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Vanity Vulgar
Don't Mess With MEGYN KELLY proclaims Vanity Fair with cover photo of Fox's Queen Bee and glowing copy stuffed inside the magazine between the pricy ad pages. Graydon Carter (long time Trump hater from his days at Spy Magazine in the '80's) editorializes:
To Trump’s followers, I would offer advice similar to the old expression that says you shouldn’t shop for food when you’re hungry: Don’t vote for a presidential candidate when you’re frightened. Americans who don’t buy into his act are coming to realize what New Yorkers have known all along: that Donald Trump is one of the more vainglorious and vulgar people ever to enter the public arena.
This is very rich coming from a man who makes his living by promoting and serving the vainglorious and vulgar. Chalk it up to "New York Values" and willful ignorance but rest assured Graydon, there is an endless supply of vainglory and vulgarity that will keep you publishing your detestable rag (probably) forever.


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