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My drops of tears I'll turn to sparks of fire

On the subject of English Queens I’m more knowledgable and fascinated by Elizabeth I from the House of Tudor than I am by Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (AKA Windsor). As a native of Virginia I fully appreciate the majesty and Herstoric importance of Gloriana’s reign and believe the incredible civilization that has shaped the world for the past 500 years was conceived by her (and her wise councilors) and serves as the spiritual progeny of The Virgin Queen. While QEII oversaw the dissolution of the British Empire and its concordant moral degeneracy, it was Good Queen Bess who ruled over “The Golden Age” in which England grew so strong and prosperous that it might rule an empire upon which the sun never sets. That legacy of Elizabeth's reign includes the colonization plans and subsequent founding of North America as outlined by the mystic polymath and royal advisor John Dee (surely one of the most under-appreciated galaxy brains in world history). And so it was that the American Colonies  were founded by British subjects who carried the history of England into the New World and created a civilization built on memory and possibility. That society metastasized into the United States of America that rebelled against England's Hanoverian King George III (and his tax-happy Parliament) to establish a Confederation/Republic ruled by nativist farmer George Washington.

If you want to hear the MAGA Trad version of this revolution then I point you to the Claremont Institute and this 5 minute overview by Chris Flannery.

Not bad, not bad at all and as a trad Patriot I'm all in for abolishing tyrannical government by any means necessary but I have no illusion that all the losing parties in the American revolutionary conflict fled to Canada or England upon the war's conclusion. The fact is that many (most?) colonialists welcomed and enthusiastically advocated rule by The Crown and thought the idea of severing the protective tentacles of the English Leviathan a foolish and impoverishing mistake. It makes the courage and commitment of those colonials that did join the insurrection of 1776 very admirable when set against the corruption and selfish lethargy of their Loyalist brethren.  What motivated these brave Patriots and who were they?

One of these unsung and anonymous (at the time) heroes was a young man (17 years old at the start of the American Revolution) named James Jacobus Roosevelt who served as a commissary for the Continental army in New York and secured supplies for those who fought for the cause of liberty. He wasn't an immigrant - he was a 4th generation American or, more accurately, a native of this New World filled with promise and possibility. As it happens, JJR's progeny made the most of the inheritance his boldness and fortitude bequeathed them and one of his line (Teddy) became President of the nation he helped create. Another direct descendant (Eleanore), assumed the role of First Lady as a consequence of marrying her cousin (Franklin) who also became POTUS and shared a great, great, great, great grandfather (Nicholas Claesen Roosevelt) with TR. I suppose the dream that such a life as that enjoyed by Teddy and Eleanor is what impelled James Jacobus to risk it all on the fanciful ideals set forth in America's Declaration of Independence - but perhaps there was something more immediate and based that compelled his rebellion.

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with the Queen of England and I'm getting to that but we're taking the long and winding road. One of Theo. Roosevelt's lifelong friends was the novelist Owen Wister who wrote a famous cowboy story titled "The Virginian" which explains how the antebellum honor culture of colonial America, inculcated by refugee Cavaliers,  migrated westward after the surrender at Appomattox. Instead of  recounting the plot I will  link to the nostalgic "To The Reader" introduction of the novel which frames all that follows. Communist cry out in pain while they smack their opponents with accusations of Make America Great Again fascistic reactionary hate but the intro to this book is next level grief for a lost world which can never be reclaimed. As proof of its bygone morality I will quote some political philosophy from Chapter 13 "The Game And The Nation" which reflects a central theme in the book.

"There can be no doubt of this: All America is divided into two classes,—the quality and the equality.
The latter will always recognize the former when mistaken for it. Both will be with us until our women bear nothing but kings.
It was through the Declaration of Independence that we Americans acknowledged the ETERNAL INEQUALITY of man. For by it we abolished a cut-and-dried aristocracy. We had seen little men artificially held up in high places, and great men artificially held down in low places, and our own justice-loving hearts abhorred this violence to human nature. Therefore, we decreed that every man should thenceforth have equal liberty to find his own level. By this very decree we acknowledged and gave freedom to true aristocracy, saying, “Let the best man win, whoever he is.” Let the best man win! That is America's word. That is true democracy. And true democracy and true aristocracy are one and the same thing. If anybody cannot see this, so much the worse for his eyesight."

