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The Devil’s Triangle

As one who personally knows some of the principles engaged in the drama being played out in the Senate Judiciary Committee I must raise a serious objection to Sheldon Whitehouse's claim that he had never played "Quarters" in his life:

WHITEHOUSE: Devil’s triangle?

KAVANAUGH: Drinking game.

WHITEHOUSE: How’s it played?

KAVANAUGH: Three glasses in a triangle.


KAVANAUGH: You ever played quarters?


Let me say this as loudly and clearly as I can - NOT CREDIBLE!!! Sheldon almost certainly played quarters and I'm CBF 100% positive I played Quarters with his younger brother myself (Sheldon is a few years older than I am so he was playing Quarters in 1976/77 while I was doing my doing my Quarters competition in 1979/80). Putting aside the Senator from Rhode Island's bald face lie it must be said that few in that body would be more adept at reading the coded messages contained in the Georgetown Prep yearbook from the early 1980's. Though he spent his high school years at St. Paul's in New Hampshire it should be remembered that his home base was Washington DC and during winter, spring and summer vacations Sheldon was in and around The Swamp partying with his grade school pals from St. Alban's School (which he attended K-8). For those of you who don't know the DC prep school rivalries and pecking order it's kind of complicated but St. Alban's is a WASP bastion located on the same ground as the Episcopalian National Cathedral while Georgetown Prep is a Roman stronghold filled with defenders of the true faith from heretics like Sheldon Whitehouse. Boys from both schools compete against each other in athletics, go to the same dances and country clubs, party with each other and get in fights over girls. They all know each other well and speak the same prep school code and these two guys know exactly what the Devil's Triangle is so what you're seeing in the exchange above is Senator Whitehouse giving Judge Kavanaugh a pass. Here's the prep school translation:

WHITEHOUSE: Devil’s triangle?

KAVANAUGH: I'm gonna call it a drinking game and I dare you to dig any deeper than that you pampered, pusillanimous toff.

WHITEHOUSE: So you're gonna lie about this like you've been lying about this entire event. We both know what a Devil's Triangle is so let's get nasty. How’s it played?

KAVANAUGH: Three glasses in a triangle. How the fuck should I know? I'm making this up on the spot. You really want me to talk about 3 ways with chicks from high school. Piss off Sheldon.

WHITEHOUSE: And? So you're telling me that you're going to lie your way right through this hearing and have no compunction about telling me to my face that you're lying about this and, probably, everything else.

KAVANAUGH: You ever played quarters? Of course you did and if some bimbo came back at you from one of those nights you were playing Quarters in high school and attempted to torch your career would you let her do it?


The Kavanaugh strategy was made explicit a few nights before the hearing when he was interviewed on Fox News and claimed his virginity throughout high school and well into college. It might be that Brett Kavanaugh is the only captain of the Georgetown Prep basketball team to have never gotten laid by one of the fetching young lasses that populate the local girls schools - he might be one of those pious uber-Catholic, Opus Dei types who's "universal call to holiness" demanded chastity which, if true, probably disqualifies his nomination - but I doubt it. I seriously, seriously doubt it but I completely understand and agree with his decision to lie his way right through this despicable show trial and ham-fisted attempt to destroy his reputation. These accusations of sexual abuse by Christine "Blowsy" Ford are laughable, quite possible true and completely forgettable as they are were common occurrences at prep school parties in the 1980's (as they are common occurrences today) but they do open the door to exploring the juvenilia of Brett Kavanaugh. Dr. Ford is the proxy - a foot jammed in the door to open up investigations on the judge and, more importantly, everyone associated with a young Brett Kavanaugh (many of them women) to defame and dirty the reputations of many "innocent" people who were living lives of the idle rich in high school. I have to hand it to the DiFi staffers who came up with this play and tracked down the perfect woman to pull this thing off because she is a truly pathetic specimen of modern American womanhood who's story is replayed every year by a few unlucky freshman girls at Holton-Arms. A striver who was “used” by prep school boys for fun and became the toy they made of her. Grist in the mill of DC teenage social scene - ridden hard and put away wet. A permanently sullied reputation with no recovery except an escape into psychoanalysis and exile in The Golden State 3,000 miles away. Now she’s back to exact her revenge on a proxy for all those boys that did her wrong back in the day. No Senator was brazen enough to open up CBF's Holton year book and start reading but if they had it would be obvious that she's not just a threat to Brett Kavanaugh's future but also the careers and futures (and past) of 30? 50? 100? more? ladies and gentlemen living in (and basically running) Washington DC. She's a loaded gun pointed at the entire, corrupt DC establishment and the Democrats are basically telling Kavanaugh to resign or they'll pull the trigger. So Brett Kavanaugh was left with an impossible choice - resign over the preposterous claims of a Holton Ho who milked every dude in town, speaks like a baby and is such a kook she demands to have two front doors in her Palo Alto home with such obstinacy that marriage counseling was required to resolve the issue (Note: she got her way) or lie like the devil to the Senate Judiciary Committee, everyone in America and God. What would you do?

