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Hamburger Hill #LustWins

Conventional military wisdom is that hill battles should be avoided if at all possible, the cost in men generally wouldn't be worth the fight. When a commander was ordered to take one they would often question the rationale, "Is this a hill worth dying over?
Between the Independence and Constitution

I've never been able to get a hard on for Gay Marriage (marriage is many things, but gay?) or Same-Sex Marriage (merge maybe, but how do you marry two like things) or homosexual rights in general. Having squandered my life whooping it up with 1%ers in Virginia's horse country, in DC's DuPont Circle (the fruit loop), in San Francisco's hills, in NYC's concrete canyons and LA's shimmering ocean of lights I've never felt the equestrians, K Street lobbyists, Pacific Hights walkers, investment bankers and film studio executives that I've met were anything resembling an oppressed minority - even though they were homosexual. Though they are a minority, they are a very prosperous minority with sycophants and hangers on just like any rich person - maybe more so. The idea that gay men and women be extended even more acceptance and congratulation than they already receive puzzles me, but hey, I don't know what it's like to be "different" so I'll just pocket my reckoning. I do know a lot of homosexual people, have work with them, have eaten with them, have them in my family - I guess there will always be the god hates fags gang out there but my response to them is always the same: Michelangelo. I don't suffer from homophobia but I do experience something I like to call "ho-hum" (it's not as fun as it sounds) which is a kind of homo-monotony brought on by gay news like today's SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage. Check out the first paragraph of Lyle Denniston's "analysis" of the ruling and you'll see what I mean.

Putting itself back in the forefront of the gay rights revolution, the Supreme Court ruled by the narrowest margin on Friday that same-sex couples across the nation have an equal right to marry.  The five-to-four decision was based firmly on the Constitution, and thus could be undone only by a formal amendment to the basic document, or a change of mind by a future Supreme Court.  Neither is predictable.

  • SCOTUS is in the "forefront" of a "revolution"? Is that were we (ya know, We the People) want them to be?
  • Do couples marry? As is obvious, gay men and women have always enjoyed the right to marry someone of the opposite sex - they do it all the time - but now couples can marry? Interesting.
  • "based firmly"? I doubt that very much.
  • So this "firmly based" ruling can be undone through the amendment process (hard) or a few Justices might change their minds on the matter (easy)
What a pathetic joke. SCOTUS is such a laughing stock that they even have a section on their blog called "Plain English" which attempts to explain what they were thinking. What they were "thinking" in this particular case was telegraphed by Ruth Bader Ginsburg months ago and that thinking hasn't improved with time. Now we have the predictable celebration and disappointment from the opposing sides but in the end it is the beast that triumphs and for those of a small "r" republican disposition - who are conservatives, moderates, liberals, flag wear'n, hard party'n, gun tote'n, joke tell'n, freedom love'n people - it's time to ask the question: Is this a Hill worth dying over?

I'm not even talking about gay marriage - I think gay marriage is a symptom not a disease. I might disagree with the wording on philosophical grounds and I might be skeptical of homosexual practice on moral grounds but that's my thing - SCOTUS isn't ruling that I have to marry some guy (yet). Let the gay people get married and see how they like it - a lot (most?) of the homosexuals I know don't have any interest in getting married and I doubt this new "freedom" is going to compel them to the alter. But for those who do take the plunge... Enjoy!

I'm talking about something deeper than the ephemera of sexual fetish - The sense, the feeling in your bones, that you're being ruled capriciously by people who are not worthy of the privilege. It is a nagging, frustrating and dispiriting knowledge that Justice Kennedy, as smart as he is, is not that smart and shouldn't be doing what he's doing (i.e. leading a revolution) - at age 78 he should have retired 13 years ago to make way for younger blood. That the President and Congress and all their minions on the Hill are as far removed from everyone west of the Potomac river as King George and British Parliament were in 1776 and no 40 car motorcade can bring them back to the real world. That any of the 9 Justices on SCOTUS would be more discombobulated  and uncomfortable at my dinner table than I would be at a gay wedding.  The battlements are secure, the walls are high, the position is impregnable and every fool hearty knight who attempts an assault on the keep gets burned alive in front of the peasantry or absorbed into the massive fortress.

The problem been explained in excruciating detail in recent years: 
  1. The Progressive appetite for more can never be satiated.
  2. Liberty, the primary purpose of the US republic, is disregarded by the court.
  3. Americans are ruled, not represented, by unaccountable corporatists.
Convention of States to offer and approve amendments to the Constitution and that dragon on the Hill (nor all his servants) can't do anything about it. Oh, the servants will yell and scream - every media group from the NYTimes to Fox News is built around the current Uncle SAM paradigm and so you can expect googles of bits to be unleashed in an effort to disparage and kill the effort - but a Convention of States is on the way, because it is the only way left to preserve the republic and breath new life into her. A great benefit of Justice Kennedy's "leadership" might be the rallying of the army of Liberty to choose a different theater of battle.

Because weather you support gay rights or object to homosexuality on whatever principle suits you, everyone should agree that Geo. Washington and James Hoban are rolling over in their graves when the Executive mansion gets turned into a billboard. This display shows the depravity of the Administrative State in all it's colorful boredom - splashed across a white canvas owned by ALL Americans is the garish kitsch of the gay rights movement. Most homosexuals I know have better taste than that - too bad one of them isn't President of the United States.


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