Yasser Arafat vs Scott Peterson

Two of the most boring personalities imaginable are invading my consciousness today. Yasser Arafat was a terrorist to be sure - but I mean, just look at the guy. What the hell is all the fuss about? Thank God that President George Bush stopped dealing with Arafat and just let him die alone and impotent. He was a complete waist of time AND ALWAYS WAS. Thinking of all the time and energy (and money) that was devoted to this piss poor goofball is infuriating.

And talking about waisting time and energy - how can Scott Petrerson still be on the TV. I vote death ASAP. What a boob.

Two people truly worth of a solid bell ring - my they meet in Hell some day and be forced to engage in perpetual battle in a small boat rocking on the Dead Sea.


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