The short answer is no.

When you detonate a nuclear weapon people take notice - especially if you go blabbing about how great it was. Do it once and you'll get your hand slapped and screamed at by the international community. Do it 2 or 3 more times and world leaders will be pissed off big time and say things like "three strikes and your out, do you understand me?" and you'll say something like, "well, I've already done it 3 times" and the international community will get really pissed off and look at you all serious and pause for dramatic effect before saying (again), "three strikes. That's it Kim, do you understand?" So you kick back in Pyongyang, watch some movies and live the life for a while and let 'em all cool out and then, while no one is looking, you light off another one, ha, ha, ha.

No one's going to do anything about it, hell, they can't even accept it as a reality - you're operating outside their conceptual framework and they can't process you or your actions. You've got nothing to worry about:


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