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The Crisis of #NeverTrumpism

What could have been...
Pathetic sniveling Buckleyite #NeverTrump "conservative" establishment nerd, Rich Lowry, penned one of the most underhanded, willfully ignorant, sour-grapes pieces ever composed about the Elvis from Queens for Politico today titled The Crisis of Trumpism and (yet again) made a sterling case for the necessity of Donald Trump - NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! - with a vultures-eye-view of the current political landscape and fun house mirrors looking backwards and forwards for "sober" perspective. It's obvious that Rich is assessing the Trump presidency without taking into account many possible scenarios that might have played out over the past two months (or two years) and not acknowledging things as they are today and will be in the future. In other words, he's not being realistic or fair or honest in his assessment of the past, present or future - so what else is new? There is, without questions, a crisis going on, but it isn't a crisis of Trumpism (whatever that is) - It's a crisis of #NeverTrumpism and the horror is just starting to sink in to their thick skulls. We've all got a long road ahead of us littered with poop that I'm going to have to stoop down to pick up so excuse me while I grab my shovel.  What a heaping pile of crap - let's break it down:
  • First sentence - "Trumpism is in crisis." Is that declarative enough for you? This from a guy who doesn't even know what Trumpism is and rejects "it" whole heartedly when it's explained to him, and for good reason, because Trumpism is above all a rejection of Rich Lowry and his predilection to lose without end as long as HE sounds good doing it.
  • Paragraph 1 - No one in Washington DC knows how to incorporate Trumpism into legislative action. But this is not a crisis for Trumpism - this is a crisis for the legislature. Trump knows what he wants and that's 1. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs 2. National Security 3. Boarder Security and he's getting all three of those things. The Congress claimed to want repeal and replacement of Obamacare for 7 long years but when they finally got their opportunity they failed.
  • Paragraph 2 - Paul Ryan rejects Trumpism. Paul Ryan is a tool. He's weak and Rich Lowry knows it (which is one reason he's so upset) because if Joseph Gurney Cannon or Sam Rayburn were told to pass a Bill that fulfilled a promise the president of their party had campaigned on for 18 months then goddamnit that Bill would have passed the House. Period.
  • Paragraph 3 - Trump doesn't have the "knowledge, focus or interest to translate" Trumpism into legislation. This is so low and so dishonest and so typical of a #NeverTrumper that I could just puke. The obvious retort to this pathetic line of "reasoning" is that Trump's NOT a legislator - that's fucking Paul Ryan's job Rich - Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House! 3rd in line for the Presidency. Big Job. Important Job. Trump somehow needs to "translate" Repeal and Replace Obamacare to Paul Ryan?
  • Paragraphs 4-6 - Maybe Ryan doesn't "get it" or maybe Trump doesn't "get it" but "the Ryan-Trump partnership on health care was a bill bizarrely at odds with a national election Republicans had just won." Or how about this - maybe Rich Lowry doesn't "get it" and will #never get it because he has no concept of how to win or lead a national movement that actually does something.
  • Paragraphs 7-9 - Trump should have started from inauguration day as the lying, unprincipled, Trojan Horse liberal we #NeverTrump diehards at National Review always told you he was and proved us right - Pass a porky infrastructure bill and let all the "true conservatives" tell the world "I told you so." But this is all throat clearing for the coup de grace of paragraph 10.
  • Paragraph 10 - As the late great Bob Grant used to say, "Are you sitting down? Get a load of this."
Of course, there’s no guarantee this would have worked. Schumer and Democrats might have balked at cooperating with Trump on anything. Even if Trump pulled off an infrastructure gambit, it would have been a high-risk strategy, involving a true declaration of independence from his own party.
In other words, Lowry wishes Trump had taken a "high-risk" shot doomed to certain failure instead of asking the Speaker of the House from his party to pass legislation THAT THE SPEAKER had been promising for 7 years(!!!) and the the president campaigned on for 16 months.

Everything after paragraph 10 is as stupid as the proceeding paragraphs but instead of looking at the past Rich looks to the future. Verdict - Trump will suffer the same fate that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did in California - consumed by the blob and crapped out after 4 years of "accommodating the system" and failing. But Trumpism will never truly fail because "it will never be tried."

Rich Lowry is a pencil-necked twerp who hates Trump and everything he represents but so what? He hasn't changed his tune for well over a year when he collected and published a set of broadsides demanding that true conservatives stop voting for the incorrigible  candidate from NY, NY. The problem is that left wing flacks use a tool like Lowry to promote and legitimize their own misguided drivel by citing the Editor and Chief of National Review (Americas premier conservative publication and the official voice or the true conservative movement) as an authoritative source for sane conservative opinion (if such a thing exists at all). I don't watch much Morning Joe, but when I do - in fact, every time I do - I end up writing a KOTCB post about them. I can't help myself. Ring Loud, Ring Often and the Clown Bell tinkles incessantly when Joe, Mika and their crew are on the air - today was no exception.

These morons take a Rich Lowry article and turn it into 15 minutes of "stuff" as Joe would call it. They just sit there every day and lie, lie, lie for hours each morning - I don't know if they're stupid or very cleverly obtuse but they've got no idea what Trumpism is or what Populism is for that matter. When you see Mike Barnicle (perfect name) reading a Lowry column on national TV, when these guys are asking Trump to be more like George W. Bush, when DKG is begging Trump to stop tweeting lest he "blow up the presidency", when they're obsessing over the mystery of what DJT actually thinks then you know the establishment is flailing - "Washington always wins", says Morning Joe and the crisis of Trumpism is that the man after whom this "ism" is named is not "hearing enough applause" as though the main reason he stepped out from behind his desk and took the escalator down to the street, marched all over the nation for 16 months, suffered the most vile and inflammatory insults and defamation, risked his life and the life of his children, spent tens of millions of dollars of his own money, built a team to win, won and then began to execute a plan by recruiting a cabinet and formulating executive orders and working with the legislature to craft Bills that should become law was to hear the clapping of Washington DC hacks like the fools on MSNBC. Oh, Please... Give me a break!

"Of course, there’s no guarantee this would have worked." The only guarantee this blog has ever made is that if Donald J. Trump hadn't entered the presidential race then JEB! would have been the GOP nominee and probably would have become POTUS. Does anyone honestly think that would have been a better outcome for our country? There is no alternative universe in which JEB! would have brought the vision and grit required to fight the intelligence community, the media and Washington DC establishment politicians and change the status quo of this country. It was Trump alone who confronted We the People and demanded - "You've gotta say, 'I'm a human being, goddammit! My life has value!'" And the sick, decadent, corrupt truth is that neither the doctrinaire conservatives at National Review OR the technocratic, "intelligent" liberals at MSNBC expected or wanted the American people to say that. Right and left, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat - from TV News and charity political rags ALL THE WAY DOWN to almost everyone in our nations capital they hate, and I mean HATE, Donald Trump for giving the people license to affirm their humanity and intrinsic value. That humanity is what Trumpism is and it can't be "translated" to the people inside the beltway who don't believe in it. Ask yourself this question: What would Trump have to accomplish that would compel Rich Lowry and Joe Scarborough to eat the gigantic shit sandwich filled with the thousand of words they've said against him? They wouldn't be able to wrap their hands around that burger, much less cram it into the gaping maw right below their eyes. That is their crisis - A crisis they are ill equipped to translate to the American people because they don't even speak our language.


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