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I Love the Crappo and Sasse from you Flakes

The timeline is just too good and I love the way MJ aggregated, collated and annotated the GOP sneak attack on their own presidential nominee. There must have been high fives and hosannas on Sutter Street over the weekend as Tweets and TV appearances flooded in showing a full scale abandonment of Trump by the Republican establishment. Very gratifying for the left and the best part of the whole thing was that their hands were clean - no one in Hitlery's camp had anything to do with the leaked "hot mic" video of Trump "locker-room talking" with Billy Bush. It was all an inside job pulled off and coordinated by "conservatives" who were never going to pull the lever for Trump and had timidly endorsed him with the sole purpose of dis-endorsing him when the time was right - the day before the second presidential debate.

The Trump team knew they were going to get hit with this treasonous leak by the GOP establishment (they just didn't know when and in what form) and were ready for it. That's why they hunkered down on Sat/Sun and let it build to see who was with them and who was against them - now they know. Despicable long knife back stabbing, but the stakes are high and the Paul Ryan/John McCain faction understand the threat to their livelihood and status - they pretty much had no choice but to attempt a coup. The fact that they failed has elevated the brinkmanship to heights rarely seen in American politics and a levelling of the established order is certain (in my opinion) no matter who wins the election.

If it's granny pantsuit she will assume the throne and rule on behalf of a discredited and corrupt oligarchy with little enthusiasm from the majority and outright contempt from a sizable minority of her subjects. The GOP will be in shambles, but so will the Dems who will know they betrayed their country for a sack of gold and the ensuing wars, foreign and domestic, will rightly shame them.

If Trump prevails the turmoil will be unprecedented as he uses the abominable tool his enemies created (the imperial presidency) to crush his foes and reform (in the truest sense of the word) the US Government and the peoples relationship to it. Without a decisive Trump victory - 45+ States - I see no way of avoiding civil strife and violence and even with a landslide victory there is every chance that the Left will simply refuse to honor the results of the election. It should get very dicey and I'm glad that I don't live in a city or urban area where armed conflict is most likely to erupt.

The GOP had their chance - twice actually. The first time was back in the Summer of 2015 when they could have (should have) seen Trumps rise for what it is and convinced one of "their" candidates Perry, Walker, Rubio or whoever to adopt Trumps issues and make them their own. Build a Wall, Stop the Endless War, Law and Order. If they had done it early they could have sucked up his voters which are the Republican center. They didn't.

The second time they could have jumped on the Trump train after the FLA primary, when the writing was on the wall, and gone with it getting Rubio in the VP slot and steamrolled to victory. They have no one to blame but themselves (i.e. the Bush family and their patrons) for what has happened over the past 18 months.

Trumps prospects might look bleak, but just like Brexit the media lies with shameless abandon in the weeks leading up to the vote in what can only be termed psychological warfare attempting to shame and discourage nationalist sentiment. It's outrageous and orchestrated but its a true reflection of the corporatist world view these "progressives" champion so it comes down to a matter of just how fed up the American people are with the cultural rot and systemic corruption that has infected their public institutions.

My empirical guess is that they're pretty fed up and will pull the lever for Trump on Nov. 8th just to see what happens next. My estimate is the 2%-4% of the Garry Johnson voters will jump to Trump and I believe there are a significant % of Hitlery "supporters" in current polling who will vote Trump but simply can't admit it due to the pressures of marriage or work environments.

I know many men who simply can't admit they are Trump supporters to anyone for fear of the news getting back to their wives and the interminable late night nagging and outright china throwing that will follow such a revelation. These men are not weak or cuckolds but they require a modicum of domestic tranquility which they can't have if their true feelings are voiced.

Because of these perceptions I believe all polling is false even before the pollsters weight the participants and questions to give the absolute most favorable result to HRC. It is a "rigged system" and the news media are human scum - I mean that from the bottom of my heart. These people are the worst of the worst of us and it's been that way since high school. They, above all others, deserve a Trump victory and to feel the flaming sword of righteousness server their polluted heads from their otherwise human body.

A case in point is Chris Cillizza who writes "The Fix" column for WaPo (it's a rigged election, folks) and submitted this beauty the other day: "Donald Trump is blowing up the Republican Party"
"Let's stop for a second. This is the Republican presidential nominee. Attacking his own party. Promising to teach his party leaders a lesson. Pledging to take the “shackles off.”
I've spent the better part of the past two decades covering politics — day in and day out. And, I can say without hesitation I have NEVER seen anything close to this. And I expect I never will again."
No Chris, you probably never will see anything like this again in your lifetime, but then again, you're not even seeing it now. DJT is not taking on "his party leaders", that would be impossible because he IS the party leader now - he's taking on the treasonous rump Republicans who would sell him out in a second when he's POTUS. These RATs (Republicans Against Trump) are going to be drowned in steel cages ISIS style and made examples of for the 2018 class. See how much support Paul Ryan gets from the RNC for his campaign and you'll know who the party leader is and what throats he's willing to cut to rid himself of the haters. Will the Congress go to the Dems, sure, but who cares - It's just as easy to work with Democrats than it is with treasonous Republicans (maybe easier) and it will make the Democrats feel better about a Trump win if they can take Congress as a booby prize. Everything's working out just fine.


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