When All Hope is Lost - America Works

There hasn't been a post on the KOTCB Blog since just after Independence Day of this year - You Are Here. It's not like Clown World stopped turning or topical new stories have subsided with the approaching Nov. 3 election day. Indeed, the sheer idiocy of this Trump vs. Biden presidential contest is unequalled in modern American history. Not since Nixon vs. McGovern or FDR vs. Willkie have We the People been forced to witness the a Heavyweight pummel a Welterweight who was mercilessly thrown into the ring by cruel party bosses. I just lost interest... sort of like I did with House of Cards.

Review of House of Cards Season 3
(See HOC Season 1 Frank Noir in the Devil's Workshop and HOC Season 2 Bland Obomination)

I stopped watching house of cards after the first couple episodes of Season 3. Season 1 & 2 lay the groundwork for The MAGA cold civil war but by the time Season 3 was launched (February 27, 2015) the real battle was already underway. The New Green Deal machinations of an insane Frank Underwood looked like a darker version of West Wing. Fake & Gay POTUS Spacey was as sanctimonious and fascistic as handwringing JED! Bartlet and his policy prescriptions were just as DC centric and stupid. For example: America Works

“Placeholder” Frank is a horrible POTUS because he was never supposed to be president - he got there through cunning deceit, bland ambition and dumb luck. The KOTCB called this back in August of 2019 - over a year ago - by proclaiming that This election is a jo(((k)))e. The Democrats never had a candidate because Trump broke them in 2016 and continued to break them every day over the past 4 years. It's almost midnight on November 2nd and by this time tomorrow night Trump will be elected President in a landslide - his coattails will hold the Senate Republican majority and flip the House to the GOP. Then the true reckoning will begin.



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