Wednesday, October 21, 2015

the cream of Islam

Uproar is so easy to cause these days. For example: Netanyahu causes uproar by linking Palestinians to Holocaust. For the (capital H) historically minded this simple truth is beyond the pale hate speech and is, in fact, a form of Holocaust denial because it alleviates 100% blame for mass murder on one guy named Adolph.
Moshe Zimmermann, a prominent Holocaust and anti-Semitism researcher at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, said Netanyahu made a "far-reaching argument" for political purposes that didn't hold water. He said the comments essentially made Netanyahu a Holocaust denier.
"Any attempt to deflect the burden from Hitler to others is a form of Holocaust denial," he told The Associated Press.
Al-Husseini was an enthusiastic Nazi supporter. But Zimmermann called him a "lightweight" who was pleading with Hitler for assistance in getting rid of the British Mandate and the Jewish immigrants coming to the Holy Land. He said there was no evidence al-Husseini had any real influence on Hitler.
Two lightweights discuss horticulture and olive production in Palestine (circa 1942)
This "lightweight" was a central figure in spreading Nazi ideology throughout the middle east - still flourishing today. He also worked diligently for the National Socialists in recruiting muslim tribes in slavic countries to support and fight on behalf of the Axis powers. The long lasting influence of the Grand Mufti has been well documented and we've been watching it play out on our TV screens and web sites for the past 50+ years. Why Moshe Zimmermann has decided to jump into the breach and blame Bibi for denying the Holocaust is anyone's guess - maybe he views broadening the focal lens as a threat to his bread and butter uber-German focus. As he must know, the leaders of the Holocaust had A LOT of helpers including middle managers and the arms & legs Volk who built the camps, loaded the boxcars and dug the mass graves. They also leveraged cosmopolitan international celebrity like Haj Amin al-Husseini to spread the message to a receptive audience. The cream of Islam filled the Führer's mouth and he loved its Dead Sea taste.

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