Planet of the Gorillaz

People who've never had a child or have forgotten what it's like to have a curious 4 year old are surprised (even angry) that a toddler snuck his way into the gorilla cage at the Cincinnati Zoo over the weekend, but not me. I know all about 4 year old boys and they're pretty illusive when they want to be. A human being develops much slower than a monkey and those formative years between birth and age 7 are filled with perilous moments, surprising acts of stupidity and sheer terror. Just imagine what goes through a mothers mind when she looks down into the monkey pit and sees her child being dragged around by a gigantic wild animal - some people just can't put themselves in those shoes. Yep, we keep 'em in cages for a reason and if for some whacky laps of attention one of ours falls into that cage we shoot the beast because, though it takes us years longer to develop and mature, once we're able to reason we've got the upper hand. Check out the video below and see how advanced we are compared to our primate cousins.


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