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World War Zzzz

My grandmother loved the cinema and in my  adolescence she took me to lots of movies, none of which were G rated pablum served up from Disney or other “child friendly” brain washers but rather adult themed pictures like The Anderson Tapes (1971), What's Up, Doc? (1972), The Day of the Jackal (1973) and Freebee And The Bean (1974). Needless to say, none of the films I just listed could get made under today’s DEI requirements. She loved the magic on the silver screen and taught me to appreciate the wonders rendered on the wall of Plato’s cave. Watching these films as a tween changed my perception of the world and their programming  probably still colors my fundamental views on cops and robberstransvestitesFrance and Babs Streisand. I didn’t know it then but this era was the glory years of independent minded studio backed pictures which came to an abrupt and devastating end with the release of Star Wars in 1977.

It will take me too long to explain why the Jedi destruction of The Death Star in 1977 signaled the end of great cinema, but it did, and my trips to the movies with grandma tapered off until Steven Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) finally ended her movie going adventures for good. She asked, “Why would anyone make a movie about a creature that is so ugly?” At the time I laughed at her trad aesthetic but I recently rewatched this fantasy with my 12 year old son and I now know EXACTLY what she was talking about when she recoiled at the squat, flat-headed, unintelligible alien 40 years ago. Gross! Things have only gone downhill because video games and serialized TV dramas displaced theatrical movies as the focus of creative storytelling and now Hollywood creates nothing but globalist trash propaganda produced by Intelligence Agencies. 

Examples? Yeah, I’m going to give you examples but first I’m going to tell you about Philadelphia, PA and a recent trip I took with my son to explore this historic American city. We were there to watch English Premier League Soccer, which we did with pleasure, at a summer exhibition match at a gigantic stadium in Philly filled with 65,000 fans. UK football here in the birthplace of the USA and my boy loves it - he couldn’t care less for baseball or American football (as he calls it) because he’s a devoted follower of The Beautiful Game, as is, even without KOTCB improvements to the rules. The young man is a cosmopolitan in practice and devoted to the European leagues - Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc. - with marginal interest in US MLS play which is “trash” according to him. His most heartfelt ire is triggered by woman’s soccer which is, by his reckoning, unwatchable but if forced he delivers a very humorous play by play consisting of “what is she doing?” or “that’s so weak, no pace” or “I could make that shot.” Very little respect for his countrymen and no respect for the ladies - and I know what you’re thinking, smug on the toilet seat or standing in the grocery line reading this, you’re thinking I trained him to think this way. Wrong.
It’s natural. It’s congenital “in the bone” discernment that requires years of counter programing and psyop mind control to tamp down and bury under layers of dogmatic teaching and propaganda. I keep him away from Marxist religion and long house scolding to the best of my ability and just let him speak his truth. His honest assessment is that Neymar is fantastic and females look funny playing soccer. I talk up the MLS American soccer (as I call it) and watch the girls play, over his objections, even though there are a bunch of Patriot hating dykes on the US team. But who do I expect to commit years of tireless work, travel and bitchy posturing in pursuit of the public humiliation of playing like a U15 boys travel team even when winning the Women’s World Cup? Barbie? No, I have to temper my expectations and realize that only a creature like Megan Rapinoe is angry, motivated and delusional enough to make it on to the USWNT and while I love the USA I must accept the uncomfortable truth that the assigned representatives of our nation don’t love me back.

