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Who's allowed to drop the mic?

Peace out - War in
Trump skips the White House Corespondents Dinner and holds a rally in PA instead where he blasts the press for their #FakeNews reporting and selective storytelling. The DC press goes ahead with their dinner and, rather than honor the president (which is what the dinner is designed to do) they salute something called the First Amendment to the US Constitution and as some kind of exclamation point on the proceedings Woodward and Bernstein were invited to speak on the subject. It's all very funny and revealing - especially when you see pictures of the Trump PA event and the WHCD split screened and the irony of contemporary American life slaps you in the eyeball. Trump has no time for the preening frauds in the MSM and the "journalists" pulling down six figures + in our nations capital hate Trump so why put on the charade and play nice - Trump trying to smile through low angry jokes and the press lethargically lifting a glass to the POTUS. Besides, the real corespondents event took place at The Pierre (A Raj Property) in NYC a few days earlier (on Thursday) when our shady post-FBPOTUS sat down to answer some DKG questions at the aptly named "History Makers" A+E TV Network conference (they only had to pay him $400K to submit).

There is much to be said about this dispatch from the field:
  • Media elite - Manhattan
  • Standing ovation - Thunderous applause - "Not the end of the world" 
  • History is a long, continuous thread - NOT a Steve Bannon 4th Turning
  • "I made a mistake a day" - That's 2,920 mistakes which sounds about right.
  • "It might feel good to take military action in Syria" - But, of course, he wouldn't know.
  • Friends with W - Trump won't listen - So relaxed and happy
  • Misses Air Force One - Traffic is bad ("I had no idea")
  • Fake News is a real thing
But the last item is the real doozy and it concerns the first amendment rights of a journalist - in this instance one by the name of Ann Coulter - who was invited then disinvited then invited then disinvited to speak at UC Berkeley in California. Obama's opinion is that "Ann Coulter should be allowed to speak" and he even said this to a liberal NYC crowd - "an amazing moment." And this is a concept or "truth" that I simply must protest with every fiber of my being because it shows how far we've strayed from the founders understanding of our republic and the natural law codified in the Bill of Rights.

It seems incredible now but one of the chief arguments against writing down and adopting the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution was that these rights were so obviously true and accepted as true by the broad populace that adopting them and making them a part of the constitution was unnecessary. Of course people had the right to speak their mind, protect themselves, be secure in their home and papers, have a right to trial, protected from extortion and free to govern their own affairs and the affairs of their community - it's a no brainer, right? The Anti-Federalists knew the true, dark heart of mankind would never honor these natural law rights once a document granting "leaders" absolute power was ratified so the Bill of Rights were created to thwart the hubris of the Federal government. Here's #1 on the list:
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
Now when these men restricted Congress from making laws to abridge free speech they were not concerned with protecting the un-expurgated shit that A+E Networks pumps into the eyes and ears of US citizens on a daily round-the-clock basis.  They were focused on protecting the freedom of political, religious and philosophical/scientific speech above all else and the idea that Congress might write a law to curtail Ann Coulter's speech is terrible but even terrible ideas put on paper can be worked out in court. The Amendment does not say that UC Berkeley must allow freedom of speech on its campus, or that any other place where "people peaceably assemble" must allow freedom of speech in their organization or community. There is no free speech "right" that compels the cloistered denizens of People's Park to expose themselves to the hot sand, quicklime, tar, and boiling oil spewing from Coulter's murder-hole. It should be obvious to everyone in America by this point - after the Milo riot and last months red pill beat down of the Antifa - that these NoCal people can't take an alternative view point or message from anyone and forcing them to do so violates their civil right to congregate and be free.

While it's true that in a sane world a talk by Ann Coulter should be, and would be, an opportunity to hear a brilliant, successful and dedicated journalist/author who's influence on public policy and political ideology carries serious weight - after all, Trump won the presidency based on the ideas formulated in Coulter's book "Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole" and that's some Big League impact. But we don't live in a sane world so instead the people of Berkeley get to hear Michael Potts discuss population control at a lecture titled The Next 82 Years: Faculty and Students Confronting Existential Challenges. "Abort the male babies and the world will be more peaceful" is a stark admonition but population growth and war are "existential challenges" so extreme measures must be adopted. This Potts lecture is A-okay for the Antifa and their professors living the beautiful life on the UC campus - no protest, no controversy, just swallow the blue pill and everything will be fine.

Which circles us back to the WHCD and freedom of speech or, in their case, freedom from speech which is exactly what they're wrestling with in the MSM. The right of Trump supporters to peaceably assemble in Pennsylvania and listen to their man lambast the DC establishment and its lapdog stenographers otherwise known as the press corp is constitutionally protected. The correspondents have an equal right to dress up and hold a fancy dinner in DC to talk about how great they are and run down the POTUS (which is exactly what they did). But please hold off on the "free press" pabulum because there's a 25 year record of the newsmen hosting this dinner for the sitting president and giving him the full Monica all night (especially the last 8 years) and when someone employs "free speech" to call them out, as Larry Wilmore did at last years event, the news hounds don't like it. They hate it. Just like the students and faculty at UC Berkeley, our national journalist live in an insulated bubble of leafy suburban streets, fine restaurants, high brow culture and low licentious morality that is built upon a social model that centralizes power in Washington DC and gives or withholds reward based on whimsical priorities and fashionable taste. If the organizers of the WHCD truly believed in free speech and a free press then they would have invited Ann Coulter to give the keynote address instead of two old fogies who epitomize DC groupthink. Now THAT would have made a statement about freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of the American press.

Free Speech vs. Free Press


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