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One might be justified in asking why I host the KOTCB blog on Google since it's a racist, degenerate machine mind organization that despises (and works tirelessly to destroy) everything I believe in. Why not use GoDaddy or some other fine web hosting firm more in line with the overall "message" conveyed through my postings? Well, the answer is simple, 1. I started this blog on Blogger - not Google - before it was acquired by the Borg 2. I love the simplicity of the interface and Google has made it better over the years and 3. I love the fact that Google hosts this damn thing - they deserve it.

Take a look at Google's NYE propaganda film and then click some KOTCB links for associated commentary and you'll see what I mean:
0:12 Immigrants
0:22 Confederate Flag
0:31 Letterman
0:55 Same Sex Merge
1:05 Robots (or is it Cyborgs?)
1:10 Star Warz
1:13 Pope
1:15 French Terror
1:28 Jenner

Search on my friends, search on!


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