Having said all this, you can imagine the excitement in our house when a few days before our trip to The City of Brotherly Love we watched Lionel Messi score a game winning goal off a last minute free kick in his debut game for the MLS Miami team. Finally, a reason to watch MLS (Messi) and who knows what glory awaits the American men in future international games. And after our trip to America's birthplace we enjoyed the perfect bookend of watching woke LGBTPink misfire a penalty kick to end the USWNT’s participation in the FIFA World Cup. It has to be said that both kicks - Messi's glory and Rapinoe's ooof - were like watching a scripted movie which is the core of this meditation on modernity. It's great when the story plays out the way it's supposed to but, unfortunately, it doesn't alway happen that way. 
While we were in Philly I thought it a good idea to visit Independence Hall and see what all the fuss was about 200+ years ago and give the lad an appreciation for the colonial struggle and the documents the founders created to form our nation. At the purely psychological level, Jo(((k)))e Brandon gave a disgraceful speech from this sacred location in Sept. 2022 and I believed that a pilgrimage to the Assembly Room would burn the filthy memory of poopy POTUS from my mind. Our tour through the Federalist building did not disappoint and the national park ranger who told stories about American heroes drafting the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union and the Constitution of the United States was inspiring and, for the most part, accurate. Standing in the same room, looking through the same windows, seeing the very chair that Geo. Washington occupied while serving as president of the Federal Convention filled my heart with pride and fired my imagination. It was overwhelming and when I reflected upon the optimistic Brotherhood enjoyed by those young virile leaders of yesteryear I was humbled by and envious of their personal agency. No group of idealistic free-thinkers with martial intent to overthrow a corrupt geriatric regime would be allowed to gather and debate a new government in the North American Techno-Fascist Imperium of our day. To be completely honest, my eyes welled with tears as I contemplated the spent octogenarian thespians who are installed as modern America's political leaders and perform a macabre puppet show for the cameras, but I kept my composure and I don't think my son noticed my distress.

We walked around town taking in the sights, sounds, (smells) and upon our return to the hotel room turned on the boob tube to see the opening scene of Brad Pitt's apocalyptic 2013 film "World War Z" which looks very much like the 2023 Philadelphia. This movie, which is loosely based on a story by Max Brooks written at the hight of the Iraq war, is a perfect example of the CIA funded NWO agitprop that is actively creating (mind over matter) the hellscape of today's "reality." Suffice to say, I see this WWZ mass media predictive programming in the same light as the 2011 "Contagion" which prepared the collective consciousness for the COVID-19 plandemic psyop. Well...

Get prepped because now that 70% of the population has been injected with nano-tech hidden in the vaxx we must ask: 
I'm going to give a one word review of the idiotic plot, misanthropic motif and bloodthirsty solution to the zombie problem offered up in this star studded, $200M+ studio conceived and marketed pile of garbage: Barbenheimer.

No, I'm not going to review "Barbie" or "Oppenheimer" because 1. I haven't seen the flicks (yet) and 2. I'm referring to Barbenheimer the meme, not the pictures. I probably will see these movies at some point in my life after they've moved their way through the digital turnstiles of movie distribution and can be watched "for free" through a streaming media service. Greta Gerwig, the Unitarian Universalist Barnard alumni with German, Irish and English ancestry (I'm just stealing from Wikipoo), is a real talent and her take on Barbie is sure to be 100 proof White Loves You elixir. Christopher Nolan is the Anglo-American big brain who makes philosophical pictures about time and space and was heavily influenced by "Star Wars" as a youth which makes him the perfect director for a fable about a 20th century Darth Vader (The Force is Wide Awake and Dark). I can give you my hot take on these summer blockbusters based on nothing more than Instagram clips, podcast jabber and hearsay:

Barbie = Plastic people live in a fake & gay world where the "battle of the sexes" rages like an uncontrolled fire melting everything good into a psychobabble puddle of oblivion.
Oppenheimer = The lethality of modern technology is so frightening that only an unelected select group of national security wise men who talk a lot are allowed to control it and common citizen/subjects are oblivious conscripts in a permanent war. 
Guerre tout le temps is the eternal condition of life in this broken world but for the past 100 years technological advances have raised the stakes of the battle and changed the tactics of tyrants. Movies are a near perfect tools for propaganda to mold a shared social consciousness but over the past 50 years they've become weapons of fifth generation war. "Movies" now program the people of Alderaan to ignore their doomed future and sleep through the Star Wars that are relentlessly waged upon them. The Athens of America has been psychologically and spiritually nuked by a projected inferno but the tree of liberty still stands and awaits refreshment at Independence Hall.

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