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American Iconoclasm

One of the many great things about being an American is having a shot at adding your name to the short list of heroes and villains that have clawed their way to the top of the social order and get immortalized in bronze or marble effigy that is shat on by flying rats and spat upon by filthy vagrants (and southern ladies) long past your mortal expiration date. Top of that list of quasi-eternals is George Washington who is not only the Father Of Our Country but also one of the greatest men in world history and will be studied and remembered for millennia as a person of excellence. The glorious truth is that Washington is so singularly outstanding and his accomplishments so unique that there exists a wide gulf between him and all the conventional "also rans" who incorrectly get equated with him - Founding Fathers Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Madison, etc or POTUS's Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, etc or Moral Leaders like Colonial Evangelicals, American Progressives and Civil Rights leaders - because GW was the four cardinal virtues personified at a super-human level. As a result of this virtuous example of fearless leadership his excellency is memorialized throughout the United States of America and beyond - some even claim that the face of Bartholdi's Liberty Enlightening the World bears a striking resemblance to the American Cincinnatus. No other citizen in this country's history has ever come close to embodying the qualities of faith, hope and charity nor put his family and fortune on the line and suffered the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" in a selfless act of duty and patriotism except one: Robert E. Lee

Don't worry, he'll be back.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time re-explaining what I've already covered in several blog posts concerning the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue form Emancipation Park (formally Lee Park) in Charlottesville, VA which flesh out my views on General Lee (and much else). Read them yourself - in order please - and see what YOU think about my perceptions.

  • Total Eclipse (July 2017) - This post was a kind of prelude to all that was to come as the Charlottesville City Council stupidly proceeded with their hair-brained plans to remove Lee's statue and no politician, historian, educator or entertainer was willing to step forward into the breach and defend a monument to one of the greatest men in American history - and certainly in Virginia's history! - from baseless attacks. The conclusion was that Charlottesville really didn't deserve to have a statue of Robert E. Lee adorn the city and that Lee himself would be sickened by the spiritual emptiness and moral decadence of this frivolous Clown World.
  • Defend the Common House!!! (August 2017) - This post was a first person account (all be it from my garden) of the infamous white riot that occurred as a result of Obama fanboy Jason Kessler's "Unite The Right Rally" to protest the removal of the offending Lee statue. At the time I saw it as a well established extortion play, perfected in large urban centers, transported down to a sleepy college town, but over the next few months I would learn the truth about this psyop and the many players, including the local GOP leadership, that were participating in the infowar.
  • A Reckoning for Br'er Rabbit (August 2018) This post gives a full review of the events that lead up to the white riot and Charlottesville's "year of reckoning" that followed the staged events of August 12, 2017. It describes how the issue of race is used by America's enemies as a rhetorical prop until they find themselves all bound up in the gunk of their own hypocrisy at which point they plead with their captors to be tossed into the "brier-patch" of racial grievance where they make their escape. 
  • "fine people" on BOTH SIDES (August 2019) This post exposes the fallacy of the "fine people" hoax which pertains to the FakeNews accusation that POTUS Trump overtly declared his support for white supremacy by calling David Duke and his FBI infused followers "fine people" in response to the civic unrest allowed (one might say fomented) by Charlottesville's police department at the Unite the Right Rally. The out of town Nazi's and Klan members were probably not fine people (I've never met them) and the SJW Antifa scum (who I know all to well) that illegally assembled and confronted their enemy are obviously NOT fine people by even the most liberal definition of the term.
The liberty of dependence.

However, even with all the pixels I've spilled on this subject I would be remiss in failing to ring loud the clown bell for a girl named Zyahna "Zy" Bryant because "This Teenager Made History and Pissed Off Racists Everywhere." It was (not so) little Zy who, as a high school freshman, wrote a letter to the Charlottesville City Council where her uncle, Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy, took her petition to remove confederate statues from city parks and started this Intelligence Agency psyop. Bellamy came to Central Virginia as a staff member of National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) - motto “Intelligence Today for Tomorrow’s Fight” - and you can be sure he was deployed with a singular mission to remove Dixie Rebels from the public's consciousness. Zy is the innocent tool he used to get "Operation Iconoclast" launched and the rest, as they say, is Hegelian dialectic history - this covert action even took out the squaw Sacagawea because, you know, racism. It is rarely reported that the statue of Robert E. Lee and the park it lived in and the statue of "Stonewall" Jackson and the statue of Lewis & Clark and Sacagawea were all donated to Charlottesville by a philanthropist financier named Paul Goodloe McIntire who had made his fortune brokering stocks in the Northern cities of Chicago and New York. A native son, McIntire's generosity didn't stop with statues and parkland but include the building of schools, hospitals, libraries and all manner of civic institutions and I think it's safe to say the depressed Dixie hamlet blossomed thanks to this segregationist who showered his hometown with Yankee money in the 1920's and 30's. Zy Bryant should focus her evil-eye on the white guy who conceived, commissioned, transported and erected the statue of Robert E. Lee in 1924 because it was that prince of the city, not the civil war general, who financed the systemic racism in Charlottesville that she finds so oppressive. General Lee is a symbol and Dr. Wes is a symptom but Mr. McIntire is the root cause and his reputation is still as lily-white as Governor Northam's KKK robe. When the University of Virginia closes the McIntire Department of Art (sorry, a 2020 renaming is not good enough) and sells the hundreds of masterworks donated to its Fralin Museum by an admitted “racist” then I'll know the community is finally showing some honest contrition for its apartheid past (and present by the looks of the UVA Art Dept. faculty). But Zy isn't going after anyone who's actually responsible for "institutionalizing" racism or any other "ism" she faces while waddling around the beautiful grounds of Mr. Jefferson's University - she certainly isn't going to confront the political leadership of the city that has been solidly Democrat since the days Mr. McIntire started putting up statues of Confederates. Zyahna Bryant  is a living brutalist monument to 50 years of failure which has forced our national security establishment to undertake the drastic social engineering measures (example: removing historical monuments) they've unleashed over the past 5 years.

