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Joy Lane's got a lot to answer for

Here's the deal, and no one (or almost no one) is willing to talk about it, but women are societies civilizing influence. Women make a difference and that difference is what makes one culture or community pleasant, prosperous and hopeful and another spiteful, poor and despondent. Look around the world - look around your country - look around your community - look around your neighborhood and you will see the homes that have strong, loving mothers and daughters living in them because they exude the beauty and grace of their homemaker. The hearth is warm and well swept. The meal is wholesome and nourishing. The children are tucked in at night and well dressed each morning. There is a calm efficiency and creative inspiration found in the daily routine that brings peace to the home. Most importantly, there is a counterbalance held in place by a husband - a man - who provides a very different, but essential energy to any domestic arrangement. This duality is part of God's design for human happiness in this world and when a culture (or sub-culture) strays from this path you will find only perdition in a wilderness filled with monsters who WILL find you.

The mother of the year who raised Steve Stephens is who calls "no one" when they tell the tale of the man who "snapped."
He then begins explaining to the person on the telephone about why he shot Godwin, saying "I'm at the point where I snapped," and that no one ever took his problems seriously when he tried to talk them out.
Or maybe that "no one" was his girlfriend who's “the reason this is about to happen to you.” But no one wants to listen to the simple truth this killer is telling them straight up and in your face. No one ever took his problems seriously before and no one takes them seriously now - well, that's not entirely true because there are a few voices out there who get to the heart of the problem.

Trans-black psycho
Facebook is the place people committing crimes like to post videos of their atrocities so it's no surprise that SS used this social media network to explain his motivations for killing random people. In many ways, these networks are more honest than the traditional networks that disseminate "the news" to a curious and frightened public. Since it's such a big story and by now almost everyone in America is looking for this guy because with each passing hour he theoretically could have traveled further away from the crime scene known as Cleveland it's inconceivable that this tall, hulking dark white skinned man could evade everyone with a cell phone and a twitter account. But that is exactly what he has done and by this time next week the manhunt will be world wide because by then he could be anywhere - everywhere! How is it that a killer like Steve Stephens can just up and vanish on Easter Sunday? Well, there are a lot of black mothers and girlfriends out there and they've created a lot of psychopaths just like Steve who will take him in and cover his tracks. As Joy Lane says, "Steve really is a nice guy" so someone will give him a chance.


Anonymous said…
F'n saved the Fox 8 screenshot. The Pravda failed again.

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