PPP or Paris Climate Accord... big deal, end the endless wars and spend money elsewhere... who cares? Why are these accomplished and tested professional politicians letting this showboat steal their lunch everyday like they don't know what's happening or how to stop it? In the summer of 2015 I still had a lot to learn about Uncle Sam and how he makes decisions for We the People.

There will be “blood coming out of her wherever”

On August 6th of that summer Fox News hosted a now infamous GOP candidate debate at which Trump draws outrage after Megyn Kelly remarks and it hit me, like Jesus knocking Saul to the ground, that Trump was willing and able to burn the whole corrupt, fake & gay, stupid system down to ashes and embers. Here is a person who isn't going to play the obsequious lackey to Rupert Murdoch and the Mockingbird mediocrities who curate the "conservative news" then package it up into consumable bullshit propaganda for the masses. Megyn Kelly tried to sandbag Trump with a customer tested misogyny question (accusation) and he was ready (probably tipped off by Ailes in advance) but then, on a same night post-debate radio interview, the Überfrau implied that his tormentor was particularly vicious due to her raging PMS. As a relevant aside I feel obligated to point out that it was a well established rumor within the Fox News Family that Megyn did, in fact, endure excruciating premenstrual syndrome and was, for the record, almost incapacitated by her symptoms on the day of this high profile debate but on this point, as on so many others that Trump has surfaced over the next 8 years, nobody ever confirmed the veracity of his accusation. It was Trump's mocking, disdainful ridicule of the political class in the debate coupled with his uncouth humiliation of the winsome TV Barbie that flipped over the chess board and, like taking a slug from his metaphorical revolver, left my old self and assumptions dying in the dirty street. The scales fell from my eyes and I was given second sight which I chronicled on the KOTCB blog.

Trump had a very effective campaign strategy - as a salesman he took a look at the opinion polls and identified the top 5 issues or concerns of the American people and then crafted policy positions with a 65% or higher favorability rating by the voters which included ending wars, controlling immigration, combating terrorism, rolling back regulations, etc. In Washington DC they disparagingly call this approach Populism when they're feeling nice and Fascism when they're feeling angry but sane Americans think of it as being responsive to aspirations of a sovereign citizenry. I'm not claiming that every popular idea has merit but if you want to win an election you've got to start somewhere and giving shape and definition to widely held sentiments will win the support of many voters. By January of 2016 Conservative Inc. had been tortured and humiliated to the point of irreparable self harm and National Review published a symposium titled Against Trump by which they symbolically wrestled the gun from Trump's well formed hand, jammed it in their own mouth and pulled the trigger. Rereading the pathetic and disingenuous arguments of these Constitutional Conservatives today fills me with a deep revulsion because prior to 8/6/15, I'm ashamed to admit, I had read THEIR opinions, imbibed THEIR poli-sci, argued THEIR positions at social gathering and even, God forgive me, donated my money to THEIR publications and causes. This collection of losers initiated the formation of the #NeverTrump movement that has done so much to harm America and her people.

On the Left side of the chasm reaction to the Putt Pirate was mischievously enthusiastic at first but their glee tediously transformed into hyperbolic apocalyptic dread by February 2016 when Trump won the New Hampshire primary with 35% of the vote. Having architected and built the modern Administrative State the Donkeys saw how destructive Trump's candidacy was to the folly walls erected to protect their creation - Le Trebuchet hurling tweets of truth was such a devastating weapon for Trump that, after the last stand battle of Jan 6th, the Uniparty was eventually forced to remove Twitter from the GEPOTUS's arsenal. The Marxists made up astonishing reason for Trump's popularity including cult of personality, white supremacy, voter stupidity and hundreds of other pseudoscientific excuses to explain what was, to their way of thinking, incomprehensible. My favorite liberally minded insight came from cartoonist Scott "Dilbert" Adams who claimed that The Elvis from Queens had hypnotized irrational Americans through codified persuasion techniques and now controls an army of MAGA zombies. Good times, good times and can't stay angry at Libtards because 1. their physiognomy dictates their politics and 2. they are highly susceptible to the PsyOps utilized in the 5G warfare which Trump's candidacy initiated.

An Open Indictment

No matter what arguments the Right and Left made Trump maintained his popular support with citizens across age, sex, race and political lines who had been reading about and watching this guy on TV for the past 30 years. Yes, Oprah was Trump's BFF and he was the grand marshal of the Israel parade in NYC and he is married to an immigrant (again) but now George Wallace 2.0 is a Blood & Soil fascist, got it? On November 7, 2016 - the day before the presidential election - a group of 300+ political scientists signed an open letter imploring American citizens to consider the "grave threat to American democracy" (and to other democratic governments around the world) a Trump presidency portends. Lets review the reasoning of these academics with a cold, dispassionate eye:

1. He has cast doubt on the validity of the election process, without any supporting evidence. 
Umm, can I just say Russiagate? Hitlery bitching to this day about a "hacked" election, the IG Horowitz FISA Report, the Durham Report, Adam Schiff lying for years about Russian collusion without evidence, hello... anybody... hello?

2. He has stated that he may reject the outcome of a free election if he does not win.
See #1 above but with 2020 hindsight can anyone blame Trump for keeping his options open in 2016 and essentially forcing HRC to commit to honoring the outcome BEFORE the votes were cast. She was so sure of herself, such hubris.

