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RIP (((Jew)))ce WRLD

A little over a month ago I was tucking my 8 year old son into his bed and he gave me the sad news that Juice WRLD had died. "We've lost a great artist," he informed me before describing Juice's last moments on this wicked WRLD when he was compelled to consume mass quantities of contraband narcotics because the FBI was raiding his private plane and threatening him. Horrible. An abuse of power in the eyes of my boy. I explained the fact that many of these rappers are degenerates and drug abusing criminals who meet an early demise due to their licentious lifestyle which is often aided and abetted by an entourage of sycophantic vipers who suck the Juice right out of this WRLD. He might ask, "like who?" and there's an answer for that:

For the answers to these questions, you need to start with Juice WRLD’s inner circle. He is signed to Grade A Productions and Interscope; his label management and partners are Lil Bibby and George “G-Money” Dickinson; and his day-to-day manager is Peter Jideonwo, who started booking and promoting shows for artists around Chicago (including Lil Bibby and G Herbo).

Now Lil Bibby, G-Money and Mr. Jideonwo claim that Juice would rather play video games at mommy's house than party at the clubs. “Juice is one of the most down-to-earth artists, and everybody would tell you about it,” Jideonwo says. “He’s not on no Hollywood shit.” But if you listen to the music this 21 year old wrote and sang you'd wonder what planet these fine fellows are living on. For example, look at his collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert on a song titled "Wasted" off the Goodbye & Good Riddance project:

[Chorus: Juice WRLD]
Wasted, GTA love, bitches wasted
Wasted, I'm on these drugs, I feel wasted
Wasted, get her off my mind when I'm wasted
Wasted, I waste all my time when I'm wasted
Wasted, GTA love, bitches wasted
Wasted, I'm on these drugs, I feel wasted
Wasted, get her off my mind when I'm wasted
Wasted, I waste all my time when I'm wasted

[Post-Chorus: Juice WRLD]
She do cocaine in my basement
I'm a doctor, but I'm runnin' out of patience
She told me that she tryna get closer to Satan
She be talkin' to him when she in the matrix

[Verse 1: Juice WRLD]
Damn, why is she so demonic?
She Medusa with a little Pocahontas
She been lacin' all my drugs or somethin'
'Cause every time that we're together, I'm unconscious
Hold up, let me be honest
I know I saw her put the Percs in my chronic
Smokin' 'til my eyes roll back like the omen
Just another funeral for her, goddamn

Dealing with the trauma of Hitlery's loss in the 2016 election has been tough for these rappers, but this level of morose self-pity is ridiculous. Sure, Black folks (including TI) was with Her and losing ain't fun but does that mean you's willing to say Goodbye & Good Riddance to the entire US Constitution and our American way of life? It's sad.
Meek Mill (and others, read the lit #BlackTwitter comments on this tweet) ain't down with these "different race men" getting black kids to sign on the dotted line and if someone like Juice WRLD gets his own crew, releases music on SoundCloud and finds a different avenue to fill his pockets with cold cash then he'll find the FBI raiding his private plane and filling his tummy with Oxy. Slave contracts or death - the choice is yours black kids. Meek is talking about the Jew Subverters of Internet and Technology who control "most if not all popular websites, photography and filming studios, travel agencies, airlines, Internet Service Providers, advertising and marketing campaigns, 19th-21st century publishing companies, telecommunications, technology corporations/organizations, programming, laboratories/factories/educational institutions, property projects/management, web host servers, etc." With this kind of stranglehold on the Jew WRLD it's kind of amazing that someone like Juice WRLD and his crew could break out and live so large, with their XBox and private plane, for even a few years before The Tribe contracted the FBI to go kill the renegade rapper.

The Ouroboros

Not every brother fights the power like Meek and Juice because the fact is that if you've got the talent and ability to ride the serpent which encircles our globe then, in America, even that black man can live like a king - better than a king, truth be told, because a king has responsibilities and faces deposition or death if he screws up. In the USA a dude like Kobe Bryant can be a Kang! The glide path is beautiful and he can do pretty much anything he wants to with no fear of social or economic repercussions because he's made himself an essential element in so many schemes and power plays. I mean, what does a guy like Kobe need to do that would get him ostracized from society or shamed and rejected by the captains of commerce who depend on him for their livelihood?
Answer: There's nothing he can't do and get away with (or so it seemed).

