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Milhous disambiguated

Mattoon or Milhous

Evan Thomas phones it in to the editorial page of today's WSJ with this extended cliche titled "Hillary Milhous Clinton" - hardy har har, I've never heard that one before (except for here, here and here, oh, and here). Yes, yes, Hitlary is "just like" Nixon explains uber journalist ET:
  • Like Nixon, she sees enemies everywhere (and, like Nixon did, she does have a lot of enemies). 
  • Like Nixon, she is guarded and secretive.
  • But the parallels between Mrs. Clinton and Nixon go well beyond antipathy for the media and awkwardness as campaigners.
Nixon did have enemies (and impressive list of powerful people) and, yes, they were very real as was proven in 1973-74 in a backlash to this:
November 11, 1972: Nixon is reelected in one of the largest landslides in American political history, taking more than 60 percent of the vote and crushing the Democratic nominee, Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota.
Does Evan Thomas think that HRC has an enemies list (certainly she has one) anywhere near as impressive as Nixon? Does she have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting 60% of the popular vote and winning every state save one (and almost every congressional district in the country) in a national election? [She can't even beat BHO for the Dem nomination]

Nixon was guarded and secretive - in fact, he was fighting against a plutocratic revolution intent on extinguishing the American Experiment and he was determined to win this internal battle - which he did at great sacrifice. Is Hilary in pitched battle against the forces of Davos society? Is she fighting hammer and tong to slay the monstrous socialism gobbling up the countries peasantry? The Clinton Foundation is part of the internationalist machine that Nixon battled, not some renegade force for liberty and freedom.

Antipathy for the media? Like having your husbands former press secretary as chief anchor of one of the network news divisions? Or the thousands of HRC partisans who write, produce and mouth lies in defense of their candidate on a daily basis? Or mindless shit like this from "womyn's magazines"?

Bad Press?
yeah, right! The press hates Hillbilly - just like they did Nixon (barf).

And that's just the first paragraph folks - skim down the page and you'll find this gem:
"Lately, Mrs. Clinton has shown some Nixonian tendencies to try to stonewall and cover up."
"Lately" - LATELY - What frigg'n planet does Evan Thomas live on? Actually, there's an answer for that. He lives on planet Washington DC where he arrived by way of Long Island's North Shore, Andover, Harvard, UVA Law, Manhattan (where he worked at Newsweek (yes, that Newsweek) for 25 years, Academia (Ivy Journo schools) and now he's noticing "Nixonian tendencies" in her highness - just a few. Do ya think?

A little further down there's this ambiguity:
"The Clinton bookkeeping makes it hard to figure out exactly where the money does go. While there is plenty of evidence of quid, there is still no proof of quo."
Isn't it the job description of journalists like Evan Thomas "to figure out exactly" what these crooks are doing with the hundreds of millions of dollars being "donated" to their "charity"? If there is varifiable "evidence" of a quid shouldn't we be looking for "proof" of a quo - I wonder where that proof could be? Maybe on a certain email server in Chappaqua, NY?

 Maybe the listlessness and ambiguity is an expression of the sweet ennui of DC familiarity. Thomas must know the Clampett's well by this point:
"We have now been watching Mrs. Clinton on the national stage for more than two decades, since at least 1992 when her husband first ran for president. "
That's about the same amount of time Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten has been with us and that's a LONG time - about as long a time as Evan Thomas's Grandfather Norman Mattoon Thomas was "with us" when HE ran for President of the United States six (6!!!) times as the Socialist standard-bearer.

ET has just written a book on Nixon which he's trying to promote - hence this lazy drool in the Journal - and he drops this bomb:
"Actually, Nixon was not venal."
"Actually, grand-pappy was wrong about Nixon - he was really rather upbeat!" Shocker. Evan Thomas is the sort of chap Nixon loathed. Nixon might have compiled a list of "enemies" but everyone on that list had a list of their own - a list with one name on it. RMN beat their ass and changed the trajectory of American political life domestically and internationally for 30 years. Only now are they starting to "forgive" him for it.

Hilary Mattoon Clinton has exhibited "Mattoonian tendencies" throughout her LONG and Clairish carrier. ET  says (erroneously ) that "personalities do not change" but if that's the case I'll take a Milhous over a Mattoon any day!


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