This "American Way" of allowing an ordered democracy to surface the natural aristocracy is unique in human history and was conceived through the union of Roundhead levelers and Cavalier toffs on the shores of The New Atlantis. A forced marriage of survival in the mid 1600's grew into a tempestuous (but working) partnership over three generations and by the French and Indian War (Seven Years' War) in the mid 1700's the colonial bonds of fidelity were strong. A righteous indignation in seeing the wars of competing empires exported onto virgin American soil explains the desire for independence by the pioneers who fled those same great powers. The American decision to "abolish a cut-and-dried aristocracy" is rooted in a related but more pernicious human impulse to impose a contrived hierarchal order upon society regardless of how obviously inadequate the resulting "leadership" might be.

This manufactured social structure is tested and found inadequate during periods of succession because the glaring injustice of traditional (pre-American) forced human ''equality" in this broken world is framed in high relief. In England, during the years relevant to my argument, I would cite the Gunpowder Plot, the Long Parliament and its Civil War, the Interregnum and its Cromwell Protectorate, the Restoration and its Glorious Revolution, the Treaty of Union and the resulting Hanoverian succession as examples of "little men artificially held up in high places, and great men artificially held down in low places." It is from this festering wound of civil strife and spiritual injustice that the American creed of "May the best man win" came into existence and was codified in the fledgling nation's founding documents. A careful study of the history of English kings and queens give a crooked lined map of why the American republic was created and what the revolutionary founders were attempting to escape in their new homeland.

Over the past 500 years the American experiment has transformed as follows:
1583 - 1765: Colonial Frontier
1765 - 1850: Federal Republic (We the People)
1850 - 1913: One Nation Under God
1913 - 1973: Pax Americana Empire
1973 - 2015: NSA Clown World
2015 - Today: Techno-Fascist Imperium (We, the People)

These KOTCB transformation dates differ from the standard historical markers of 1620, 1776, 1860, 1932 and completely dismiss the popular deceptions of 1619, 1812, 1877, 1901, 1945, 1963 and 2008. In the context of this particular blog post - relating, as it does, to Queen Elizebeth I and those who followed in her wake - I will briefly explain my date selection.

1583 - A secret colonization voyage of Sir Humphrey Gilbert to Narraganset Bay in partnership with John Dee. It initiates English dominion over north America based on Dee's arguments set forth in his "General and Rare Memorials."
1765 - The Stamp act imposed a tax on paper products used for legal and press activities in an effort to squelch freedom of expression and, as a side benefit, pay for the Red Coats who were deployed in the colonies as a standing army.
1850 - The Compromise of 1850 set the physical borders and psychological boundaries of the continental American empire and forced the political order to codify the USA's Westphalian sovereignty.
1913 - The Federal Reserve Act established central banking independent of  government control and forced the citizens of the USA to sacrifice the nations financial sovereignty to an international banking cartel.
1973 Senate Resolution 60 creates a select committee to investigate the Watergate break-in and execute a bloodless coup to remove Richard M. Nixon from the presidency.
2015 - Donald J Trump glides down the gleaming escalator at Trump Tower in New York City and announces his campaign for president of the USA. 

For the purposes of this polemic I will focus on an oft lamented (false) turning point - the 1901 assassination of POTUS William McKinley and the birth of the Progressive era initiated by his successor, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Say what you will about TR and his political high jinks, victories, defeats and everything in between but there can be no doubt that he was the last US president to fully embody and project the American creed of "may the best man win" that his friend Owen Wister wrote about so passionately. Theodore's story is that of a bright light that has all but been extinguished from this rugged land and, were I able to pinpoint the AGAIN in MAGA it would be charging, hell-bent for leather with pistols popping, up San Juan Hill on the island of Cuba to celebrate the 4th of July with a band of mercenary cowboys. The reason the colonial founders broke with their scolding Mother country, its fake German king, its corrupt Whiggish parliament filled with bloodline toffs and mercantile blackguards were passed down, father to son, from James Jacobus Roosevelt to his descendants but after TR these lessons were abandoned for the good ol' New (Deal) World Order and its if/then inequity in equality.

