Saturday, November 21, 2020

No Step On Snek

On The 2020 Election:

In an elemental way We the People of the United States lost because Trump, and the MAGA movement he champions, forced the Deep State/Administrative State/New World Order (whatever you want to call it) and its enablers in Corporate America - Finance/FakeNews/Big Tech - to declare their sovereignty and steal our election in the most obvious way possible. The brazenness and "in yo face" shamelessness of the crime is a big part of its effectiveness and loudly proclaims an intent to demoralize and defeat the America First ideology which actually won the highest number of votes in this nation's history. It wasn't even close and that was made clear when key cities in 5 or 6 swing states declared they would pause (stop) counting(?!) votes until all the rural districts had submitted results allowing the big city machines to manufacture the ballots required to put Jo(((k)))e Biden in the lead. NPC's and Normies don't get too critical of process and irregularities because they're fed a diet of video and sugar water to keep them happy but anyone who knows anything about politics and vote tabulation can see that Donald J Trump has been cheated and his Presidential victory is effectively being stolen from him. The powers that be want Trump to know it and they want all of his knuckle dragging deplorable and irredeemable supporters to know it too - "Don't ever try and do this again because We (the royal we) won't let you."

The Fight for Corn Pop’s Reputation

It's not over. It's not over by a long shot because the ballot stuffing and tabulation irregularities are too blatant for it to pass unchallenged and there is every possibility that massive numbers of Biden "votes" will be disqualified. So be it, democracy is messy and anyone who has suffered through an eighth grade class president election knows that it often produces horrible outcomes. Winning an election is a significant but relatively small skirmish in the total war of governing and that battle rages eternally regardless of who gets voted into office. But having elections and honoring the tally of the vote is a critical exercise to ensure citizen participation (hope) and allegiance (love) for the civic order (charity). When an election is stolen, as this election is in danger of being stolen, the people will be despondent, hateful and greedy which leads to civilizational breakdown. The stakes of this game are high so evan though the election took place two weeks ago I wouldn't say we are close to a decision on who "won" and my money is still on the Elvis from Queens because, let's face it, he's a winner.

Joe Biden is a Jo(((k)))e. There's no way he won the election. No way Lunch-Bucket Joe received more votes than Barack Obama. No way the Dwight Kurt Schrute III of US politics got more Philly votes than Her Highness Hitlery R Clampett. It didn't happen people. Biden couldn't even win the (D) primary battle against a field of halfwits and everyone is supposed to swallow the lie that he's the most popular politician in American history. It's sad and, to be perfectly honest, cruel to see the ride these donkeys are giving this confused old man (and I say that as someone who has utter contempt for Joe Biden but even I have my limits when it comes to torture of the elders). He didn't win, he was never going to win and EVERYONE on the inside of this coup knew he didn't have a shot from the minute he entered the race in 2019.

I should have seen it coming. For months I've felt a sense of foreboding but couldn't identify the source and now I know it was this plot. I can only imagine the election night phone calls going out from the White House to GOP leadership, media moguls and financial backers asking for help and hearing only mumbling apologies at the other end of the line. Betrayal at this level stings deep so I don't blame DJT for taking in a round of golf to clear his head and start planning his revenge (Trump: The Art of the Comeback - Rule #1. PLAY GOLF and Rule #9. GET EVEN). If you're wondering what I'm talking about then read the morning after comments of GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and contemplate the glee this institutionalist felt while throwing the GEOTUS down the Capitol Stairs. 

"I’m having a hard time understanding you. Well, it’s not unusual for people to claim they won the election. I can think of that happening on numerous occasions. But claiming you win the election is different from finishing the counting. And what we’re going to see here in the next few days, both in the Senate races and in the presidential race is each state will ultimately get to a final outcome. And you should not be shocked that both sides are going to have lawyers there. Both in these close Senate races and in the presidential contest."

Cocaine Mitch said these words with such a happy chortle it was obvious that he'd been an integral part of the plan to oust Trump from day one. Just imagine what the past 4 years have been like for the poor old turtle and his Chinese wife who've had to listen to Trump tell them how stupid and useless they are - how ineffectual at moving his agenda forward and Making America Great Again. Having to slink into the White House and get called on the carpet for failing with Obamacare repeal, failing on an infrastructure bill, failing on boarder wall funding, failing, failing, failing... and the whole time Mitch has been trying to work with Democrats to run Trump out of office but the Elvis from Queens is too smart for them. Trump beat them on Russiagate (now Obamagate) - Trump beat them on SCOTUS appointments - Trump beat them on impeachment - Trump beat the on Chinavirus (for Christ's sake) - Trump won a landslide victory in reelection but the Deep State DC Swamp stole that victory from him at the very moment he was set to grasp the Laurel Wreath and place it on his head. The figurative dagger in the back looks a lot like this: "I think the president ran a heck of a race. Everybody was writing him off that he had no shot and he went on and literally worked himself to death for the last two months with multiple rallies every day, and turned it into a cliff hanger, against everybody’s expectation. So it was an extraordinary campaign."(Which he lost 😥)

It was no "cliff hanger" Mitch. It was a Red Wave where the GOP picked up seats in the House (might have taken the House) and held the Senate and the POTUS won 40+ States. Everyone knows it. You, of all people, certainly know it. You sacrificed GOP Senate wins in AZ, MI and GA to make sure Trump "lost." What Senator McConnell did on the day after E-Day is the GOP version of FakeNews CNN's polished turd bitch Van Jones's ontological speculation on the Decision Desk anointing Biden Pres-Elect.

