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The thrill is gone

It looks like the Democratic chickens have come home to their racist roosts. I can't think of any other way for Chris Matthews to explain today's House defeat of the Displaced Workers' Aid legislation.
"Democrats handed President Barack Obama an embarrassing defeat on his trade agenda, blocking final passage of fast-track negotiating authority just hours after he made a rare visit to Capitol Hill to seek their support.
In a 126-302 vote Friday, Democrats helped reject a displaced workers’ aid program they usually support that was needed to proceed to a final vote on fast-track authority. The House then quickly voted for the fast-track measure, 219-211, though it won’t go to Obama’s desk unless the worker aid bill also passes."
 That's right, "Democrats helped reject" - you know, they "helped" in a bi-partisan manner as they say.

They "helped" 144 times and that's 75% of them helping to poke a stick in the President's eye - The leader of THEIR party - their president. And it only got worse as the day progressed and votes on the actual trade bill were cast.

The Democrats on the Hill "helped" 173 times (90% of them) in voting against the signature trade deal of Obama's second term. This after an extraordinary, for this President, effort to promote the Bill.
"President Barack Obama made an unusual 11th-hour appeal to dubious Democrats on Friday in a tense run-up to a House vote on legislation to strengthen his hand in global trade talks.

Cheers greeted the president as he strode into a meeting that could make or break a key second-term priority. But it was converts he needed to assure success of a bill to let him complete global trade deals that Congress could approve or reject, but not change."
The Light Worker, The One, Obamawankenobi needs converts? - Quack, quack.

These Democrats must hate Obama due to his race - teaming up with the GOP on this Free Trade legislation has shown everyone what a honky he truly is (and always has been) while hiding behind that black mask.

Update: I almost vomited when I learned that Maureen Dowd and I are writing the same thing (but I think mine is better).
"The president might want to catch some shows, as the lame duck’s chickens come home to roost."
And this kicker - here's how the Congressional Black Caucus voted on 361 - not that it's easy to find. In fact I may be the only person on the internet to have compiled the list of votes. Red means no - 35 Dem noes + 1 GOP No = 36 noes for FBPOTUS

RepresentativePartyState – Congressional District
Alma AdamsDemocraticNorth Carolina 12th
Karen BassDemocratic California37th
Joyce BeattyDemocraticOhio 3rd
Sanford BishopDemocraticGeorgia 2nd
Corrine BrownDemocraticFlorida 5th
G. K. ButterfieldDemocraticNorth Carolina – 1st
André CarsonDemocratic Indiana7th *Did Not Vote
Yvette ClarkeDemocraticNew York 9th
William Lacy Clay, Jr.DemocraticMissouri 1st
Emanuel CleaverDemocraticMissouri – 5th
Jim ClyburnDemocratic South Carolina6th
John Conyers, Jr. DeanDemocraticMichigan 13th
Elijah CummingsDemocraticMaryland 7th
Danny K. DavisDemocraticIllinois 7th *From IL
Donna EdwardsDemocraticMaryland – 4th
Keith EllisonDemocraticMinnesota 5th
Chaka FattahDemocraticPennsylvania 2nd
Marcia FudgeDemocraticOhio – 11th
Al GreenDemocraticTexas 9th
Alcee HastingsDemocraticFlorida – 20th
Hakeem JeffriesDemocraticNew York – 8th
Eddie Bernice JohnsonDemocratic Texas – 30th
Hank JohnsonDemocraticGeorgia – 4th
Robin KellyDemocraticIllinois – 2nd * From IL
Brenda LawrenceDemocraticMichigan – 14th
Barbara LeeDemocraticCalifornia – 13th
Sheila Jackson LeeDemocraticTexas – 18th
John LewisDemocraticGeorgia – 5th
Mia LoveRepublicanUtah 4th *GOP
Gregory MeeksDemocratic New York – 5th
Gwen MooreDemocraticWisconsin 4th
Delegate Eleanor Holmes NortonDemocraticDistrict of ColumbiaAt-large
(non voting congressional delegate)
Donald Payne, Jr.DemocraticNew Jersey 10th
Delegate Stacey PlaskettDemocraticU.S. Virgin IslandsAt-large
(non voting congressional delegate
Charles RangelDemocraticNew York – 13th
Cedric RichmondDemocratic Louisiana2nd
Bobby Rush
Illinois – 1st * From IL
Bobby ScottDemocraticVirginia 3rd
David ScottDemocraticGeorgia – 13th
Terri SewellDemocratic Alabama7th
Bennie ThompsonDemocraticMississippi 2nd
Marc VeaseyDemocraticTexas – 33rd
Maxine WatersDemocraticCalifornia – 35th
Bonnie Watson ColemanDemocraticNew Jersey – 12th
Frederica WilsonDemocraticFlorida – 24th


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