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"Drop out now and I'll give you a pardon before leaving office"

My prognostication: Biden will run as soon as HRC gets formally charged with espionage and treason later this month. I think this has been the plan for over a year and explains last years leak to the NYTimes and the strategic "long game" at play. Let Hilary squander a year making a fool of herself while Barack holds all the cards and he's about to drop a royal flush on the Arkansas gambler and clean him out. These big wheel Democrat thought leaders have always hated Clampett but they couldn't get rid of him because he took a chance in '92 and grabbed the brass ring which at the time seemed impossible. He brought his crew of crooks up from Hot Springs and made a mess of Washington DC because the Big Dog is, bottom line, a criminal (he also has a big dog sized libido). I remember well a springtime 1992 lunch at some M. St. bistro with my dear uncle who is well connected with Capitol Hill power brokers and his response to my absolute dismay that the Democrat Party was going to let this hayseed be their nominee in the general election. He agreed that it was, indeed, mystifying especially when you consider his reputation as a philanderer and reprobate. "You don't say?" (and this was 1992 folks) "What's the poop on this guy?" My uncle explained, "All the female congressional staffers have been told not to get in an elevator alone with Clinton - it's a standing order to everyone on the Hill." This comment was later confirmed by women I knew who worked as pages, assistants and staffers in Congress. In other words everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, inside the beltway know about Bill Clinton's misogyny long before he took the Presidential oath of office in Jan. 1993 but they covered it up, they lied about it, they sold the American people a lie and they'er lying about it still - and when I say THEY I'm talking about the Democrat Party and their propagandists in the media. Once he was elected President the Big Dog had them by the balls and he knew it - they had to keep lying or be exposed for what they are. He exploited their hypocrisy, shamelessness and weakness for years while in the White House and did it again in the run up to the 2008 election, but a significant and highly influential group of senior Democrat leaders were determined to stop him - that's how we got our FBPOTUS and the current mess we're in. Taking the long view an argument can be made that the election of Bill Clinton and his wife (co-president) has created the horrible set of circumstances we've been living with for 25 years.

Just think about it - what would have happened if the Democrat Party had nipped the Clampett crime family in the bud - the way they did with Gerry Heart and Howard Dean? Let GHWB win his second term and clean up his mess in Iraq, manage the integration of Eastern Europe, deal with China and APAC, rub out the socialists in Latin America and then run an establishment Dem in the 1996 election which they almost certainly would have won. There would have been no Clinton degeneracy and exploitation of high office, George Sr. would have felt no desire to have W. take office and settle scores, the country would never have had to deal with Hitlery in any way, shape or form. Basically, the world would be a much better place and Barack Obama knows it. That's why his Justice Dept. is going to indict HRC this week (probably right before the MLK weekend) and drive a stake through the heart of Bill Clinton for good.


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