What a pathetic twat! "You go into a store and people get nastier and nastier to you" like that ever actually happened. This guy is an Ivy League graduate. This guy worked in Obama's White House. This guy gets paid good money to sit in a TV studio and give his opinion on the day's events. Not a fucking worry in the world and he's crying like a tar baby because his long personal nightmare is finally over - the oligarchs and their politician servants cheated and stole an election. Some speculate that Van was just acting and, upon repeated viewing, it does appear that he's laying it on pretty thick but his moment captures the essence of the point I'm trying to make. It doesn't matter if it's real or fake - If it's real TDS then I almost (almost) pity Van Jones who's every waking morning must have been truly excruciating for the past 1,500 days. If it's all fake & gay Orange Man Bad then this Polished Turd is a true sociopath and much more of a lying narcissist than his imagined boogyman who's been stalking the neighborhood stores blowing dog whistles and snarling at the children.

No, It doesn't matter and it's going to take a few weeks or months for that fact to sink in but the truth of it is unavoidable. Mitch McConnell and Van Jones are attempting to steal an election from the rightful winner, Donald J. Trump, and bestow the high honor of the President of the United States of America on a senile old fool who was the laughing stock of the Senate for 30 years and then got "pulled off the trash heap" by Obama who was forced to suffer the booby prize for 8 more. The Politicians, the Military - Industrial Complex, the Scientific - Education Complex, the FakeNews - Big Tech Complex, everybody who matters on both sides of the political isle who have worked their way up the ladder through merit and prudent judgement has absolutely had all they're going to take of this Pirate who pushed his way into the Oval Office. Trump is O - U - T - OUT and don't even think about state recounts or nullifying certification because... because...

Where is Mitch? Where are any Republican law makers? Where are the President's supporters from the chattering class of opinion makers and editorialists? WHERE IS THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE? They're all running for the hills or jumping into their hidy holes to ride out the next two months of a COVID-19 lockdown and make it to inauguration day alive. No one from any industry will step forward and say "hold the line" because they can't #StopTheSteal and, more to the point, they don't really want to. But this outrageous election theft will never stand up to sober scrutiny when passions of the here-and-now have dissipated and Van Jones is waking bright eyed and bushy tailed from a peaceful night's sleep. This will be remembered by those with eyes-to-see FOREVER.

If these horrible "leaders" who are enacting this coup are successful and put Biden in charge the comic high-jinks will be delightfully dreadful but, over time, the vast majority of the electorate will learn that he's a Pretender and they were duped on November 3rd. If Trump triumphs and overthrows this evil plot he will hold the reigns of a runaway government that doesn't want him in control and will not follow his commands. Either "winner" will get fragged by his own party and back-stabbed every day by the opposition until he is killed, impeached or forced to resign a la Nixon '74. It's done. The rubicon has been crossed. The dye is cast. The writing is on the wall. The mail in ballot has been counted. I'm not waiting for certification to declare a state of emergency and reevaluate my ideology and social framework.

The greatest thing, aside from Melania, of the past 4 years has been the way Donald Trump has exposed the rotting lie of America's post 1932 counter revolution and the pervasive evil it has spread domestically and internationally. Trump's enthusiastic, almost corny, embrace of Americanism and the nations history, traditions and simple patriotism has thrown our nation's vile leadership and their true degeneracy into sharp relief and allowed all of us to see their corruption. No glossing over it boys and girls - the people who run the U.S.A. including its Federal Government, Military and Intelligence Community, Multinational Corporations and Education System - even the mainline Religious Denominations hate the founding principles of the country and the Constitution designed and implemented to preserve them. The Meritocracy is evil and it is killing the U.S.A.

The Thin Orange Line that protects us from Clown World

It's not patriotic, but it's better to know the truth then to continue being a sap for "leaders" who hold you and your belief system in utter contempt. The "liberal" Democrats are willing to install an incontinent old white guy as POTUS even though he is the (barely) living embodiment of everything they claim is wrong with America. The "conservative" Republicans don't stand behind a word of what they campaign on, write about and blather on TV. For them it's just a grift to stir up emotion, raise money and promise "solutions" in exchange for votes. Every once in a while a conviction candidate will come along and do what he said he would do which has the uncomfortable effect of exposing the grift for what it is. The truth teller politician must either take control of the entire system (Right and Left) like a dictator and cull the vicious Enemies of the People from power or accept his fate as a human sacrifice to evil and a martyr to the cause of Liberty.

Donald J Trump is just such a conviction candidate and the powerful forces who make a comfortable living off the corrupt New Deal/Great Society political system want him gone. The Cold Civil War has emerged from the shadows of inter-agency firings and mysterious explosions in Bethesda MD to become our Dark Winter. We the People of the United States of America are about to decide who rules this country (and the world) - not through the democratic process of an election but through the messy non-process of Will to Power. Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi and their fellow criminals on Capitol Hill have stepped on a timber rattler and they are about to get a living lesson of American history.

Home Made Musket Killed The Buck At 85 Yards


Bonnie B Matheson said...

You are right in everything you say. Pray for our country.

Unknown said...

In my opinion This is the most intelligent. Article that has been written about the future of our Country..unfortunately, since our
educational system hasn’t been addressed for many years very few Americans. Will not understand these words of wisdom....Not only will they not be able to comprehend the facts, they don’t care about the future of our Country as long as they can be given free everything...These stupid people that think our Country will survive if it’s citizens are GIVEN freebies. They obviously don’t understand how socialism begins...Their mentality is lacking ! Their attitude is based on entitlement! Sad state of affairs!

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