Special Administrative Measures

Whosit Whatshisname gets it Allah wrong
Nancy Gertner penned a beauty for the Boston Globe the other day:

Will we ever know why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spoke after it was too late? 

To which the following questions must be asked:
  • Who gives a shit lady? 
  • Too late for what? 
  • Too late to get a lighter sentence???
This woman lectures to students at Harvard Law school, in case you were wondering what's wrong with our legal system and she wraps up her analysis of the Defense's predicament thus:
"Would that cross examination enable the government to raise every single inflammatory issue it could find, not cabined by the evidentiary rules, to play even more directly on the jury’s prejudices? Given the court’s rulings throughout the trial, the defense could well have feared a wide-open attack, with the limitations of the SAMs preventing a meaningful rejoinder about who Tsarnaev was and is."
Poor little Dzhokhar might have been subjected to a "wide-open attack" by State prosecutors and had to answer, under oath (for what that's worth - answer: nothing) tough questions "about a wide range of issues — his brother, his political beliefs, his religion." And that, why that would have been too much for the cute mass murdering terrorist. Why, the jury might have been even more unsympathetic to his plight than they already were and that jury sentenced DEATH.

Oh, and Dzhokhar did make a statement, but he waited until after his sentencing to do so:
"Now, I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam. The God I worship, besides whom there is no other God, is Allah. And I prayed for Allah to bestow his mercy upon the deceased, those affected in the bombing and their families. Allah says in the Qur’an that with every hardship there is relief. I pray for your relief, for your healing, for your well-being, for your strength. 
I ask Allah to have mercy upon me and my brother and my family. I ask Allah to bestow his mercy upon those present here today. And Allah knows best those deserving of his mercy. And I ask Allah to have mercy upon the ummah of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Amin. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
Thank you."
No, thank you dipshit. You said it all right there - "Allah knows best" is your get out of (psychic) jail free card absolving you of every dumb-assed thing you've ever done or ever will do. You didn't blow up a military base or the Capitol building or even a retired Federal Judge - you just blew up a bunch of pedestrians on a street corner and there isn't a snowball's chance in Mecca that Allah is going to show you any mercy - the fact that you think he might is a serious problem. A. that you were taught that lesson by someone and B. that your Defense team after countless hours of discussion hasn't disabused you of that notion.

I understand that ACLU types like Nancy Gertner oppose the death penalty on principle - more than on principle - as an act of secular faith. They are the liberators of Barabbas and their mind is as twisted with hate and self loathing (in a very peculiar way) as were the Tsarnaev brothers. But for the love of God and the propriety of the law can't they just refrain from rubbing this poop pie in the faces of the victims families. May Allah bestow his mercy upon her if she can somehow get her act together.

Allah showers raindrops on the sinners and the saints, he shows mercy on those who walk the path of righteousness but to those who don't... Not looking good for you Dzhokhar, not looking good at all.


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