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A Reckoning for Br'er Rabbit

50 years of daily progress
The one year anniversary of the Charlottesville white riot came and went with very little to report except some observations on "Those Scary People Dressed in Black" who comprised the Antifa parade that essentially shut down the town for 48 hours. If "progress" requires the citizens of this sleepy college town to live in a police state for one weekend a year then so be it because social justice has a price - and that price is the sacrifice of personal liberty. All because of a Deep State Black PSYOP that bused in White Supremacists from a J Crew catalog shoot, handed them tiki torches and had them parade around Thomas Jefferson's rotunda so that photojournalists could capture the moment and blast it out around the nation through #FakeNews outlets to scare the shit out of people and smear the Trump administration as "green lighters" of this racists uprising. White nationalist and fascist groups, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and neo-Confederates can't wipe their own ass without the FBI knowing about it and there's no way that hundreds of out of state rabble rousers could sneak into C-ville and pull off a parade without the Feds knowing every detail. Infiltrating white supremacist social clubs ain't that hard for out IC spooks and they've had deep cover plants growing inside these racists hot houses for decades so a torch-light march doesn't happen without someone at the FBI, CIA or NSA knowing all the logistics and players. The only question I have is weather someone in the know placed a call to (then) Gov. Terry McBloomberg and gave him the heads up? If not, why not? And if so (as I presume) then the Democrat Governor of the Commonwealth has blood on his hands (probably not for the first time) all in an effort to score political points and smear the reputation of his enemy in the White House by stoking racial division and outrage.

This riot kicked off what Michael Barbaro on his NYTimes The Daily podcast called “A Year of Reckoning in Charlottesville” which is worth a clickthrough if you like listening to the Left eat itself alive. The CSM came to the same conclusion that "For people of Charlottesville, a long year of reckoning" followed the August 2017 riots and part of that reckoning included:

In December, an independent report on the Charlottesville protests by a former US attorney for Western Virginia, Timothy Heaphy, found considerable fault with city government, particularly the Charlottesville Police Department.

“When violence was most prevalent, CPD commanders pulled officers back to a protected area of the park, where they remained for over an hour as people in the large crowd fought on Market Street,” the report said. It also quoted two close associates of Police Chief Al Thomas as hearing him say, “Let them fight.

Chief Thomas, the first African-American appointed to the post, denied the comment but resigned.

A Reckoning
Another part of that reckoning included a new mayor named Nikuyah Walker who leveraged her outrage over the protests to 1. get elected to City Council and 2. bully the other council members into appointing her mayor. A fearless advocate for social justice the mayor sees a long and difficult reckoning ahead for the city of Charlottesville and, really, the entire nation because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves and those slave built UVA and Robert E. Lee lead the Army of Virginia but his statue is a symbols of white supremacy which "tells the story-people look around them and all they see is symbols portraits of white faces." This briar patch has been growing in America since 1619 and every time the black hearted Br'er Rabbits on the left get all gummed up with the Tar Baby they plead 'Skin me, Br'er Fox, snatch out my eyeballs, t'ar out my yeras by de roots, en cut off my legs, but do please, Br'er Fox, don't fling me in dat brier-patch.' This time I'm inclined to drown, blind and maim the White Rabbit instead of tossing him into a backcountry of thorns which will only allow for his escape and continued mischief. This time, Br'er Rabbit, you're going to get your reckoning and it's going to cost you everything.

Tar Baby

Omarosa Manigault Newman released her tell-all memoir "Unhinged" to coincide with White Nationalist Anniversary and spent the weekend running down DJT by claiming that he's been recorded using the N-word on the set and stating that he's mentally and physically unfit to be POTUS. The same #FakeNews scum who had ridiculed Omarosa when she was working in the White House now gave her hours of air time and let her say some of the craziest things I've ever heard from a disgruntled ex-employee with no proof except a few clandestinely recorded work conversations. I don't know who Trump was referring to in his infamous tweet (perhaps it was Anthony Scaramucci) but the Democrats and their #FakeNews PR firm assumed the POTUS was calling Omarosa who's a long time friend, loyal supporter and Machiavellian throat cutter of the first order a dog. "Omarosa Was Reportedly Fired for Abusing the White House Car Service" in December of 2017 (5 months after the C-ville riots), and if you're gullible enough to believe that excuse then keep in mind that 'In Trump world everyone lies', then started writing her book which was given an August 13th release date. Perfect timing and just sitting there on the side of Rt. 29 South which leads to Charlottesville so Br'er Rabbit stopped the car, got out and started batting her around - and got stuck. Then le trebuchet started hurling stones and reduced the Charlottesville Anniversary story to rubble. Br'er Rabbit looked on in disbelief and started demanding to be tossed into the the brier patch so that he might once again make his escape. "Black Americans aren't buying Omarosa's turn against Trump" but that's because they're smart and are used to wearing the crown of thorns Br'er Rabbit fashions for them. Some of the media clowns got that sinking feeling that something had gone terribly wrong but they spoke up way too late to save themselves. Br'er Rabbit is glued to Omarosa and his long delayed day of reckoning has arrived.

My guess is that The Elvis from Queens and Omarosa will heal their ruptured relationship in about a year and she'll be out on the campaign trail in 2020 aiming to Keep America Great.


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