Before you answer that question I recommend that you take an hour and a half to watch Ken Russell's 1971 masterpiece titled "The Devil's" and contemplate it's dire warning of political persecution in the cause of punishing religious/sexual heresy. This work, one of a set of brilliant films by British directors in the late 60's and early 70's - "if.." by Lindsay Anderson, "Zardoz" by John Boorman, "A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick and "The Wicker Man" by Robin Hardy - that explore the very heart of civil society and find a devil's triangle where a heart should be. This free love era was filled with social and political strife and Russell turned back the clock to explore the events that transpired in 17th century Loudun, France and the accused witchcraft practiced by the city priest, Urbain Grandier, as detailed by Mother Superior, Sister Jeanne of the Angels, to expose every line and angle of this worldly geometry. The casting is wonderful with Oliver Reed the very embodiment of a free-thinking, licentious, Jesuit educated priest and Vanessa Redgrave relishing her roll as the physically (and mentally) deformed nun who's mind has been possessed by the devil. All the other characters are great but for the purposes of this argument a special mention must be made of Father Pierre Barre, the witch hunter, played by Michael Gothard who is, from his opening scene, a rock star. By that I mean that Gothard looks like a rock star with flowing locks and provocative costume his impassioned  exorcisms look, for all the world, like bacchanalian rock shows from Woodstock nation. This committed hipster is a ringer for the earnest, preachy Social Justice Warrior of our day with their imaginary "crimes" and moral indignation toward "the criminals" who don't buy into their bullshit. Barrre convinces the Mother Superior and her impressionable sisters that Father Grandier is in league with Satan and has them charge the priest with witchcraft. A trial and verdict of guilty is just a formality before the Barre starts torturing and burning The Devil alive - all at the demand and according to the conniving strategy of Cardinal Richelieu who wants Urbain G dead and gone.

It is explained early on in the film that Loudon is a walled city where Protestant and Catholics live amicably together and that Richelieu is on a mission to tear down the city walls of every hamlet so that they might become part of greater France while driving Huguenots into exile or breaking them on the wheel. Grandier objects to this plan and makes an impassioned speech to the townspeople on the value of walls in maintaining their independence and freedom from the nationalist zealots who would destroy them all.

"It is a simple matter to understand, your Majesty. The self-government of the small, provincial towns of France must cease. The first step is to pull down all kinds of fortifications.
So now it's the turn of our town. - Is everything to be torn down?. - That is what they want. It is a trick, of course! Every time there's a so-called nationalist revival, it means one thing, somebody is trying to seize control of the entire country. The significance of our walls is that we are self-governing!
Richelieu hates this. He deceives the King. If France is to fulfill her own destiny, she must be free within herself.
Ignorant and crafty provincials like us cannot see beyond the city walls. And so they are ordered to be torn down. Will it broaden our view?. Such men, sire, have little vision. Their loyalties are to their cities, not to France.
When a man is intent on power, as Richelieu is, he can justify his actions with absurdities. Fortifications provide opportunities for Protestant uprising.
With our walls gone, we shall be defenseless, at the mercy of any enemy, as weak and as helpless as a country village. And with the security of our independence gone, our freedoms would go, too. We must write to the King, declare our loyalty and trust in his wisdom and justice.
All the others if you like, Richelieu. If you can manage it. But not Loudun. We once promised dear old Sainte Marthe, the late lamented Governor, that we would never touch one teeny-weeny stone of his precious city. You would surely not expect us to go back on our word?."

This is the speech that unleashed the Devil and sealed Urbain Grandier's fate. It is a sentiment that both Judge Kavanaugh and Senator Whitehouse share regarding their provincial home town of Washington, DC and the only reason this isn't obvious to everyone is because this "walled city" is simultaneously the seat of our national government. The Wall is invisible, but it is real, and it will be defended unto death by its "ignorant and crafty provincials" which is why human sacrifice is required to sow discord and desolation throughout the town. The choice of Coach K to be the tortured lamb was, in hindsight, an act of diabolical genius and ruthless power politics. This SCOTUS seat was always going to be a full-on, back ally knife fight with no survivors because, for the Democrats (who are still the established order in DC), the 5th black robe would block their ace-in-the-loop-hole "legislative" power. They simply can not give it up so whoever Trump nominated was going to get destroyed, as Kavanaugh has been destroyed, and picking a DC insider, #NeverTrump Bush loyalists who happens to be a good, devout Catholic was a calculated and devastating choice. Let it play out... watch coach K. twist in the wind while everyone on Capitol Hill (everyone in DC) writhes in an orgy of recrimination and guilt.

Investigate them all and investigate until election day in November if that's what needs to be done. Dig and dig and dig some more but know this - no one is going to like what the FBI finds. They're all guilty in this devil's triangle and everyones going to have their moment in the middle.

"Is the devil so bad if he cries in his sleep, while the earth turns
And his kids learned to say, fuck you they don't, love you
Does the devil get scared if she dies in her dreams, where the earth burns?
She cries cause she's nothing like you, is she like you?
What you want from a devil like me, devil like me?
You see the devil don't mean to be evil, he just regrettably forgets to exceed expectation"

The night before last Thursday's Senate hearing I went to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise put on a show and the place was packed with youngsters dancing and singing along with the band. RKS did it right and played  all their hits including a thoughtful meditation on evil titled "Devil Like Me" which, for me, poses the fundamental question - If Brett Kavanaugh is a sexual predator then what the hell am I?

The answer is that Judge Kavanaugh is not a sexual predator or anything close but he is being accused of such witchcraft by the insane exorcists and pious councils who populate the city, run the town and report the news. These townspeople don't realize that burning this Jesuit at the stake will not save them but will, instead (and Kavanaugh knows this), topple the walls of the city and open it to the #MAGA movement sweeping the fruited plain. The townspeople are doing it to themselves - destroying one of their own out of fear, lust, anger and envy. It's a fascinating thing to watch unfold but I've already seen how this story ends.

Pull down the walls


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