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Domo Arigato Ms. Roboto

Dr Stuart Armstrong, of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, has a warning:
"Humans are very hard to learn moral behaviour from," he says. "They would make very bad role models for AIs."
Ain't that da' truth. There are those who F'n Love Science and crap like this:
Watch A Katana-Wielding Robot Battle A Human Samurai Sword Master | IFLScience

Not me. I respect science and admire (in a limited way) the achievements of selected scientists, but science as popularly understood - that is to say, the scientific method, is cold, passionless, materialistic and, at the end of the day, inhuman. In other words, unlovable.

Robots mimics humans like the Japanese bank teller that speaks x number of languages. They make Better pets - no mess, no feeding, hell, you don't even need to take care of them - Even on the moon Je suis Charlie. Thanks to robots we'll have Better Sex with less focus on gender (much less). Robert Work builds them for the DOD because the Russians have them and The NYTimes is troubled. Woz thinks the battle ended 200 years ago and Stephen Hawking predicts human obsolescence (but he would) while Yuval is more optimistic. The land of OZ wants them "embedded in the DNA of society" and in the end we'll be utterly defenseless because the AI Machines will eventually destroy us all unless we follow Google's plan and hybrid ourselves.

How about electing one la presidente of the USA? Turns out that Hitlery, in the course of doing these "humanizing" soft-substance interviews that have occupied so much of her time over the past... two month, yes, I guess it's been two months now, let slip that she is, in fact, a robot. That's the main reason she doesn't sweat - ever - and this is a fact that supposedly EVERY journalist who covers the former first lady knows (not the robot part, but the not sweating part) and talk amongst themselves about over drinks or wherever. This has me very concerned because I don't trust people who don't sweat no matter what their excuse is. Sweating is good, cleans out the system and let's the poisons and other toxins out of your body - think of it as time released urination - and if you don't do it there is something seriously wrong with your biology which, eventually, will affect your psychology. If HRC truly doesn't sweat then she is not fit for any position of power in the US government (or any other government) and this fact should have been raised by the press years ago - it's scandalous that her inability to perspire has gone undocumented for so long.

I'm not a robot without emotions, I'm not what you see
I've come to help you with your problems so we can be free
I'm not a hero, I'm not a savior, forget what you know
I'm just a womyn who's circumstances went beyond her control
Beyond my control, We all need control
I need control, We all need control
I am the modern womyn (Secret secret, I've got a secret)
Who hides behind a mask (Secret secret, I've got a secret)
So no one else can see (Secret secret, I've got a secret)
My true identity
No, it's true, no one can see HRC's true identity - not because she's a robot (though sometimes...) but because she has an army of journalists, editors, producers and other behind the scenes sycophants who carry her water and hide the truth - and the truth is that she doesn't sweat. Now you tell us!!!
Message to Ms. Clampett


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