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Eat Shit And Die

I’ve got a 12 year old son who grew up with an iPad in his hands and, as a member of the Minecraft Generation,  developed a preference for rap music, European Club Soccer and Andrew Tate. He’s convinced that the FBI killed Juice WRLD, knows the FIFA talent rankings of obscure foreign football players (“use the English words”) and quotes Tate's philosophy - “Gods biggest mistake, aside from creating flies, is allowing the gay mindset.” Watching all this Euro football gave him the notion to learn the french language so he downloaded an app and started parler en français. He's already planning next summer’s European vacation while listening to Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" and, wether I like it or not, he's a citizen of the world. 

I'm not going to call him un-American but he doesn't watch baseball and he won't eat hot dogs - "have you ever seen how those things are made?" - because of what he's seen on his screen. During my boyhood I loved America's pastime and thought the meat paste pumped into plastic casings an epicurean delicacy but that was the high water mark of The Evel Knievel Aesthetic which is long gone. After 50 years of failure to create a "more perfect union" the power of digital social media to manipulate the awareness, taste and mindset of We, the people - especially the minds of children - is pernicious and fundamentally transformative in a horrible way.

You want proof, right? Everybody always wants proof to back up any obvious statement about reality but that shrill demand, in itself, only proves my point. But okay, I'll list 4 proofs from current events:

“Days of Girlhood”
As March Madness was wrapping up in America a Belgium based multinational conglomerate known at AB InBev (owner of Anheuser-Busch since 2008) decided to green-light a Tranny to promote light beer. As I write these words the good people of the suds drinking world have been subjected to a full month of top down imposed awareness that a civil rights thespian who dresses up like a girl is one of their own. Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth (CIA) issued a statement saying they "never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people." No discussion and no division and Mr. Whitworth is, in fact, AB InBev's CEO North America Zone who reports to the real CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev who is a Brazilian citizen named Michel Doukeris - he avoids polarizing issues.

The KOTCB has rung loud for AB InBev in the past due to the fact that 80% of their revenue is supplied by 20% of their customers who drink so much beer that it needs to taste like rusty water and promise fewer calories. It's poison sold to working folks who are killing themselves slowly by drinking a couple of six-packs of suds every night for decades. Transvestites don't drink beer but neither do all the other successful, happy, athletic people AB InBev puts in their commercials to sell (brainwash) their slothful, depressed, fat customer base. The company's decision to partner with TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney triggered "conservatives" who started boycotting Bud Light.  Now (s)he has responded to the controversy with a plea for tolerance - "I come from a conservative family" and "I'm religious" - and an admonishment that "dehumanization has never fixed anything" so, basically, drop dead.

"Let's finish this job"
In a delayed April Fool's Jo(((K)))e Brandon, the diaper wearing dementia patient and acting PoopPOTUS, formally announced that he and Lotus Flower are running for a second term. I have come to doubt that Joe Biden has ever won an honest election in his entire political career and I know he didn't win 81 Million votes in 2020 to dethrone the Elvis from Queens. So I don't think the marketing crap has any real effect on "Our Democracy" and it's fake elections but it does imply that this loud, angry, pig-headed Irishman is destroying America. The truth is that We the People have no idea who is running the USA, how decisions are made, where the money goes, what we're fighting for or anything else of substance and president Biden was installed by the Deep State to hammer that truth into the mind of every citizen/subject in the nation. Get used to it suckers - this machine runs just fine with lost nincompoop at the helm and those of us with a federal security clearance like this "leadership" so much we're going to cram the same shit sandwich down your deplorable throats in 2024.

"Was it something I said?"
Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is an American conservative political commentator, writer, and television personality who got shitcanned by Faux News for the thought crimes of questioning authority, ridiculing the powerful, telling the truth but like all Sharks and Clowns and Nerds he played the game. I enjoyed Tucker's news show and, in the past, have defended him from insane leftist attacks but on Nov. 4, 2020 I tuned in to watch him mock the previous day's election with a righteous demand for electoral justice and all I got was the Uniparty line and some blather about the need for voter integrity legislation. I turned off the TV that evening and aside from Premier League Football on Saturday mornings I haven't turned it back on - I haven't watched Fox News (including Carlson's show) or any "news" for 908 days.

Tucker was an outlier - the red-headed stepchild of cable news - and he acted the part of MAGA gadfly from the remote Gasparilla Island of traditional American sanity fortified by establishment power. There should have been 20 more just like him and each one with their own show on every news network (including PBS & NPR) but there was only one by design and now he's gone. This unique media voice of a bow-tie wearing, boarding school educated, toff was too reactionary for the regime so, even though his was the network's top rated show, Rupert Murdoch fired him. It wasn't a business decision and, like the two proofs previously cited, the desires or preferences of the customer are of no account to the dictators.

"I wanted him to win the election"
Longtime KOTCB readers will know of my fondness for Michael Morell, former Deputy Director of the CIA, who publicly backed Hitlery in 2016 and runs psyops through his "Intelligence Matters" podcast. About 10 days ago this Good Shepard gave private congressional testimony on his role in organizing the 51 signatories from the Intelligence Community to the "Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails" and threw Sec. of State Anthony Blinken off a cliff. The "Public Statement" in question was a full throated IC refutation of the legitimacy of "Hunter's laptop from hell" that contained a lot more than emails and, having been in the possession of the FBI since Dec. 2019, was fully certified as 100% legitimate to Mr. Morell and associates. The conjecture that Biden porn was actually Russian disinformation is the kind of lie these gray men concoct with impunity because they are the Watchmen and have no oversight. The pencil necks at State don't call in requests to the CIA - the very idea of Tony Blinkin or Susan Rice or Joe Biden calling Langley making a request is hilarious and ludicrous. Mike Morell gives orders - he doesn't take them and the fact that his treason will go unpunished while hapless administrators like Blinkin get the shaft is my fourth and final proof.

E Pluribus Unum

In the America of today basic biological science is declared dehumanizing, the machine of government is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence, discussion and division are forbidden and an unaccountable police state manages the perception of "reality" for most people. This condition is the very definition of fascism which, all protests aside, seems to be a form of government that Americans enjoy and defend. It can be said that the USA is fascistic by design and has a long history of maintaining order and punishing evildoers by way of collective action, popular sovereignty and good ol' military might. Until We the People get better fascists to lead our nation's important institutions and government we will have to stop eating what they feed us. 


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