When I lived in NYC I had colleagues at work with boys who played on travel hockey teams and I was always amazed at the dedication and sacrifice they put into the sport - not the kids, the parents! These guys were getting up a 4:30AM to shuttle their boys to the ice rink for morning practice before school and then spending their weekends driving all over the State of New York to watch their kids play in hockey tournaments. I'm talking grade school - 6th, 7th and 8th grade hockey games - and these otherwise successful salesman, doctors and bankers are road warriors driving the NY Interstates to Albany and Syracuse (and no, I'm not exaggerating) to watch sloppy slap shots and icing penalties. Their entire Saturday and Sunday spent living vicariously through a tortured child skating around in a freezing cold warehouse with a zambonee and hot chocolate. I'm describing a level of self-hate and suffering that's hard to quantify - I mean, what could be worse?

Well, it could be an 8th grade travel basketball league, I guess, THAT would be worse. The thump, thump, thumping of the ball pounding on the parquet combined with the screeching sounds of Nike's stopping and starting, breaking and cutting. The fluorescent lighting and garish uniforms flashing around the court as undersized teens double dribble, bounce pass and throw the rock toward the hoop. All while being coached by Kobe Bryant who's been demanding daily practice (twice a day on weekends) and will not stop until the team reaches perfection in what, for him, is a multi-year project to get his daughter enrolled at UCONN and then the WNBA. Oh yeah, I'm not even talking about boys basketball - this is a girls team!!! You want to talk about a living fucking hell on this WRLD - for me, that's it.

I'm absolutely mystified that Kobe Bryant (net worth $800M+) would want his daughter to play in the WNBA and build an entire sports academy to realize that dream. Then coach his daughters basketball team and bring a pro basketball work ethic into the psyche of suburban girls sweating it out in the gym for who knows what reason - to play pro ball?, I doubt it. Let me give a tip to anyone reading this blog who, by hook or by crook, figures out a way to make hundreds of millions of dollars - buy your daughter a horse and then hire a trainer to teach her dressage or get her on a sailing team where she can meet 1%ers and travel the world with her fellow swells. If she must be inside then install her in the ballet academy, fencing school or squash club where she'll get an excellent workout with creative comrades who appreciate the better things in life. Steer clear of the travel basketball team because your girls teammates will not fully appreciate your swagger when you arrive at the tournament in a helicopter and their parents, who have just driven 2 hours through LA traffic, don't like it when you flex on them.

When I heard that Kobe died in an accident I felt bad (for a second) even though I know almost nothing about Kobe Bryant and have never watched him play basketball or talk about anything - I don't watch pro hoops or ESPN or Nike ads. But when I found out he died because his chopper dove into a mountainside on a Sunday morning flight to coach his daughter in A GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT(!!!) all sympathy swooshed right out of my mind. All I could think of is some nice old lady in Burbank tending a little garden in the backyard on a quiet Sunday morning and having some asshole swoop over her house in his chopper on his way to the Mamba Sports Academy.  At an estimated $5K per hour renting a helicopter in LA isn't cheap and Kobe loved to fly around town which makes me wonder what his annual travel expenses must have been and how those funds might have been better spent - maybe an inner city gym or reading center. Kobe's business partner Jeff Stibel is one of those subversive Jews who run the world and being a pretty smart guy (he's an actual brain scientist in addition to being a successful entrepreneur) you'd think he would have prevented this accident from happening. After all, there was a lot of money riding on Kobe and what's the value in controlling everything if you can't even keep your superstar partner from a fiery Calabasas death? It just seems like The Chosen People are Screwing the Pooch when it comes to world domination and ruining the traditional culture and political system.

For example, look at the Jew Coup that's been playing out in Washington DC and how poorly the attempt to impeach and remove Trump from the White House is going. It's just crazy that Trump was allowed to become POTUS in the first place but, assuming these guys who control the Internet were asleep at the wheel in 2016, you have to wonder why they didn't remove him from office at the first opportunity - before inauguration day 1/20/2017. I mean, think about it... these Jewish guys control everything but this loudmouthed Gentile is outsmarting them for months - then YEARS!!! - and finally they're forced to roll out the Ukrainian Hoax in a last ditch effort to sandbag The Elvis from Queens before the November election. And to make matters worse these (((geniuses))) pick Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler to be the face of the Congressional #Resistance. I'm sorry but this is the dumbest strategy I've ever seen and even though I'm a big believer in conspiracy (including this one) I simply can't understand how these crafty and duplicitous operators have been outfoxed by the simple minded Goyim like Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski. But here it is - Trump impeachment trial: Senate votes no to witnesses, acquittal vote Wednesday. The time has come to "shut it down" boys and let it RIP.

More Jews needed in this chart


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