All of this racial strife which includes the rise of 
Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory and Woke reparations for past racial injustice coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act/ Voting Rights Act and all the key milestone events that bookend these historic laws. Starting with the commemorations of Emmett Till's murder in 2005 and Rosa Park's bus ride in 2006 the 50 years of failure began to seep into the public consciousness and cause uncomfortable reflection upon the current social and economic results of longstanding American domestic policy. You can be sure the big brains at NGIC, who get paid to win "tomorrow's fight", sent out a distress signal to the Intelligence Community and the boys in Langley looked through their stable of talent and found a unicorn who became America's FBPOTUS and lead the nation through it's golden anniversary of sit-ins, freedom rides, the Birmingham jail, the March on Washington, Freedom Summer, Selma... "um, NGIC, I think we've got a problem... come in NGIC... Do you copy NGIC?... this is Langley calling and our asset has been performing poorly... NGIC, we are concerned...(sound of explosion, skidding tires and breaking glass)... NGIC, Donald J. Trump has won the presidency. Initiate Operation Iconoclast... this is Langley signing out." 

In August of 2014, one month after the 50 year anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, a black man named Michael Brown was gunned down by a white cop in Ferguson, MO and the FakeNews media teamed with politicians to rub this poop pie in America's face - you might remember "Hands up, don't shoot". No one, and I mean no one, looked at anything that happened in Ferguson or its aftermath and was happy about it - the 18 year old gigantic thug with nothing to do but roam his dilapidated and depressed shithole neighborhood and harass shopkeepers while an anonymous terminator white cop glides down the streets in a cruiser looking for trouble to stop. The all too familiar timeline of events, bit players from a TV drama like Law & Order blended with scenes from COPS, a truly pathetic political class (from the bottom to the top) exploiting the tragedy as if THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT left everyone - black, brown, white, yellow, red, whatever - feeling like 50 years of hard work was wasted or worse.

The ruling class of this nation that embraced the Civil Rights journey a half century ago and shepherded the countries racist sheeple through cultural pitfalls like spikes in violent crime, family disintegration, urban and rural drug epidemics, a new coarseness in manners and sexual relations, slovenly dress and degenerate entertainment were forced to answer for their results. They have no good answer:
  1. Paul G. McIntire was right and "racial integration" by social engineering through law and government coercion will not work because it has never worked and America is no exception. The best policy is to accept that humans will form different communities based on race alone and those communities must work out their social structures on their own terms. Not every community will be equal but they will be free to live as they please and police themselves, their families and society.
  2. Civil Rights are not being implemented and have not been enforced by politicians and FakeNews who spend all their time looking for sensational stories of violence while ignoring bad policy and excusing shameless opportunists. There's nothing wrong with the fundamental ideas of racial integration but our politicians, business leaders, churches and media will not confront the commensurate issues of culture war and class envy honestly so there is no way to realize this harmonious vision.
  3. Blame Whitey. Redirect scrutiny from the Globalist New World Order oligarchs who have been running America for the past 50 years onto people who ran the USA into the ground 150 years ago. It's the slave owners fault and if you're to fragile and stupid (deplorable and irredeemable) to understand that then it's YOU'RE FAULT TOO. 
The Administrative State - the 5 million people with federal government security clearances who run the USA - has decided to go with answer number 3. The 50 year anniversary of Civil Rights ensured that there would not be a 100 year anniversary for Mr. McIntire's statue.

So that is the why and how of Robert E. Lee's unceremonious removal from the park that used to bear his name in a city that Lee himself mostly passed through on his way to some other place. He was put there, atop his faithful horse Traveller, by a 19th century version of Warren Buffet who wanted to honor the lost cause and make what improvements he could to his boyhood home that had suffered 50 years of 3rd world level neglect and oppression at the direction of the conquering regime. General Lee never wanted to be exhumed and glorified in the fractured remains of the country he sacrificed all to preserve and defend (See KOTCB Living with a broken heart) because his country died in 1865. After the War Between The States this great Virginian, having lost his home (hey Zy, lets remove Arlington Cemetery next!), retired to Lexington, VA and worked diligently to heal the breach between North and South because - and this fact must never be overlooked when evaluating Lee - he never wanted to fight the Civil War in the first place. Hot-heads, radicals, SJW's of the day, reactionary oligarchs and (never forget) foreign influence drove the United States of America into a bloody conflict over land, race, immigration and trade forcing people like Robert E. Lee to risk all for love of God, family and country. It is only fitting that in 2021, when his country needs him again, Robert E. Lee has sacrificed himself once more to stop the Godless scum who seek the destruction of this nation.

Make America Great Again

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