That's why our age is stuck with Kermit Roosevelt III (TR's great-grandson), Ivy League Brahman (H&Y) who now teaches constitutional law at Penn to the future leadership of our nation. What does this multi-generational blood & soil patriot teach at a school where more than one-third of enrolled students come from minority backgrounds? He teaches that the declaration of Independence and the US constitution it inspired is a racist document that created a country that never really existed. Kermit says "the standard story isn’t working for us anymore" because, muh, American patriotism was the result of "violent revolution against the national government" - and no, I'm not making this up or taking his words out of context. Listen for yourself, if you've got the stomach, to the professor answer pleasant inquiries about his latest book, "The Nation That Never Was," on Lewis H. Lapham's podcast.

Lapham, who is himself an established member of the NEWINGSOC nobility, is happy to let KR3 yammer on about his notions for a "new founding" of the USA based on the principles of Lincolnian Democracy which is an ideology that is open to everyone who accepts the goals and responsibilities required to follow the lodestar of multi-racial equality. And really, when you think about it, anyone NOT willing to abandon the icky Jeffersonian 1776 for the nicer Gettysburg Address version of our country is probably a closet Confederate and "its ok to marginalized those people." So, "if you believe in equality, right, you're one of us, you're one of the insiders" which means you're good. Finally, at the 33:30 minute mark, even Lewis Lapham has heard enough of this bullshit and asks the 32 Trillion dollar question.

Lapham: But equality in what way?

The answer that Roosevelt gives is that"equality is a deeply contested concept" but he believes that "equality is a permissible goal for government" or, put another way, that equality is whatever government says it is. That idea, that worldview and the frame that surrounds it is exactly what the revolutionary Patriots of 1776 smashed when they took up arms against the Old World. I would say that Kermit Roosevelt III is the most un-American man in America if Mike Pence didn't already hold that title, but KR3 is very damn un-American. He is a living example of why Jefferson and his fellow revolutionaries abolished heredity and titles in their new nation. If someone can explain to me how this cuck attained the position of prominence he currently assumes without leveraging a clandestine noble privilege known only to the "insiders" then I'd love to hear it.

I write down all of this English/American historical timeline speculation to simply make the point that what We the People remember as our past and the "We, the People" lie that is proposed for our future has an origination point. This moment was captured for posterity in one of The Bards last plays which is commonly known as Henry VIII today but at the time of its first performances, circa 1613, was called "All Is True" which implies a first hand account of the tale. And, as an aside, it is obvious that whoever wrote this play did, in fact, have access to someone who was a principle participant in the real life drama, knew the key players, etc. - probably a very old man at the time of the plays composition. This moment I speak of serves as the title of this blog post and is when Queen Katharine confronts Cardinal Wolsey on his cunning and duplicitous betrayal of her, the King and all of England by using his hidden power.

"My drops of tears I'll turn to sparks of fire."

It is fitting that cannons fired at the Globe theater during an early performance of this play caught the roof on fire and burned the building to the ground. Queen Katharine's tears gave England Bloody Marry, QE1 and the rivalry with Mary, Queen of Scots, the Stuart succession and Jacobean era which saw colonization of North America and, with time, the creation of The United States of America. Her words ignited a fire who's embers still burn in the American heart and might catch fire again.

You sign your place and calling, in full seeming, 
With meekness and humility; but your heart 
Is cramm'd with arrogancy, spleen, and pride. 
You have, by fortune and his highness' favours, 
Gone slightly o'er low steps and now are mounted 
Where powers are your retainers, and your words, 
Domestics to you, serve your will as't please 
Yourself pronounce their office. I must tell you, 
You tender more your person's honour than 
Your high profession spiritual: that again 
I do refuse you for my judge


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