Taco Republic - Live Más!

I'm back in the USSA
I've always been a big Taco Bell  fan - Any company that can sell an edible beef product for aprox. $1 deserves respect. And as someone who thinks "outside the bun" I feel a certain solidarity with Yum Brands marketing department. I know they're a huge multinational and God knows how they process and transport their food but the advertising is right on - like the whole concept of "4th meal" to promote eating tacos at midnight (never a good idea, but sometimes...). Well, I'm sitting in the local multiplex last night getting ready to watch Fast and Furious 7 with my son and the most effective laxative known to man presented a sort film before the main attraction. It might as well have been a KOTCB production - Absolutely magnificent in it's message and production value. Also, the concept of making a breakfast sandwich in the shape of a hexagon is truly inspiring on a symbolic level and practical for easy consumption. But what puts the film "over the top", in my opinion, is the clown army stuffing bland breakfast sandwiches into the gaping mouths of the proletariate and the Hunger Games escape to a colorful land of the Hexagon.

Bravo Taco Bell! The KOTCB salutes you and everything you represent.


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