3. He has encouraged supporters to engage in voter suppression and intimidation.
I have often wondered what the election results would have been in 2016 if the media, academics and civic leaders had simply played it straight and on the level - Candidate Blue believes A, B and C while Candidate Red believes X, Y and Z. No Hitler, no xenophobia, no KKK - Just a popular New York businessman vs. a tested establishment politician. I think Trump would have won a solid 65% of the vote.

4. He has threatened to jail the leader of the opposition party.
Trump was to the letter arrested by the opposition party just a few days ago and I think there are more indictments and arraignments in the offing. Sickening.

5. He has questioned the independence of the judiciary and the impartiality of judges based on their race, ethnicity, religion, and parentage.
Where to start? The judiciary of the USA is a pathetic joke and their impartiality is a tired fiction. Most judges base their rulings on personal experience and peer pressure from their social group. Example: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

6. He has impugned the loyalty of citizens and other persons in the United States on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, and country of birth.
See Jo(((k)))e Brandon's Birth of a Nation speech at independence Hall in Philly on September 1, 2022. The current regime in DC explicitly hates White Straight Male Christians who were born in America.

7. He has endangered freedom of the press by intimidating individual journalists, banning major news organizations from his rallies, and promising to change libel laws.
Read The Twitter Files by Matt Taibbi. Watch a Tucker Carlson report on Twitter. The major news organizations have banned Trump - they won't cover his rallies, they won't cover his public statements after he gets arrested, they will not even take his calls. The FakeNews media is the enemy of the American people.

8. He has called for the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Donald J Trump was a peace president by recent standards and he wanted to stop the spread of nukes. The IC puppeteers who control the Uniparty have brought us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia. The same nefarious agents unleashed a biological weapon in 2020 and turned the entire world into a prison planet. These technocrat villains are creating and Artificial Intelligence and autonomous killer robots capable of enslaving people or, should the AI so desire, cleansing the earth of humanity.

9. He has threatened to destroy the strategic basis of NATO, the most important security alliance of the last seventy years, by questioning the commitment of the United States to regard an attack on any member state as an attack on all.
War in the Ukraine is destroying NATO. A diabolical ethnic cleansing in The Bloodlands has been in the works for the past 2 decades but Trump's pacifism gave the global community a merciful 5 year pause on NATO's war plans.

Upon reflection this Open Letter serves as an iron clad indictment of "Our Democracy" and "Our Institutions" and the totalitarianism of the post-1973 Clown World that the Techno-Fascist Imperium has imposed upon We the People. Damning as it is, there is no court (except the court of public opinion) who will arraign the guilty parties or administer justice to recompense the victims which are you and me. Donald Trump is going to force the Uniparty to jail him, remove his name from the ballot and silence his subversive "populist" MAGA movement while parading Lilliputian legislators onto the stage as a substitution. The oligarchs who pay for the political theater have proven themselves willing to destroy the Republican party and lose 2018, 2020 and 2022 (truly all (R) wins) rather than have Trump transform the USA into Magadonia. So be it. Some votes are more powerful than others and if the pachyderm donor class mean to teach the America First deplorable and irredeemable rubes a hard lesson then, I'll channel "The Wild Bunch" to borrow the words of Pike Bishop (William Holden) at the conclusion of Peckinpah's epic western, "Let's go."

The Artist In His Own Words

What has been done can not be undone and no amount of punishment can deliver justice to the guilty. The only path to victory is a heartfelt forgiveness of everyone's sins combined with an immovable anchoring in reality to war against the nihilism of modernity. If I find myself in an Orange Man Bad squabble the first question I ask the TDS sufferer is, "have you read 'The Art Of The Deal?'" which is Mr. Trump's 1987 best selling book that started his 30 year march to the White House. All the names of heavy hitter donors and their pet politicians are therein contained, struggles with the bureaucracy, tax avoidance, innovative business practices and a very honest and courageous assessment of "the game" and how to play it spill out from these pages. One cannot read this book without coming to the unsettling realization that Donald Trump is a mirror image of the very people who hate him the most and plot his destruction. Their self-loathing and well founded fear of their own black hearts is what fuels the fire pits of the earthly Hell they inhabit.

Having diagnosed the disease I then recommend a 5 point treatment plan for a happier life and better country. To save America all Patriots must read "Trump: The Art of the Comeback" from 1997 and implement his rules for success every day. The joy is in the journey so get on board the Trump Train and strap yourself in for a wild ride.
  1. Don't get angry, get even (success tip #9) and have fun while you do it.
  2. Support Trump to the bitter end and vote for him even if he's not on the ballet. (success tip #2, 3 &4)
  3. Engage with the Wicked World and FIGHT! (success tip #5) Don't retreat into the woods to build a second economy and ask for a national divorce. Get in the mud. Ruin a dinner party. Confront evil and mock it. Never give up. 
  4. Find a group of likeminded friends and trade war stories (success tip #7), prank the evil ones, take their money and their women (success tip #8), be a Putt Pirate. (success tip #1)
  5. Don't be a sap and support the imposters who secretly work against your interests. (success tip #6)

Make America Great Again - We will win! 

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