Someone needs to fight. Someone needs to stand up and fight and say I want a new relationship between the citizen and the Federal Government. And they need to fight when it matters - when the votes are close and there's a real choice, a real decision to be made. Thank God we have people like Rand Paul who will fight and piss people off and stand on principle - a pity there are so few in the Senate.

We will get a chance to see if principled opposition to Big Brother is a bi-partisan honor claimed by hero's in both parties or if nay vote against the Patriot Act was just an act for the Birkenstock wearing crunchies back home in Vermont. As of yesterday Bernie "may" vote in favor of the USA Freedom Act - He's quick to point out that he voted against the Patriot Act and it's reauthorization, but those were throw away votes - nothing was on the line. Now it's for real. So what's it going to be Bernie? Your Government or your citizens? I know where I'd place my bets, but he might just surprise me.


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