Industrial Democracy

...but people buy it anyway
It's an old idea that's back in fashion and with the rise of Bernie a true champion of Industrial Democracy is leading the vanguard of desperate "revolutionaries" to institute real change in Americas governing ideals. The numbers from New Hampshire are in and the Independent from Vermont is berning down the house of Clinton like some 1960's SDS goofball with a Molotov cocktail. Sane Democrats who actually own some piece of the American dream must be freaking out and initiating Plan B right now - can they keep putting it off for another primary and then another? At some point having Biden or Kerry swoop in to save the day is going to look like what it is - a desperate, last gasp effort to stop the Socialist fairy tale and save their general election prospects and the country. In all honesty, it might already be too late for the Democrats to save themselves from having their parties nomination stolen by a man who holds that party in such disdain that he won't even call himself a Democrat.
Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the Anarchist's bomb.
Vice President Spiro T. Agnew
There's nothing new or revolutionary about Bernie Sanders and the fact that he gets a comparatively open playing field from the press and his political opponents is indicative of a class immersed in Industrial Democracy for so long that they've lost the ability to even see what it is. What it is IS:
Industrial Democracy is what we've got NOW and Bernie wants to turn it up to 11. Why people buy into the illusion that free college and free health care and free anything will improve their lot is a mystery - make it all free and you're still not going to have Scandinavia on the Potomac. Bernie, on the other hand, will be living the kingly life while restructuring the game board (for your own good, and the good of others) and reading you the new rules. In the Government Industry (otherwise known as Public Sector) the Federal Government is the seat of true power and Bernie is leading a peasant revolt to depose the queen. These "peasants", rich and educated though they might be, are marching and singing and voting as if they're livelihoods depended on it (and for many it does) - but that's how important it is when you live in an Industrial Democracy.


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