Meet the Press



This Sunday, a campaign in crisis. Slipping poll numbers, a staff shake up, and now a disastrous debate performance. Does Jeb Bush have what it takes to win the Republican nomination?


I got a backbone, I got a heart, and I got a brain.

And the Wizards are sending you home.

Remember back in high school when you and your buddies were going off for a weekend of hiking or  duck hunting or missionary work or bong hits at the beach and the nerds from the school newspaper were having an editorial meeting on Saturday and you wondered to yourself, "what the hell do they do in those frigg'n meetings?" What do those guys talk about? What do they sound like? What's the matter with those guys?

Well, here's your answer:

When they "grow up" all those nerds become journalists working for big foot media companies and the practiced gab they mastered on those teen age weekends, while you were having fun, is on full display. What amazes me is that anyone pays any more attention to these prim, awkward goofballs now than when they were in high school - they haven't change, have you?


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