Sharing Sucks

Relaxing before a two hour car chase my son and I were entertained with pre-movie ads and entertainment. M&M's, Coke, reality TV shows, Showtime drama, Yahoo! and many more products were pitched - all this well before the movie trailers were unspooled (or whatever it is they do these days) and all of it was very non-MadMax. Not a dystopian wasteland of limited resources reducing man to his primal nature of kill or be killed in an effort to survive, but a land of abundance where the cornucopia of "capitalism" spreads material happiness to all - want it or not.

I must say that YUM! brands has done it again with its Sharing Sucks ad campaign targeted at the KOTCB reader. I love you Taco Bell and I've been choking down a few tacos from your store every couple of weeks in solidarity with you. Yes, Sharing your nachos does suck and I think Mad Max would agree if he were able to get a plate of nachos - but he can't.

Nor can he watch any of the other films that were promoted before Mad Max Fury Road (2015) because the world would have already run out or natural resources and fallen into chaos according to Mad Max (1979) and Mad Max 2 aka The Road Warrior (1981). How in Gods name have we survived the last 35 years? How is George Miller telling THE SAME STORY 35 years later? He's like the Al Gore of OZ film making. But some things never get old...


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