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I Can’t Grieve


Dirty Derek

Timelines and playa’s are funny things and if you are wondering what the hell is going on then it behooves you to find a pencil and do as I say. Draw a dot on a piece of paper and mark it 1/15/2019 which, being MLK Jr. Day, is the auspicious date that Kamala Harris chose to announce her run for the presidency of the United States of America surrounded by 25,000 Oakland well wishers. Near that starting point draw a second dot and mark it 4/25/2019 which, being one month after AG Barr sent Congress a 4 page summation of the Meuller report exonerating POTUS Trump, must have seemed like a great time for Biden to enter the dog race and shield himself from scandal and, probably, prosecution. The next mark on this timeline falls on 7/31/2019 when #KamalaHarrisDestroyed trended on Twitter after Tulsi cut our Lotus Flower down on national television. If you’ve been following my instructions the piece of paper in front of you will have a timeline consisting of three dots with dates covering the first half of 2019 and you’re asking yourself, “what does this have to do with George Floyd?”

By August of 2019 Kamala was done, finished, washed out and the Dems, who thought they were going to catch lightning in a bottle a second time, found themselves without a presidential candidate to run against Trump. She had been the anointed choice with deep pocketed support from the top oligarchs and she was in second place with 15% of the vote and closing on Jo(((k)))e in mid-July. After the 2nd Democrat Debate her poll numbers dropped like a rock so the Deep State made up the Ukrainian phone call scandal and Nancy Pelosi impeached President Trump. So draw a big puddle of swamp mud from 8/2019 to 2/2020 as the next section of your timeline. Then put a dot and date of 2/25/2020 when Nancy Messonnier, who is director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was at a White House press briefing on the Chinavirus (COVID-19) and said, “Disruption to everyday life might be severe.” Note: Nancy Messonnier is also Rod Rosenstein’s sister (and no, I’m not making that up).

Thus began the Corona Virus Pandemic which we are still living with today and will continue living with until the MAGA Deplorable's get their minds right and accept the New World Order. It might take a while... the next dot is 3/15/2020 when Trump imposed the 15 day “pause” to slow the spread of the WuFlu and get American hospitals ready for the plague. Two weeks turned in to six weeks but by the end of April Trump had seen enough and basically called for the country to reopen and get back to work starting 5/1/2020 witch is the last dot in this timeline. By May Day 2020 Donald J Trump had beaten the DC Establishment scum (and their masters) on Obamagate and the Mueller witch-hunt, on the Ukrainian impeachment, on the Chinavirus and was facing a Jo(((k))))e opponent for reelection. The Dems were on the ropes and getting pummeled every day by Trump, losing traditional constituencies and facing the prospect of decades in the political wilderness. Desperate times brings forth desperate men who take desperate action (including self sacrifice) for the greater good. Enter Derek Chauvin stage Left.

Timeline to Hell

This “crime” of a 5’9” 140 Lb. white cop kneeling on the neck of a 6’4” 220 Lb. black perp showing police brutality and nonchalant execution looked like a concocted FakeNews psyop from the minute it hit social media - which happened to be in the wee early morning hours of the night (2:30AM) when a gifted 17 year old girl named Darnella Frazier uploaded her cinema verite masterpiece to Facebook. A half hour later Keaon Dousti, who happens to be Minnesota Attorney General (and former DNC Co-Chairman) Keith Ellison’s Outreach Director, reposted a condensed edit of Frazier’s video that shows just the highlights of the killing. These time stamps alone hint at a premeditated killing by a dirty cop tapped by his bosses to take a knee for the Blue team and be sure to look soul dead for camera, “oh, your soul is already dead? That’s perfect. Just don’t move for 10 minutes while the junky dies.” Derek Chauvin kneels on George Floyd’s neck and lets anonymous pedestrians film him doing it for 10 minutes! That doesn’t happen in the USA - not even in Minneapolis - in 2020 or any other time unless the cops want it to happen (which they did).

Chauvin killed Floyd to give BLM and Antifa an excuse to riot and burn down one of the most Woke cities in America which, in turn, kicked off the coordinated 40+ City extravaganza of ultraviolence. He was on police force for 20 years and had as many formal complaints lodged against him by wronged citizens which means he probably committed 1,000+ acts of police brutality, extortion, sexual harassment and other foul “Bad Cop” crimes while hiding behind the shield. He was married to Hmong refugee from Laos who emigrated to America in 1980 and that means the CIA is running this operation. The Mayor, Police Chief and Attorney General all know that Chauvin is a bad cop and they were willing to sacrifice the life of George Floyd to incite the ethnic violence and terrible destruction that extended the COVID-19 lockdown and prevented many cities from returning to normal business. The Democrat Speaker of the House admitted her parties culpability in the Floyd murder the day of the verdict.

"Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice," Pelosi said during a press conference with the Congressional Black Caucus just outside the Capitol building. "Because of you, and because of thousands — millions — of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice."

So I don’t feel so bad about the George Floyd “sacrifice” or the Derek Chauvin conviction (BTW he’s going to get off on appeal) because it was all a brutal psyop theater and I stopped watching it right around the time the golden casket went on tour. I stopped caring about it long before I stopped watching it. I haven’t turned on the TV since November 3rd so I saw none of the trial, heard almost no commentary and lived a very happy life completely oblivious to the unfolding drama of the jury’s verdict. In short, I don’t give a shit about Floyd, Chauvin, BLM, Cops, Ellison, Pelosi, Harris, Biden or the CIA but I do hope they all burn in hell for what they’ve done.


Anonymous said…
Wow! What a powerful article. Good for you! I wish more people were as honest and as aware as you are. Stay strong!

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