His Saturn in Cancer

 The "conservative" punditry meltdown is going China Syndrome because Trump is winning. As cited in previous blog posts the simple joy of watching and reading their histrionics is one of the greatest aspects of the Trump candidacy. I could honestly write a KOTCB blog post every day on the stupidity and small mindedness (to say nothing of libelous spirit) of their attacks - It gives me a much clearer insight into why "the Left" treats them with contempt and never listens/reads a word they say.

Today NYTimes conservative op-ed writer David Brooks diagnoses The Governing Cancer of Our Time and concludes that it has metastasized into a Trump lump that must be removed. He starts off by defaming the Founders of the nation:
"We live in a big, diverse society. There are essentially two ways to maintain order and get things done in such a society — politics or some form of dictatorship. Either through compromise or brute force. Our founding fathers chose politics."
And they say Donald Trump is simplistic! Forget the false dichotomy and the nuance around "compromise" and "brute force" or even the notion that we live in some kind of "big, diverse" unified uber-culture. Let talk about what our founding fathers "chose" and what they chose was to go to war against the greatest military power on earth and fight them (and their colonial loyalists, of which David Brooks would probably have been one) for 8 long years of blood, sweat and tears which would have resulted in certain death by execution on order of an English Governor were they to loose. That's the choice THEY made and after these Patriots had defeated the Red Coats, burned the King in effigy and written insults in their Declaration of Independence that would make David Brooks blush they went on about their business - each State taking care of its own under the Articles of Confederation for over a decade. They did not choose politics as much as it was forced upon them and so they devised a Constitution to unify the country to promote trade and provide a common defense (including a secure boarder).

From the start this guy Brooks is all wet but he really pees his pants over Trump.
Trump represents the path the founders rejected. There is a hint of violence undergirding his campaign. There is always a whiff, and sometimes more than a whiff, of “I’d like to punch him in the face.”
David Brooks thinks Trump is a Cancer but in reality he's a Gemini and they are very different Zodiac signs with different temperaments. However, Trumps Saturn is in Cancer so take a second look David - try to see it from the Donald's perspective:
"Did you know The Donald has a sensitive side?! With his communication planet Mercury and love planet Venus in Cancer, don’t be surprised to learn Trump is a softie at heart whose family is very important to him. His communication style is sentimental, and he loves deeply -- but can get his feelings hurt easily. His Saturn in Cancer indicates he may have underlying fears about not being loved. Hmmm… Perhaps, then, the lion roars to mask his fear of getting hurt?"
 Trump is not an authoritarian tyrant - he's just afraid of being alone and unloved. When people say mean things about him it hurts his feelings and he lashes out. So try a little kindness and I'm sure Trump will love you back.


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